Chapter 97: Weak Spot

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 97: Weak Spot

Zhu Xianyao was the Zhu Clan’s Young Miss, the first heir. She absolutely could not be lost.

Thus, he could only endure!

Forcefully endure!

An energy barrier appeared around Uncle Eleven’s body for the first time. At the same time, the Red Tide surged forwards again, slamming directly into Zhang Tingyue and the others.

While that was happening, Zhang Tingyue’s men were still attacking furiously. The two opposing fronts slammed into each other once again, Uncle Eleven did not have the upper hand this time. A violent wind brewed, slicing into both parties. Zhang Tingyue and the others were sent flying, as usual, but Uncle Eleven’s face flushed for the first time as well.

He had blocked that wave of attacks, but the amount of energy he had expended was very great.

The Slyheart Demonic Bloodline was not as suited for head-on battles. Rather, it relied on swift, fluid-like, shadowy movement to do battle. It wasn’t that he didn’t have any techniques to forcefully suppress those present, but they couldn’t be constantly used. It was fine every once in awhile, but it couldn’t be used over long periods of time.

But just when he had dealt with that pressing issue, Zhang Tingyue suddenly realized something and yelled, “Attack that woman!”

Verdantwood Palms, Tangling Brambles Hands!

From the Verdantwood Palms, vegetation sprang to life, and thistles began to branch out from the ground, forming a lush, green canopy. They enveloped Zhu Xianyao, preventing her from going anywhere.

The others also understood what was happening. They simultaneously launched attacks toward Zhu Xianyao. Zhong Shisi ordered the three Blood Clones to quickly charge towards Zhu Xianyao.

Uncle Eleven was enraged. He slammed out his palms, striking Zhong Shisi’s three Blood Clones. However, he wasn’t dealing with just Zhong Shisi; when he struck the blood clones, he was met with even more attacks heading his way.

Originally, Uncle Eleven probably could have dodged most of those attacks with his speed and easily blocked the remaining twenty or thirty percent with his strength.

But now, ninety percent of the attacks were aimed at Zhu Xianyao.

He could no longer dodge; he had to forcefully endure again!


The Red Tide surged, waves billowing in all directions. Uncle Eleven singlehandedly survived the simultaneous attacks of over twenty people.

Zheng Bashan reappeared in that moment.

With so many people here, apart from Zhong Shisi, she was the one with the greatest offensive capabilities.

A powerful, untamed fist landed onto Uncle Eleven’s back.


The barrier shattered.

Uncle Eleven stumbled forwards, a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

“Uncle Eleven!” Zhu Xianyao couldn’t help but yell.

This was the first time that he had been injured during the battle.

Even though his counterattack sent Zheng Bashan flying away again, the trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth gave everyone a boost of confidence. They saw some hope for victory.

Their attacks became even more ferocious.

They charged forwards one after another, and they flew backwards one after another. But as long as they did not die, they would not stop attacking.

It was clear that their opponent had every intention of killing them all. If they didn’t fight now, they would die without a doubt.

Just before the battle, Uncle Eleven’s expression was always calm and leisurely.

To him, this battle was simply a massacre. Apart from Zhang Tingyue, Zheng Bashan, and Zhong Shisi, who might require a bit more energy to take care of, the others were inconsequential.

This battle, in his eyes, was just like a game.

He carved through them calmly like a hot knife through butter, but once the attacks were directed at Zhu Xianyao, everything had changed.

Uncle Eleven could barely keep up while protecting Zhu Xianyao.

Not only could he not evade the attacks, but he also sometimes even had to sacrifice himself to block attacks for Zhu Xianyao. These were only superficial wounds to him, but to Zhu Xianyao they could be fatal.

Under these circumstances, where the tables had suddenly turned, Uncle Eleven didn’t have even the slightest advantage.

Zhu Yanniang and the others also recognized that the situation had changed. The Zhu Clan’s Young Miss had suddenly become a weak spot for them, and they charged forwards simultaneously.

Although Zhu Chen and Zhu Yanniang were also surnamed Zhu, they did not have a pure Demonic Emperor Bloodline. They were merely the children of the Zhu Clan’s servants. Their bloodlines were mixed, so they were a bit weaker in terms of strength. In addition, their circumstances were very similar to Uncle Eleven’s - Zhu Xianyao was not just Uncle Eleven’s weak spot, but the entire Zhu Clan’s weak spot!


Another Zheng Clan guard charged towards Zhu Xianyao.

Even though he was sent flying by Uncle Eleven in the next instant, Uncle Eleven was forced to dodge Zhong Shisi’s sword, which scraped past his elbow.

A trace of sword Qi entered his body, rapidly tunneling through him. Under normal circumstances, Uncle Eleven should have been able to expel it by just quickly revolving the Qi in his body, but he didn’t even have time to deal with it.

That was because Jiang Tao charged towards Zhu Xianyao; one palm aimed at her guard, and the other at her chest.

Uncle Eleven disappeared in midair like a demon, directly appearing in front of Jiang Tao and slamming his palm onto Jiang Tao’s back.

“AH!” Jiang Tao let out a cry as he spit out a mouthful of blood, covering Zhu Xianyao’s face in blood. Then, he forcefully shoved his hand behind him towards Uncle Eleven’s chest. A red tide surged forth from Uncle Eleven again, blocking the palm before slamming his fist into Jiang Tao’s chest. A large hole appeared in Jiang Tao’s chest. His heart had been completely smashed to a pulp.

However, in order to kill Jiang Tao, he had lost his only opportunity to avoid Hong Ming and Zheng Bashan’s attack from behind.

In that instant, Uncle Eleven tilted his head back and howled. An image of a Blood Fox once again appeared, and as if it were real, it furiously charged towards Zheng Bashan. It bit onto her elbow and tore away, ripping off her arm. He would rather take Hong Ming’s blade than Zheng Bashan’s punch. Even though that woman was only at the peak of the Yang Opening Realm, her strength was no less than an average Light Shaking Realm expert. She was definitely a genius when it came to doing battle.

At the same time, Hong Ming’s blade sliced downwards into Uncle Eleven’s back. The instant that Hong Ming’s blade sank into his flesh, it began to glow a brilliant gold. A frightening wave of Qi entered Uncle Eleven’s Body, causing blood to suddenly spurt from his body.

“AHHH!” Uncle Eleven let out a bitter cry. He slammed his palm into Hong Ming, and the red tide surged forwards again, sending him flying.

However, Hong Ming’s attack had caused him the greatest damage so far. A frighteningly large, bloody hole had appeared on his back.

He hadn’t expected Hong Ming to possess such a powerful attack. Uncle Eleven was both shocked and enraged.

Hong Ming spit out a mouthful of blood as he laughed darkly, “This is the result of looking down on me!”

As someone from a Bloodline Nobility Clan, how could he not possess any ultimate trump cards?

Looking down on your opponents came with a painful price!

After completing this attack, Hong Ming couldn’t crawl to his feet for some time. However, Zheng Bashan continued as if nothing had even happened. Her torn-off arm once again regenerated, and it was as if she was an unkillable cockroach. However, her figure seemed to have thinned down quite significantly in just a short period of time.

Although she still seemed fat, she no longer seemed unhuman.

She leapt through the air, growling like a tiger. Another Horizon-Reaching Fist rumbled forwards with unstoppable momentum.

It seemed as if Uncle Eleven was about to forcefully endure the blow again.

At that moment, one of the Zhu Clan’s warriors charged out from the encirclement and grabbed Zheng Bashan. “I will protect the Young Miss even till death!”

Zheng Bashan was infuriated. She slammed her arm onto the warrior’s back. The warrior spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, but he held on relentlessly.

Zheng Bashan repeatedly struck out, slamming her fists onto the warrior’s skull. The warrior had probably cultivated some kind of “metalhead” Origin Skill so his head didn’t split open, but fresh blood flowed thickly from his head. He stared intently at Zheng Bashan as his final breath slowly left his body. Even as he died, his grip didn’t loosen. Zheng Bashan finally managed to escape from his grasp after kicking at his body a few times.

In the short amount of time that she had been tangled up, the other Zhu Clan warriors had finally managed to protect Zhu Xianyao, at least for the time being.

Uncle Eleven took the opportunity to counterattack.

This was his last opportunity to do so.

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