Chapter 98: Pursuit (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 98: Pursuit (2)

How could this be?

An astonished expression appeared on Lu Qingguang’s face.

“Are you surprised?” Silence smiled slightly. “Ignorant human. You are blindly convinced that you’re powerful, but you never learned how to temper your heart. If you don’t actually know my position, how can you possibly attack me?”

As he spoke, countless crystalline walls emerged from the walls. Behind every crystal wall was a Silence.

These Silences stood behind the crystal walls and spoke simultaneously, light refracting brilliantly off the glass. It was like they were in a room filled with countless mirrors, but the image in the mirrors weren’t themselves but rather their opponent.

“Crystal Labyrinth?” Su Chen burst out.

“Oh? There’s a kid here who knows Ancient Arcana Techniques?” Silence stared at Su Chen with some shock.

Yes, Silence was currently using the advanced edition of Crystal Wall. The Crystal Labyrinth used light refraction to distort a person’s position, concealing the user in an unknown location and allowing them to launch ambushes. If used well, it was a tactic that allowed a person to win from a position of weakness.

As such, Silence wasn’t actually in the position that he seemed to be in. As such, both Ji Hanyan and Lu Qingguang’s attacks were both ineffective.

“Do you think these measly tactics are going to deter me?” Lu Qingguang harrumphed. He waved his hand, and a large amount of rippling spread in all directions. He could concentrate or disperse these ripples as he pleased; clearly, he was very proficient in its use.

He was obviously planning on first destroying the Crystal Labyrinth before dealing with Silence.

“This is not the right choice,” Silence cackled.

He tapped his finger gently in midair. The surrounding air began grow thick. Ripples could appear in both water and in air, but it was impossible on the solid ground. As the air continued to thicken, Lu Qingguang’s ripples were gradually weakened. By the time they reached the Crystal Labyrinth, they were just like a gentle breeze passing by.

“Air Thickening,” Su Chen blurted out again.

This technique was similar to Sumeru Void; they both resulted in the thickening of the nearby air. The only major difference was that Air Thickening only, well, thickened the air, while Sumeru Void relied on external pressure to generate a feeling of stagnation. Their power levels were on completely different tiers. At lower tiers, the difference between the two wasn’t very high; actually, because Air Thickening was easier to use, it was even better than Sumeru Void. But at high-tiers, the circumstances were totally different. Sumeru Void could interrupt the physical continuum of space, resulting in much greater obstruction to a person’s movement.

“Ah! You’ve seen through me again,” Silence laughed again. “I admire you very much, young man that understands Ancient Arcana Techniques.”

Su Chen frowned. For some reason that he wasn’t too clear about, he felt that something was off.

However, the others had completely lost their patience.

Someone said, “Dammit, let’s attack together. I don’t believe that this guy can stop us all.”

Boom, boom, boom!

A few of the city guards charged at the Crystal Walls.

Anyone who could become a city guard had some talent to speak of. The sharp waves of energy slammed into the walls of crystal, which would likely be unable to withstand their attacks.

Su Chen, however, shook his head. “It’s no use.”

The crystal walls surrounding them suddenly flashed with a cold light.

A cold, metallic light spilled out, shrouding the crystal walls and absorbing their attacks.

The metallic light splashed onto their faces while the Crystal Labyrinth remained in place as it had been before.

This was the Crystal Labyrinth’s self-protective mechanisms. Otherwise, if it could be destroyed by someone in a few short moments, it would have been far too easy to deal with and would be letting down its classification as a high-tier Ancient Arcana Technique.

As those people attacked simultaneously, Silence said, “I hate these kinds of unfriendly actions. It seems like I can’t avoid teaching you a lesson.”

As he spoke, he gestured. Transparent bullets took shape in the air that his hand had swept over.

Su Chen’s expression suddenly changed. “Careful, this is Air Bullets!”

Air Bullets wasn’t a very powerful offensive Arcana Technique, but when paired with Air Thickening it could cause quite a frightening amount of damage.

The effects of shooting someone with water and with a metal bullet were totally different. Once the air was thickened, its mass and destructive capabilities were secretly increased. Even though this kind of increase still couldn’t put it on par with an actual physical attack, the Air Bullets were extremely fast and large in quantity. Countless Air Bullets floated in midair before they shot at their opponents, thick and fast.

These thickened Air Bullets were nearly ten times more powerful than common Air Bullets. They rained down hard, forcing those city guards to devote all their attention on defending themselves. Regardless, they were still sent flying.

Thankfully, An Siyuan moved in time. He pressed his palm in the air, causing those dense Air Bullets to come to a halt.

An Siyuan said darkly, “With me here, can you really act so boldly?”

He closed his fist. Those countless Air Bullets were shattered by him.

The three of them let out a sigh of relief.

Silence, however, shook his head. “They must die!”


Shrieks of pain suddenly burst out.

An Siyuan felt a jolt of shock in his heart. He turned around to look and found one of the city guards looking back at him. However, a large hole had appeared at an unknown point in time in his chest, and his heart had been plucked out.

When had he attacked?

Everyone there was stunned.

Silence slowly lifted his blood-stained right hand, using his energy to expunge the blood from his hand. “What is this? Young man, do you know?”

“Void Hand? Hidden Snake Tentacles? Specter Demon Claw?” Su Chen listed off a number of Ancient Arcana Techniques in rapid succession.

“My oh my. Your knowledge and experience is shocking, but you are obviously still a little green,” Silence shook his head. “Since you aren’t here to make peace, I can only discipline you, starting with those people that tried to attack me.”

As he spoke, he lowered his arm, then disappeared as if he had jumped into the void. Another pained howl sounded out, and another city guard had his heart taken right out of his chest.

Even though Su Chen had tried to activate Sumeru Void as fast as he could, his cultivation base was obviously a bit weaker than Silence’s and couldn’t prevent Silence from making a move.

In reality, he wasn’t even able to determine what skill Silence was using exactly. After all, Su Chen apparently seemed right in his understanding of the techniques that Silence was using, but he was actually wrong.

If it wasn’t an air-type technique, then Sumeru Void would be even more ineffective.

“Bastard!” Upon seeing another one of his subordinates die, Lu Qingguang began to yell with rage, “Everyone, attack!”

At the beginning, they had been able to maintain some poise and converse with him for a bit, but ever since two of their people had died, poise and elegance no matter mattered. They tore off their fake masks. All that remained was a bloody battle.

“Attack!” everyone yelled as they charged forward.

Even Chen Wenhui, who had been turtling behind to avoid giving An Siyuan any opportunity to attack, made a move - no matter how sly and powerful this Spirit Race individual was, he was only a low-tier one. There was no way that he could possibly withstand all of these people attacking together.

The furious waves of Origin Energy billowed in all directions. The violent surging energy ensured that the Crystal Labyrinth, even with its metallic luster, would be destroyed sooner or later.

When that happened, Silence would meet his end.

Before this, however, Silence could deal with his opponents as he pleased.

Pu! Another city guard toppled over, blood pooling around him.

The three city guards that had attacked first had all been killed at this point.

Silence laughed strangely, “You idiots, I’m going to kill you one by one. Savor the fear of death!”

As he spoke, the fourth person fell over.

This time, it was a patrolman.

Silence pointed at another person. “The next one I’m going to kill will be you!”

He was pointing at one of Ji Hanyan’s underlings.

The patrolman’s expression changed drastically. Ji Hanyan flew over. “Protect him!”

A thick patch of frost surrounded the patrolman and sealed him.

Even so, this was not of much use. Silence’s unpredictable attacks once again penetrated the target’s body. A claw-like hand appeared in front of the patrolman’s chest and disappeared an instant later, leaving behind a gaping hole.

The patrolman spat out a mouthful of blood. He glanced down at himself, then back at Ji Hanyan. He wanted to say something but could only fall over in the end, completely devoid of strength.

When they saw this scene, everyone grew agitated.

“Sir!” Lu Qingguang yelled at An Siyuan.

At this moment in time, only An Siyuan, who was in the Light Shaking Realm, could deal with this Spirit Race individual.

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