Chapter 99: Pursuit (4)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 99: Pursuit (4)

An Siyuan was totally enraged.

As the City Lord, he had his own dignity. If his subordinates could handle the situation, he wouldn’t casually make a move himself.

However, the current situation had clearly exceeded what they could handle. In just an instant, they had already lost four individuals, but they hadn’t even managed to touch Silence yet.

They had such a large formation and a huge numbers advantage, but they were basically offering their heads up to Silence and allowing him to get his money’s worth before he died.

Every person that died was a smudge to An Siyuan’s honor.

Even if Lu Qingguang hadn’t yelled, he would have attacked anyways.

He clenched his right hand and punched out at the Crystal Labyrinth in front of him.

The simple and direct punch contained a frightening amount of power that had been compressed to an incredible degree.

Once a person’s cultivation base reached the level that his was at, a single punch contained extreme power. Sometimes, a person didn’t need too many fancy tactics.

This single fist, with its incredibly compressed energy, sparked with energy as it flew through the air. Even the thickened air was cut asunder by it, returning to its original state.

Using strength to break through!

Overlord Fist!

At that moment, all of them present felt the viciousness and strength behind this fist strike. Some people even couldn’t help but blurt out praise.

“How powerful!” Silence sighed with praise.

As he spoke, the sound of water crystals shattering could be heard.

The Crystal Labyrinth couldn’t withstand An Siyuan’s blow. This single fist strike was enough to shatter it.

The crystal shards that flew everywhere glittered brilliantly as they flew through the air, scattering eye-catching rainbow-colored light.

A moment later, however, these crystal shards that were flying everywhere suddenly began to reform, as if time was going backwards. Everything that had happened earlier seemed like a theatrical act. The Crystal Labyrinth that had just been shattered recovered its original appearance.

“Time Reversal? This is impossible!” Su Chen couldn’t help but yell out.

Silence being able to use high-tier Ancient Arcana Techniques was understandable, but Time Reversal was a restricted-class Arcana Technique. Arcana Masters would need to pay tremendous prices in order to use it.

No matter what, it was impossible for Silence to use this kind of tactic.

“That’s why I never said it was Time Reversal,” Silence laughed. “Young man, you’re a bit lacking in your experience still. Time Reversal isn’t the only skill that can revert something to its original condition.”

“What is it then?” Su Chen asked.

“Unless you let them stop, I have no time to answer your question,” Silence said.

He wanted his opponents to stop, but he himself didn’t stop at all. From the time that An Siyuan had shattered the Crystal Labyrinth until the time where it reformed, Silence had already harvested two more hearts. His movements were quick and merciless.

An Siyuan was infuriated.

With a howl, ten or so Overlord Punches were launched in rapid succession.

Every fist carried enough power to split mountains and sunder clouds.

Crystal shards filled the air again, forming a beautiful scene as rainbow light was scattered through the air.

Even so, amidst this multicolored splash of light, time began to fly backwards again, and the secretive attacks continued to continue. An Siyuan was just as powerful as he was before, but his subordinates only continued to die.

At this point, many of the patrolmen and city guards had died under Silence’s claws.

He was just like a wolf hiding in the darkness, borrowing the concealment to constantly attack. His tactics were hard to defend against, and his target choices were impeccable.

For a low-status Spirit Race individual to achieve this when faced with such a large group of humans, including a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, two Yang Opening Realm cultivators, and a bunch of Origin Qi Scholars, was extremely uncommon.

Unfortunately, the more skill he displayed, the more infuriated An Siyuan grew.

One person’s glory was always established on the suffering of another.

Silence’s arrogance and delight only demonstrated An Siyuan’s incapabilities. Using a Light Shaking Realm cultivator as a stepping stone gave all the glory to Silence.

Regardless of whether he won or lost the battle, Silence had left a strong impression on the hearts of everyone here.

When he saw this, Su Chen could only say that the world was large and talented individuals abounded.

However, An Siyuan was unwilling to allow a low-class Spirit Race individual stand above him.

His pride as a Light Shaking Realm cultivator didn’t allow him to accept this.

In terms of pure strength, he was confident that he could crush this guy.

Because his concealment technique was too strange, and the Crystal Labyrinth couldn’t be shattered,

“If you have any ability, come at me instead!” An Siyuan howled angrily.

Silence, however, chuckled coldly and didn’t react.

An Siyuan, seeing that his opponent wasn’t going to respond to him, suddenly pulled a bracelet of beads off of his wrist.

These beads were always around his hand. Normally, when he was bored, he would play around with them in his hands. Bystanders might think that they were just toys, but close confidants like Lu Qingguang knew that these were the “Fiend Capturing Beads” that An Siyuan often relied on.

The twelve Fiend Capturing Beads were refined out of Thundercloud Wood and nine other secret ingredients. When tossed out, they could unleash incredible power, destroying all fiend-like energies.

The Crystal Labyrinth wasn’t related to fiends, so it wouldn’t be able to do anything in that aspect. However, you couldn’t always hope that your opponent would always be an easy target. Even if the target wouldn’t be restricted much, the Fiend Capturing Beads would still have their own uses.

At this moment, the twelve Fiend Capturing Beads flew through the air and began to revolve and expand in midair, unleashing peals of thunder and lightning everywhere as it spiraled through the air. It looked just like a storm cloud revolving through the air.

An Siyuan launched another fist.

He was not weak in the slightest. The Crystal Labyrinth that even ten people couldn’t destroy was blasted apart by a single fist of his. Crystal shards once again flew through the air.

Just as those crystal shards were about to re-form, the thunderstorm clouds began to rain down thunder and lightning.

The shocking power of the lightning slammed into the crystal shards, causing them to fragment into even smaller pieces.

An Siyuan had adjusted the lightning coming from the Fiend Capturing Beads. The lightning bolts themselves weren’t actually that powerful, but it was superior in that it could constantly unleash power.

Under the continuous barrage of thunder and lightning, Silence couldn’t re-form the Crystal Labyrinth no matter what technique he tried to use.

Even so, an instant later, an unbelievable scene occurred again.

Even under the powerful blasts from the lightning, the Crystal Labyrinth continued to come back together resiliently and unstoppably.

Amidst the refraction of light, countless Silence’s laughed disdainfully at An Siyuan. In the meantime, even more city guards and patrolmen fell.

“This is not possible!” An Siyuan was totally shocked.

“Accept the mysterious punishment, ignorant idiots!” Silence chuckled darkly.

Behind An Siyuan, a massive white beast appeared.

The Lord-Class Bloodline Demonic Beast, White Lion.

A Light Shaking Realm cultivator had been forced by a low-status Spirit Race individual to use his bloodline.

Even though at this moment, his powerful bloodline exuded a frightening amount of pressure, causing everyone present’s hearts to tremble, An Siyuan felt humiliated on the inside.

He felt deeply humiliated.

This damn bastard! He was definitely going to cut his corpse into ten thousand pieces!

An instant later, however, a similarly large scarlet Demonic Beast appeared from seemingly nowhere within the large hall.

“Blood Tooth, give them something to look at,” Silence said coolly.

“AWOO!” An enraged howl filled the cavern.

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