Chapter 98: Hard-Fought Victory

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 98: Hard-Fought Victory

Uncle Eleven charged towards Zhang Tingyue like a streak of lightning.

Out of everyone present, Zhang Tingyue was the strongest one, and was also the one who posed the greatest threat. Only by killing him would Zhu Xianyao be freed from the Verdantwood prison, so Uncle Eleven chose to target him first.

Zhang Tingyue knew the situation was not good. He knew that there was no way for him to dodge it, but he trusted that he at least could endure for just a brief moment - endure until his own men broke through the Zhu Clan’s warriors.

In the instant that Uncle Eleven charged forwards, he sucked in a breath of air and then struck out with all his strength, the Verdantwood Palms racing through the sky.

Uncle Eleven had already drawn near.

Red clouds swirled around his hands as he jabbed out with his finger.

Heavenly Fox Finger!

This finger was the earth-shatteringly powerful, absolutely dominating attack that he had released earlier. At this moment, it had reappeared.

Zhang Tingyue yelled and shoved his palms outwards to meet it, releasing a dazzling amount of green light from his palms.

The green and red light collided, exploding into a radiant shower of light.

Then, the green light shattered. Uncle Eleven’s finger sliced through the Verdantwood Palms like they were butter, racing onwards towards Zhang Tingyue’s chest.

Just as the finger was about to reach Zhang Tingyue’s body, he yelled loudly. A vast swathe of vegetation and brambles suddenly appeared in front of him.

The finger continued to advance, tearing through the vegetation like it was rotten and decayed. The vegetation simply had no way of stopping it.


The Heavenly Wolf Finger finally slammed into Zhang Tingyue’s chest.

His clothes near his chest were ripped to shreds. A golden light surged forth from the Heart Armor he was wearing, enveloping his body.

The blood-colored finger directly hit the Heart Armor, shattering it into tiny pieces.

As the Heart Armor shattered, Zhang Tingyue let out another yell. Dense azure-colored Qi began to surge around him as his entire body began to take on the luster of a piece of jade.

Jade Luster Body!

The Treedemon Bloodline excelled in not only restriction and crowd control but also defense. If his cultivation of the Jade Luster Body reached the stage of large success, his life force would greatly increase, allowing him to excel in long, drawn-out battles.

The Treedemon’s endurance capabilities were evident from the fact that Zhang Chenghan had taken three days to take it down even with three thousand warriors at his disposal.

Thus, he believed that he could endure it.

The Heavenly Fox Finger pressed forwards, slamming directly into Zhang Tingyue’s chest.

Zhang Tingyue tilted his head back and spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

He spun through the air, sending blood flying everywhere.

Darkness began to descend upon his vision.

Had he been unable to endure the blow in the end?

The Jade Luster Body possessed impressive recovery abilities, but when faced with this frighteningly powerful finger, it didn’t even have a chance to recover!

A thought suddenly flashed through Zhang Tingyue’s head.

With what limited vision he had remaining, he watched as Uncle Eleven staggered forwards and didn’t try to press the advantage; rather, Uncle Eleven’s face had become extremely pale.

Zhang Tingyue understood.

“I received it......”

A delighted smile appeared on his face.

Then, he lifted his hand, pointing his finger at Zhu Xianyao.

Uncle Eleven’s expression immediately changed. “Not good!”

He charged forwards quickly, wanting to kill Zhang Tingyue before the finger strike was completed, but his previous attack had expended too much energy. Constant battling had worn down his condition, and he was slightly too slow because of it.


The Red Fox Hand slammed into Zhang Tingyue’s head, causing it to split open. However, Zhang Tingyue’s finger still landed on Zhu Xianyao’s body.

Even more brambles appeared around Zhu Xianyao’s body, imprisoning her tightly inside.

Yes, I can die, but don’t even think about freeing Zhu Xianyao!

If she couldn’t leave, then the Zhu Clan’s weak spot would remain. There was still hope that they might not lose this battle.

After jabbing out with this finger, Zhang Tingyue tilted his head and died, a smile still hanging on his lips.

Just as Zhang Tingyue died, Zhu Chen let out a piercing cry.

Seven swords simultaneously pierced into his body. Zhong Shisi’s gaze was cold and merciless. His Blood Clones simultaneously pulled out their swords, slicing Zhu Chen’s body into pieces.

Simultaneously, Hong Ming’s blade slammed into the last warrior’s head. The only person remaining on the battlefield who was furiously attempting to protect Zhu Xianyao was Zhu Yanniang.

She was in the Yang Opening Realm, and she possessed a Demonic Emperor Bloodline as well. She could compare with someone in the Light Shaking Realm, but in the end she was not as suited to battle as Uncle Eleven was. She was not much stronger than the others, and she also had to focus on protecting Zhu Xianyao, so she had no way of unleashing her true strength. In addition, her opponents were Zhong Shisi and Zheng Bashan, who were no weaker than Light Shaking Realm existences, so her situation was extremely dire.

Zhu Chen’s death meant that she was now taking on all of them at once. Despair flashed in her eyes.

When she saw that Uncle Eleven had killed Zhang Tingyue, she yelled, “Save me!”

Uncle Eleven flew over in a flash.

At that moment, Hong Ming thrust his blade forwards. Just when Zhu Yanniang thought that Uncle Eleven was about to block the attack for her, she saw Uncle Eleven completely ignore her, instead appearing behind Zhong Shisi.

He slammed his palm outwards.

This palm exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Zhu Yanniang had been struck by the blade, while Zhong Shisi had been struck by the palm.

Zhong Shisi turned around to stare at Uncle Eleven, murmuring in shock, “You......!”

Uncle Eleven coldly replied, “Exchanging her for you is worth it!”

There was nothing that Uncle Eleven could have done.

Zhong Shisi was the person here with the greatest offensive capabilities. Of the twenty-four wounds on his body, at least eleven of them were from Zhong Shisi. They looked like superficial wounds, but Zhong Shisi’s sword Qi was strange and could permeate his entire body. Because he had no way of expelling his sword Qi, Uncle Eleven’s body was constantly being invaded by it, resulting in countless internal injuries. If this were to continue, he would really be in some big trouble.

He absolutely needed to deal with Zhong Shisi first!

Even if it meant sacrificing Zhu Yanniang.


As the palms rained down on his back, Zhong Shisi’s body disintegrated.

Uncle Eleven then flashed behind Hong Ming, slamming his palm towards Hong Ming as well. Hong Ming let out a loud yell, and his figure suddenly shot into the air. In the same instant that the wind from Uncle Eleven’s palm strike had landed, Hong Ming had quickly escaped. This was the Hong Clan’s famous Golden Cicada Shedding.

But in the same instant that he escaped, Uncle Eleven struck out again, anticipating Hong Ming’s reappearance. The palm slammed into Hong Ming, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood as he went flying.

But as Uncle Eleven attacked, a shadowy palm suddenly ambushed him from behind.

This palm strike was savage and merciless. It landed on the open wound that Uncle Eleven had received from Hong Ming, causing Uncle Eleven to howl in pain.

He turned around to find that he had been struck by Jiang Tao, who should have died already.

Jiang Tao had crawled to his feet with a hole right through his chest. There was no heart there.

But he was still miraculously alive!

And in this critical moment, he had managed to land a blow on Uncle Eleven.

It was another overlooked and underestimated opponent.

Whether it was Hong Ming or Jiang Tao, every one of them had their own trump cards that made them experts within their respective clans.

“Block him!” Uncle Eleven yelled at Zhu Yanniang.

Although Zhu Yanniang had been struck by Hong Ming’s blade, she was still alive despite her heavy injuries.

If she had been treated quickly, she might have been able to survive, but Uncle Eleven had obviously given up on her. Now, all she could do was unleash the remainder of her strength.

Zhu Yanniang stared at Uncle Eleven with a complex gaze before turning to face Jiang Tao, ignoring her injuries.

Uncle Eleven charged at Zheng Bashan.

At this point, the only remaining expert who could do battle was Zheng Bashan, and there were only four more surviving guards. The bitterness of the battle was clearly evident.

Despite this, Zheng Bashan was unperturbed. Even when faced with such a frighteningly powerful individual, she continued to furiously punch out viciously.

Continuing to press forwards - Horizon-Reaching Fist!

While the two of them exchanged blows, Zheng Bashan’s arm disintegrated once again.

She had lost count of how many times she had been dismembered, but she possessed freakish powers of regeneration. She continued to battle on, but the more she fought, the skinnier she became.

At this point, she was beginning to look even a bit slender.

Uncle Eleven’s eyes flashed. He crushed the head of a nearby guard as he stared daggers at Zheng Bashan. “So you ate so much in order to supplement your regenerative abilities? That’s quite the interesting technique. Not only that, but your strength is also affected by your weight. Your current state doesn’t have even half the strength you used to have, and your regenerative abilities can probably only be used a few more times, right?”

“You sure talk a lot, old man!” Zheng Bashan yelled.

Uncle Eleven was absolutely correct. Zheng Bashan’s dominance came from her fat. When the energy stored in her fat was completely depleted, her strength and regenerative abilities were not nearly as impressive.

In spite of this, the woman was still extremely brave, unafraid of death. Even if there was no way forward, she would not back down.

Even Su Chen had to admire her determination.

However, bravery and determination alone weren’t enough.

An instant later, Uncle Eleven’s hand landed on Zheng Bashan’s head.

Zheng Bashan’s figure froze, and blood began to pour out from her orifices. She toppled to the ground.

Meanwhile, a few tragic cries sounded out.

The remaining three guards had died to Zhu Xianyao.

The Young Miss wasn’t just a burden. In the last few moments, she had made a contribution, however small it was.

The final two cries of pain came from Zhu Yanniang and Jiang Tao.

Jiang Tao’s palm sank into Zhu Yanniang’s chest, while Zhu Yanniang simultaneously tore at Jiang Tao’s throat.

The two were like a pair of vengeful, passionate lovers, dying in each other’s bloody embrace.

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