Chapter 100: Pursuit (5)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 100: Pursuit (5)

The massive blood-colored Demonic Beast emerged in front of them all, forcefully enduring An Siyuan’s attack. Even though An Siyuan was powerful, he wasn’t able to obtain an advantage.

Even though they knew that the Spirit Race were quite proficient in controlling other lifeforms, it was quite shocking for a low-status Spirit Race individual to be able to control such a powerful lifeform.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

An Siyuan launched punches in a frenzy, his Overlord Fists booming with power. “Attack at full force! His Crystal Labyrinth can’t regenerate indefinitely!”

Everyone yelled and charged forward.

They all though the same way as An Siyuan. There was no such thing as true invulnerability; the Crystal Labyrinth’s regeneration time and time again undoubtedly consumed a large amount of Origin Energy. As long as they continued to fight, they would deplete all of Silence’s energy, at which point they would be able to defeat him.

Only Su Chen did not attack.

For some unknown reason, he still felt like something was wrong.

The battle inside the main hall was still continuing. Silence was still hunting them like prey as person after person fell over, blood pooling around their bodies.

Their deaths spurred those alive into an even greater frenzy as they went all out on the Crystal Labyrinth, afraid that they would be the next one to be killed. They absolutely needed to break out of this place before they were killed.

Intense, multicolored light exploded forth, brightly illuminating their surroundings.

What a piercing light!

Su Chen squinted his eyes.

A discrepancy suddenly came to his mind.

Why didn’t Silence try and kill some of the more powerful experts? Why had he started killing from the weakest ones?

If Su Chen was Silence, he definitely would have chosen to kill the strongest An Siyuan first. Even if An Siyuan’s strength made him very hard to kill, he would at least try once. Even if he wanted to conserve energy, he could attack either Lu Qingguang or Chen Wenhui, as well as Ji Hanyan or even himself, who were all a tier lower.

He hadn’t even tried to make a move against any of them, however. He continued to carelessly hunt the patrolmen and city guards, who were the weakest.

Was he toying with them as if they were playing a game of cat-and-mouse?

That was only something a person with absolute assurance that they would be victorious would have the heart to do.

Su Chen didn’t believe that his opponent was that strong. After all, with the strength that he had displayed so far, he had long surpassed what was possible for a low-status Spirit Race individual.

If that wasn’t the case, then there must be a reason that forced him to do so.

What was it?

Thoughts raced through Su Chen’s brain as he considered every possibility, even as he could hear cries of pain coming from all directions.

“Su Chen, what are you doing? Why aren’t you attacking!?” Ji Hanyan yelled.

Su Chen lifted his head up and saw Ji Hanyan unleashing a wave of icy frost that enveloped the Crystal Labyrinth.

The frost glittered brilliantly from the light refracting off of the crystal mirrors, shining so brightly that Su Chen almost couldn’t keep his eyes open.

He lifted his head and glanced at the thick rock walls, then at the tessellated crystal lights hanging from the ceiling.

Suddenly, he raised his hand into the air, punching at the lights on the walls.


The light shattered.

The lighting flickered.

Su Chen was just about to destroy another one when he heard something whistling toward the air in his direction. It was a fireball.

Su Chen easily dodged the attack and said with a slight smile, “It seems like you don’t really like me doing that. But why aren’t you using your shady techniques to try and kill me?”

There was no reply other than more fireballs that were sent in his direction along with the din and clamor that surrounded him.

Su Chen, on the other hand, became even more calm and collected.

He lifted his left hand. A massive Shadow Flame Giant appeared, tilting its head back and letting out a loud howl.

Even so, an instant later, Su Chen waved his hand. The Shadow Flame Giant disappeared without a trace.

“Su Chen, what are you doing?” Ji Hanyan was stunned.

“Nothing. I just suddenly realized that I didn’t want to use this technique anymore,” Su Chen said.

Calling out and then immediately dissolving the Shadow Flame Giant expended a ton of energy, but Su Chen didn’t care. He said, “Hanyan, Jiang Xishui commissioned me to help you create two new Origin Skills. Watch carefully; I’m about to use one of them. I call this the Frosted Fragrant Blossom!”

As he spoke, he pressed his palm forward. Large quantities of frost suddenly began to gather and revolve around his hands, very rapidly forming a large group of flowers made out of snow.

These flowers made of snow had extremely sharp edges and glittered coldly, revolving at extremely high speeds in midair like a meat grinder made of snow. They ruthlessly pulled in anything that got close to them and chopped them into tiny bits.

Su Chen’s voice floated over. “Ji Hanyan, your battle style is extremely forceful and ferocious, but you lack stamina. For my style of battle, mitigating flaws is more important than being extremely powerful, which is why I created this Frosted Fragrant Blossom technique for you. If can be activated continuously and can even automatically attack a target you specify. Because it is infused with frost, anyone who is hit by it will be slowed greatly even if they don’t die. Right, it’s also built on the base of the Clear Wind Net, so you’ll be able to pick it up more quickly than usual.”

Excitement flashed across Ji Hanyan’s eyes. “That’s quite a good Origin Skill. I never would have expected you to complete it in such a short period of time.”

“I never completed it,” Su Chen replied unexpectedly.

“What?” Ji Hanyan stared at Su Chen in confusion.

Su Chen said, “This is just an outline, but it’s far from being completed.”


“But how did I do that, right?” Su Chen pointed at the frost vortex in front of him and said, “That’s the most interesting part. Why is it that I can suddenly use a skill that I never even completed outlining? Silence, do you want to explain for us?”

Silence’s expression, which had always been calm and indifferent, finally changed.

Every image of Silence within the Crystal Labyrinth appeared shocked and even a bit frightened.

“Hiss!” he hissed sharply at Su Chen.

The massive blood-colored beast that had been fighting An Siyuan suddenly stopped in its tracks and turned around to charge at Su Chen.

It wanted to leave, but how could An Siyuan let it do as it pleased?

The Overlord Fists continued to rain down on the massive beast. An Siyuan yelled, “What exactly is going on?”

“What’s going on?” Su Chen coldly harrumphed. He looked up at the sky before suddenly leaping into the air, launching a fist at the thick stone ceiling above them.

The air in front of the stone ceiling suddenly flickered. A massive and fierce arm suddenly shot out from the stone ceiling, slamming at Su Chen and threatening to flatten him.

“Help me block it!” Su Chen yelled.

Ji Hanyan, Lu Qingguang, and the others all simultaneously attacked, blocking that large ferocious hand

At the same time, Su Chen’s fist slammed into the stone ceiling.

“Armor Piercing Awl!”

“NO!” Silence shrieked.

Following Su Chen’s full-strength blow, everyone watched as their surroundings suddenly melted away.

What blood-colored beast? What Crystal Labyrinth? They all disappeared without a trace. All that remained was a relatively calm and quiet valley.

They were all standing in the center of the valley, which was surrounded by vines that had already wrapped themselves around the chests of a few of the people and shattering their chests.

On a plateau not too far away from them, a Spirit Race individual was standing there and howling as if he were about to go mad.

“Bastard, you bastard! You actually destroyed my illusion formation! I’m going to kill you! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!”

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