Chapter 102: Pursuit (7)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 102: Pursuit (7)

An Siyuan slowing down his movements gave the people from the Investigations Bureau tremendous pressure.

Cries of pain and torment could be heard echoing throughout the fog.

Chen Wenhui’s heart hurt, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape from this battle without sacrificing a few lives.

The only difference was how many lives that was.

Chen Wenhui hoped that he could keep this number as low as possible.

As such, he made his move.

A blue-greenish lotus flew forward from between his brows, constantly growing and spinning in the air and emitting rays of light. It descended in the middle of the strange fog and began to glow with a cold light.

Where the cold light landed, the fiends retreated. They found it hard to endure, and howls of anger and fright could be heard from within the fog. However, there was nothing they could do.

This was Chen Wenhui’s Cleansing Light Lily.

Unlike the Yang Opening Realm cultivators that Su Chen had encountered before, Chen Wenhui was born into a Bloodline Nobility Clan and had a high-tier Demonic Beast Bloodline. The Azure Lily Tree Spirit was very powerful, and the bloodline he had inherited was quite pure. Naturally, his attacks were extraordinarily powerful.

Under the shining of the Cleansing Light Lily, the power of the strange fog was reduced, and even the patrolmen that had been bitten by the strange fiends within the fog began to recover.

The Cleansing Light Lotus combined driving out demons with a large-scale healing effect.

With the appearance of the Cleansing Light Lily, the situation quickly stabilized. Chen Wenhui was inwardly delighted. He glanced at Silence to see what he was up to, only to find that Silence was charging in his direction, a strange light glowing in his eyes.

Under the influence of the strange light, a thought suddenly entered Chen Wenhui’s head: This damned An Siyuan only called me out here to harm me, and now he wants me to spearhead the charge, using the opponent to weaken me. His heart is tricky! If I’m a real man, how can I accept being used by him like this? Even if I have to put my life on the line, I must make things difficult for him.

The flames of rage surged in his heart. He couldn’t control himself, and the Cleansing Light Lily suddenly changed directions, a few streaks of azure light shooting at the massive snake.

The massive snake had already been beaten into submission by An Siyuan and was about to die. With the help of the Cleansing Light Lily, it immediately began to recover, and it experienced a massive increase in strength. It hissed loudly and snaked at them.

An Siyuan did not anticipate this turn of events and was unable to respond in time. The massive snake slithered past him and slammed into seven or eight city guards, shattering the bones in their bodies. It seemed like they were no longer alive.

An Siyuan was both stunned and infuriated. He yelled, “Chen Wenhui, what are you doing?”

“If you won’t let me live, don’t think about living yourselves!” Chen Wenhui howled. The Azure Lotus Tree Spirit appeared behind him and began to shine, pressing down on An Siyuan.

An Siyuan was shocked and enraged. He thought to himself, “If this guy is going to act this recklessly, I might as well finish him off here.” He no longer cared to consider the consequences as his killing intent soared. An Overlord Fist surged forward, sweeping its way toward Chen Wenhui.

An internal conflict suddenly broke out so suddenly that everyone present was stunned.

Those who were a bit slow to react were still watching in a daze, while those who had reacted quickly had already begun to brazenly attack.

The battlefield was instantly thrown into chaos.

“Stop!” Su Chen yelled.

In the midst of this chaos, however, how could anyone hear him?

Su Chen watched Lu Qingguang charge over and begin to attack Chen Wenhui.

Su Chen hurriedly intervened and said, “Deal with the Spirit Race individual first!”

He had been trying to defuse the situation, but Lu Qingguang suddenly turned around and stared at him. A red glow flashed across his eyes, and he suddenly howled, a violent wave of energy rippling from his body.

As if he had been struck by lightning, Su Chen cried out and flew backward. The rippling energy wreaked havoc within his body, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Su Chen!” Ji Hanyan yelled, flying over to catch Su Chen as she stared at Lu Qingguang with rage. “What are you doing?”

Lu Qingguang’s eyes were tinted red as he howled, “You all must die!”

Ripples of energy roiled off of his body like waves in the ocean.

Ji Hanyan activated her Frosted Ice Palms, but no matter how strong she was, her opponent was still a Yang Opening Realm cultivator. When they collided, the pressure from her opponent’s attack caused Ji Hanyan’s body to vibrate violently, the force of the Frosted Ice Palms completely nullified.

Because of her stubborn personality, Ji Hanyan was about to attack again when Su Chen said, “Don’t fight him. He’s under the influence of the Spirit Race individual’s consciousness technique!”


Ji Hanyan finally noticed that the conflict had seemingly started for no particular reason. So it was actually the Spirit Race individual who was making trouble for them.

Even though she knew that the Spirit Race were exceptionally proficient in consciousness techniques, this was Ji Hanyan’s first time witnessing it for herself. First the illusion formation, then inciting internal strife - even though this Spirit Race individual wasn’t physically powerful, he used his tactics brilliantly to turn the odds in his favor. No wonder he was considered such a dangerous enemy.

“What now?” Ji Hanyan asked as she watched Lu Qingguang charge in their direction.

“Let’s stop him first!” Su Chen raised his left hand. A Shadow Flame Giant took shape.

The shockingly powerful Shadow Flame Giant reappeared, stopping Lu Qingguang in his tracks. Under normal circumstances, Lu Qingguang might have elected to get past the Shadow Flame Giant and attack Su Chen himself. However, because his mental state wasn’t so clear and he only knew to fight, the situation became a lot more manageable.

Su Chen and Ji Hanyan finally earned a brief moment to catch their breath.

They glanced around themselves and found that many of the others were also under the influence of this technique and were attacking their comrades. Only a small group of people were still awake, but they had been dragged into the battle and had no way of escaping themselves.

“What do we do now?” Ji Hanyan yelled.

“What else can we do? Of course we’re going to kill that Spirit Race individual!” Su Chen yelled as he charged straight at the fog.

“Su Chen, be careful!” Ji Hanyan yelled.

An instant later, however, Su Chen’s figure shimmered and disappeared, then reappeared behind the confusing fog.

It was Whitetower Teleportation.

After deconstructing it, Whitetower Teleportation’s effectiveness had increased, allowing him to teleport right past most of the fog. He appeared right behind the fog.

He raised his hand, and an Ultra Erupting Firehawk took flight, arcing through the sky and leaving behind a fiery glow in its wake.

Su Chen shot forward like an arrow, following closely behind the flames.

Silence hissed as he watched the flames roaring in his direction.

“HA!” Following this howl from him, the flames seemed to run into an invisible wall, pausing for a brief moment before they dissolved.

At the same time as the flames disappeared, Su Chen’s figure shot forward. He had gathered his energy all in his hand, which shot right at Silence.

The Firehawk had just been a front; the Armor Piercing Awl was the real killing blow.

Silence did not expect Su Chen to have a tactic like this up his sleeve. He didn’t try to defend himself, however; just as the Armor Piercing Awl was about to slam into him, a human figure suddenly appeared in front of him.


Su Chen’s arm exploded into the person’s body, but that person totally ignored him and countered with a blade slash. Su Chen evaded to the side as he violently twisted his arm within the opponent’s body.

If a normal person had experienced this, they might have passed out from the pain, but the other human didn’t seem to care as if he could feel no pain. He leapt forward and planted his foot right into Su Chen’s chest, then followed up with another blade slash.

The two of them exchanged a number of blows. Even though Su Chen was clearly stronger than his opponent, his opponent wasn’t afraid to die and totally ignored Su Chen’s attacks, forcefully enduring the blows.

At the same time, Silence had finally finished preparing an Arcana Technique he had been setting up for some time. He pointed at Su Chen and said, “Die!”

A black ball of light shot in Su Chen’s direction.

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