Chapter 171: Team Battle (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 171: Team Battle (2)


Cloud Leopard shot forward with astounding speed, closing in on the spear-wielding Temple Warrior. The Temple Warrior stabbed the spear in his direction.

Cloud Leopard’s figure suddenly changed directions, leaving behind a blurry afterimage as he continued to advance. After closing in on the Temple Warrior, Cloud Leopard unleashed 128 palm strikes, utilizing the frenzy medicine to its greatest advantage. If it weren’t for the fact that he had also ingested a strengthened Recovery Medicine, this onslaught of attacks might have shattered his own elbow.

The Ferocious Race youth knew that he was in trouble. He had no time to defend with his spear, so he could only dodge, simultaneously retaliating with a number of palm strikes of his own.

The palms collided in midair, causing miniature explosions of energy upon impact that were like constant ripples in a body of water.

The Ferocious Race youth was extremely fast, but Cloud Leopard was actually faster than him. Cloud Leopard stuck closely to the Ferocious Race youth, constantly striking out.

With a series of continuous bangs, that Ferocious Race youth had been struck an unknown number of times while in the process of retreating.

This furious assault eventually sent him flying over to the other Ferocious Race youths as he let out a tragic cry.

Even the glowing inscriptions on his body couldn’t withstand the monsoon-like attacks raining down on him. Blood spurted from his mouth.

That Ferocious Race youth couldn’t believe that he was inferior to his opponent in terms of both speed and strength. He flew upwards in disbelief, then pushed both his arms forwards. Thousands of illusive palms raced towards Cloud Leopard.

An instant later, both of them flew backwards, each with their own injuries.

Cloud Leopard leapt to his feet immediately after hitting the ground, the Steel Medicine and high-tier Recover Medicine greatly increasing his defensive and regenerative capabilities. He was able to completely ignore the wounds he had received as he resumed his onslaught against the Temple Warrior.

The Temple Warrior finally realized that something was wrong. After spitting out a large mouthful of blood, he booked it.

Cloud Leopard chased after him with all his might. At this point, the formation had slowly devolved into chaos, and both sides had begun to establish their own positions. Cloud Leopard completely gave up on defending. He focused all of his efforts on killing his opponent.

He Yuandong found himself fighting the Temple Warrior that Tang Ming had been battling earlier.

Tang Ming had been under intense pressure while fighting against a Temple Warrior one-on-one. He Yuandong’s timely interference gave him a chance to take a breather.

Boom, boom, boom!

He Yuandong immediately unleashed his Raging Inferno Fists. Every blow unleashed a torrent of flames, and the power of his attacks was really quite impressive.

A malevolent expression appeared on the Temple Warrior’s face. He tilted his head back and howled thunderously, then punched the air, causing the air around him to become extremely turbulent.

With an overbearing, arrogant aura, the Temple Warrior unleashed waves of energy that kicked up the surrounding dust.

Suddenly, a bright halo appeared on his left hand, which then went right for He Yuandong’s neck.

The brilliant light was dazzling and eye-catching.

He Yuandong extended both his arms, activating the Raging Inferno Beast bloodline to its greatest extent, his body glowing like a giant red sun.

This glowing halo wasn’t able to break through for a moment.

It wasn’t until this point that He Yuandong discovered that his opponent was actually holding a paper-thin blade made out of light.

He Yuandong hadn’t expected the wild, barbaric Ferocious Race to use things like concealed weapons.

The blade only paused for a brief moment. Then, it cleaved the flames aside, stabbing towards He Yuandong.

Blood spurted into the air, casting a blood-red glow on the shining light.

The Temple Warrior stared at He Yuandong coldly, his killing intent rising. The glowing blade swung through the air again, this time heading straight for He Yuandong’s heart.

Amidst the inferno, the streak of cold light snaked its way towards He Yuandong, who had no way of dodging.

He slammed his palms together with all the force he could muster.


He Yuandong clasped the blade between his two hands. The tip of the blade was only a centimeter from He Yuandong’s chest.

The next moment, the inscriptions on the Temple Warrior’s body lit up. A turbulent wave of energy suddenly surged as the Ferocious Race youth’s arms suddenly grew much thicker.

He Yuandong was completely unprepared for his opponent’s sudden increase in strength.

The blade pierced He Yuandong’s body.

“AH!” He Yuandong let out a thunderous roar. He channeled all of his energy into his arms.

Regardless, the blade continued to advance bit by bit, slowly burrowing its way towards his heart.

“You’re dead for sure!” the Temple Warrior howled with excitement.

Just as the blade was about to pierce He Yuandong’s heart, a snow-white dragon slammed into the Temple Warrior’s face, sending him to the ground. This snow-dragon attack was so vicious that his entire face had been mangled.

He Yuandong pushed his hands out. The blade of light flew through the air as blood spurted from He Yuandong’s chest. He Yuandong grabbed the blade out of midair without even looking and chopped downwards.

The Temple Warrior swayed for a moment before his body separated into two halves.

He Yuandong turned around and saw Tang Ming looking at him.

Tang Ming said arrogantly, “No need to thank me.”

“You little turd.” He Yuandong shook his head helplessly.

His legs suddenly buckled as he sat down. Devoid of energy, he kept pressure on the wound on his chest.

The Shen twins were in a completely different situation than He Yuandong, Feng Yigu, and Cloud Leopard, who were all battling Temple Warriors, the strongest Ferocious Race youths present.

Even though the two of them were extremely powerful in their own right, they searched for weaker targets, especially bullying those who were isolated. This really was quite an underhanded tactic.

A Ferocious Race youth had just charged over when his vision suddenly blurred. Two figures flashed past him in the blink of an eye.

Before he could even react to what had happened, he had already been launched into the air.

Two palms pressed against his chest. Their originally multiplied strength increased another twofold to total a fourfold increase in strength, and he was struck by two of these blows. The Ferocious Race youth felt the bones in his body instantly shatter.

The Ferocious Race youth howled and swung his battle axe through the air, the only attack he would make. The twins allowed the attack to scrape by them before they placed their palms on the Ferocious Race youth’s forehead.


The Ferocious Race youth’s head cracked open, the contents spilling out onto the ground.

They had taken his life with just two blows!

The twins immediately began searching for another target.

This type of battle technique was shameless, but it was without question an effective one. In just a short period of time, four Ferocious Race youths had already died at the hands of the twins. If it weren’t for the fact that two of the Ferocious Race youths who weren’t that weak suddenly went all-out to keep them tied down, they would have continued their killing spree. However, even so, those two Ferocious Race youths would be doomed sooner or later.

Once the five sets of medicines were used, the humans suddenly gained a huge advantage.

The three Temple Warriors were being suppressed, and the Shen twins were wreaking havoc. The humans had finally established a solid advantage. All that remained was to turn that advantage into an absolute victory.

Even so, no trace of delight could be seen in Su Chen’s eyes.

He was still anxiously scanning the surroundings as if he were looking for something or someone.


Of the Ferocious Race youths who had charged forward, Danba wasn’t among them.

The Temple Warrior who had successfully tricked Su Chen once had yet to reveal himself.

Su Chen couldn’t help but feel his heart palpitate.

He didn’t know what Danba was waiting for, but as long as he didn’t appear, Su Chen didn’t dare believe that he had grasped victory.

His gaze swept across his surroundings, hoping to find any trace of Danba.

Suddenly, Su Chen felt something trigger in his gut.

He turned around to find a person already standing in front of the research lab, who was coldly staring at Su Chen.

His gaze was filled with coldness, stillness, and a thick, palpable hatred.

Su Chen suddenly realized something. He yelled, “NO!”

Danba had already turned around and launched a fist at the research lab!

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