Chapter 103: Pursuit (8)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 103: Pursuit (8)

As soon as the black ball of light appeared, Su Chen could sense that this unassuming ball of light contained an incredible amount of energy.

If he allowed it to hit him, his body would probably shatter into pieces.

At this point, there was no time for him to dodge or use Whitetower Teleportation. The ball of energy was just about to his him when a blood-colored glow suddenly appeared behind him. A blurry shadow could be seen within the blood-colored light, but it was impossible to figure out what it was. The shadow seemed to be leaping.

Simultaneously, Su Chen tilted his head back and howled.

With this loud yell, white energy surged out of his mouth, slamming into the black ball of energy.

The black energy and the white energy slammed into each other, generating violent shockwaves upon colliding.

The compressed Origin Energy exploded in an instant, creating a violent wave of energy in ferocious manner.

The energy rushed over Su Chen like a massive wave, sending him flying.

Silence also cried out mournfully, “NO!”

Not only had the attack inflicted serious damage on him, but it had also disrupted his consciousness influence on them. An instant later, the people who had been fighting each other awoke, only then realizing what they had done.

“Bastard!” An Siyuan clenched his jaw so tightly that his teeth were about to shatter after being played by Silence twice.

In terms of pure strength, An Siyuan was strong even among other Light Shaking Realm cultivators. He was the strongest individual in Clear River City, but his consciousness power was also the weakest. Most people would have a hard time taking advantage of this, but the Spirit Race, who were exceptionally talented in consciousness control, caught him totally off guard.

How could An Siyuan be willing to accept this kind of humiliation?


With a howl, his massive iron-like fist passed through the space-time barrier and charged right toward Silence.

“I won’t die that easily!” Silence yelled shrilly.

A sudden plume of smoke billowed out from beneath his feet. Following this smoke, his figure suddenly disappeared.

Where had he gone?

Just as An Siyuan was feeling startled, he heard Su Chen yell, “He’s there!”

He pushed his palm forward, and a fiery streak of light shot through the air.

“AH!” With a shrill cry, Silence tumbled out of the sky. He had totally been caught off-guard and had been burned quite badly.

“How did you know where I was?” he yelled loudly. Even as he asked, however, his figure retreated. He was trying to run!

Su Chen laughed coldly, “As you know, I’m quite proficient in Ancient Arcana Techniques. You had better stay here. Winding Thorns!”

As he spoke, a large patch of brambles appeared right behind Silence and wrapped toward him.

Winding Thorns was a skill that Patelocke had taught him. It was exceptionally useful against fleeing enemies. To catch Silence, Su Chen had expended quite a bit of effort.

Su Chen wasn’t that familiar with Winding Thorns, and his ability to use it effectively was quite low. As such, he was only able to slow Silence for but a brief moment.

However, this was enough for An Siyuan.

An Overlord Fist tore through everything in its path, carrying an awesome destructive capability right at Silence.

Upon seeing the frightening punch sweep its way toward him, Silence yelled, “I will not die!”

As the Overlord Fist descended on him, his figure suddenly split into ten or so separate shadows which then flew in all directions.

“Streaming Light Clones!” Su Chen said with shock.

Streaming Light Clones was an exceptionally rare and hard-to-master Ancient Arcana Technique. The user could split their body into ten or so targets to flee. Importantly, even though this technique would greatly increase a person’s likelihood of escaping, it would greatly weaken them.

But to the Spirit Race, who possessed specter-like bodies, the drawbacks to using Streaming Light Clones were basically negligible. This was because their bodies were naturally conducive to separation.

“Trying to run?” Lu Qingguang harrumphed and took a step forward.

Rippling energy once again emerged, causing the very air to undulate as the rippling energy spread in all directions.

Ripple energy was exceptionally useful against groups of targets. The instant the Streaming Light Clones were struck by the ripple energy, they melted away like frost under the bright sun.




The Silence clones let out pained cries one after another in rapid succession.

At that moment, the giant snake suddenly hissed and charged at Lu Qingguang.

The sudden change in situation caught Lu Qingguang off guard, and he was sent flying.

“Help me!” He yelled as he flew past Chen Wenhui.

Chen Wenhui, however, pretended to be oblivious. At the same time, his Cleansing Light Lotus enveloped the remaining clones.

At this moment in time, everyone felt their blood beginning to boil as they attacked simultaneously and hemmed Silence in. No matter what, they could not allow this guy to escape.

One Silence after another flying through the sky deflated and disappeared like balloons being popped as they yelled with anger and unwillingness. These defeated clones finally gathered together, forming a complete Spirit Race individual.

When the last clone finally descended, the valley had returned to its former calm.

At this point, the humans had paid quite a price in casualties. More than ten martial artists had died, along with even a few Origin Qi Scholars.

There were so many of them dealing with a single low-tier Spirit Race, but in the end they had suffered such disastrous losses. The difficulty of dealing with a Spirit Race individual was made abundantly clear.

Even An Siyuan couldn’t help but sigh, “Finally we’ve taken care of this bastard. Dammit, these ghosts are really hard to deal with. Vice Commander Ji, when you return to make your report, make it clear that my Clear River City put in a lot of effort to kill this Spirit Race individual!”

Ji Hanyan said with a slight smile, “City Lord An personally came and kept the Spirit Race individual’s strength in check. I will remember this well, and I offer my gratitude here to everyone for their assistance.”

“Hahahaha!” When An Siyuan heard this, a delighted smile appeared on his face. Only Chen Wenhui’s expression was ashen.

Even though a lot of people had died, most of them were from his branch of the Investigations Bureau.

An Siyuan had successfully gotten someone else to do his dirty work. Otherwise, with their strength, they wouldn’t have

That damned bastard City Lord!

Chen Wenhui cursed in his heart, but he could only maintain his silence with a steely expression.

Having dealt with this Spirit Race individual, it was time to see what spoils this Spirit Race individual had on him.

Unfortunately, the Spirit Race sustained themselves on wind and dew rather than the cooked foods that humans required. They had no need of money and focused entirely on research, so there were no treasures within this valley. There was just a research lab stocked fully with all kinds of containers and ingredients. Su Chen made quite a haul off of these things.

Upon seeing that there wasn’t much for them to take back with them, the others could only sigh and prepare to leave.

They were about to leave, but Su Chen and Ji Hanyan were still standing in front of a corpse.

This was the corpse that had gave its life to protect Silence. Even though it could ignore pain, it wasn’t invincible. It had been killed in the ensuing blast from the collision between the black and white energies.

Su Chen saw that Ji Hanyan’s expression was a bit strange. He walked over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Hanyan replied, “This guy is Wei Xiaofeng.”



Indeed, Wei Xiaofeng had followed in his father’s footsteps.

Su Chen sighed, “This might be the fate of this father-son pair.”

“No, this tragedy is because of the Spirit Race!” Ji Hanyan said fiercely. “The Spirit Race’s wanton enslavement of humans has caused countless disasters. Sooner or later, I will have them all die to my hand!”

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