Chapter 106: Complete

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 106: Complete

A method for reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline had been completed.

When he heard this, Su Chen felt a rumble in his mind.

Even though he had made mental preparations for this, Su Chen still felt disbelief and incredulity when the good news came.

Had another one of the locks restricting the human race for so long been unlocked?

Su Chen felt his eyes moisten upon seeing the past eight years of difficult research finally bear fruit.

He could sense that beneath Shi Kaihuang’s calm expression was a similarly great excitement that he could barely suppress!

They had developed a method for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline!

This was far different from developing a method for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline.

This was because before Kaihuang’s Heaven, the human race already had methods for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline. Unfortunately, the success rate was too low, and if they failed they would have no way of challenging the bottleneck again.

That was why Kaihuang’s Heaven wasn’t a completely novel invention but rather a supplement. It transformed a flawed challenging technique and made it more perfect and complete.

But a technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline had never been done before this. It was a real novel creation!

The implications of this were vastly different.

Without this technique, a person without a bloodline could at most reach the Blood Boiling Realm. After ingesting a Blood Spirit Medicine, they would at most be able to reach the Light Shaking Realm.

Shi Kaihuang was one such person. He was a mixed-bloodline Light Shaking Realm cultivator, so he had been limited his whole life with no way of advancing any further.

But if a person could reach the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline and then used a Blood Spirit Medicine, they might be able to reach the Burning Spirit Realm even with a mixed bloodline.

This would cause the entire human race’s strength to increase in leaps and bounds. It was incredibly important, much more so than reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline.

When Su Chen heard these words, he was stunned. “It’s done? Is it really done?”

“Yes. The success rate is around 30%, but if you fail you can try again. Every time you try and charge into the Yang Opening Realm, you’ll need to use the Three Yangs Medicine to supplement, but I think that’s exactly what you’re after.”

The reason a way to reach the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline could be completed was largely in part to the Three Yangs Medicine that Su Chen had created to partially replace the Blood Spirit Medicine.

As such, one could say that the successful development of this technique was more so the successful development of this medicine.

Su Chen, however, was never a stickler for formality. He was very clear that the right path for him to take was to first develop a solution for problems without solutions, then improve them step by step.

The existence of the Three Yangs Medicine would be extremely important in turning this into a source of revenue.

With more resources, they would be able to procure even more materials and ingredients, perform more experiments, and create more inventions.

As such, he replied, “Yes, now is the time to strike it rich. With money, we’ll be able to do more experiments.”

“Yes!” Shi Kaihuang nodded, not objecting to Su Chen’s viewpoint. “I took a look at a few of your more recent experiments. They were very well-done and interesting. The development of a Preliminary Primordial Bloodline Medicine is extremely impressive. Both of these medicines are similar in some sense to the Blood Spirit Medicine, but unlike the Blood Spirit Medicine they can be improved or substituted for, so it’s a much more complete situation.”

“Unfortunately, these kinds of medicine can only be used on people without bloodlines; Instructor won’t be able to use it,” Su Chen sighed. “But I will work in improving it in the future.”

Shi Kaihuang, however, said straightforwardly, “No, Su Chen, you can improve everything about this medicine except its incompatibility with bloodlines.”

Su Chen was confused. “Why is that?”

“Because this is the only way to improve the status of individuals without bloodline! You know that even if you’ve developed a way to reach the Yang Opening Realm, people without bloodlines will only have received an opportunity to increase their strength, but they are still much weaker in terms of combat ability than those from Bloodline Nobility Clans. The Primordial Blood Medicine is a great supplement in this regard. If you want to change the status of those without bloodlines, you cannot increase their cultivation base without strengthening their combat ability. Instructor completed the former, so it’s up to you to complete the latter. Only when both of these things have appeared will those without bloodlines have any hope of establishing themselves. Perhaps in the future, as the Primordial Blood Medicine begins to take off, human society will become dominated by those without bloodlines. At that period of time, those without bloodlines will be the real purebloods, while those with bloodlines will just be mixed seedlings. If you ask me, this is what it means to return to our roots, and for the human race to reclaim the status that they should have had from the very beginning!”

“Those without bloodlines will be real purebloods, while those with bloodlines will be mixed seedlings?” Su Chen was totally stunned.

He had originally only hoped that those without bloodlines would be able to accomplish what those with bloodlines could do, but he had never thought of helping those without bloodlines surpass those with bloodlines. Now, Shi Kaihuang had given him an even loftier goal.

Su Chen felt dazed.

Shi Kaihuang nodded sincerely. “That’s right. The appearance of the Primordial Blood Medicine has helped me see the future more clearly. I believe that you will be able to do it. Perhaps the human race will establish its own Divine Throne of Primordial Blood because of you!”

That day, Shi Kaihuang and Su Chen talked about a lot of things.

As Shi Kaihuang fantasized over the future, it seemed like he could already see the day when a society without bloodlines would come to fruition.

Everyone could rely on their own efforts to strengthen themselves, and bloodlines would no longer determine social status. Rather, the dividing line would be based on cultivation, and a small one at that.

With the prestige of the Bloodline Nobility Clans gone, and the rise of those without bloodlines to power, the human race would become even stronger and would eventually be able to defeat the other races and hold off the Origin Beasts, becoming the rulers of this massive continent.

The two of them laughed loudly as they fantasized about the future, not leaving until the sky began to lighten.

Before leaving, Shi Kaihuang left behind the second stage of Kaihuang’s Heaven, which was the technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm.

Just like last time, Shi Kaihuang left it up to Su Chen to decide what to do.

After holding the technique in his hands and contemplating for a long time, Su Chen left the Dreamrealm.

Upon returning to the real world, Su Chen sent out a notice, then returned to his bedroom and waited patiently.

Not long afterwards, a small crack opened in the window of his room.

Black smoke billowed into the room, turning into a black-clothed, fair-skinned maiden. Who could it be if it wasn’t Night Demon?

After experiencing countless exchanges of “investigation” and “counter-investigation”, Night Demon no longer tried to scare Su Chen. She instead said, “What do you think of my Smoke Transformation Technique? Pretty good, right?”

Su Chen didn’t even open his eyes as he reclined on his rocking chair and said, “Yes, pretty good.”

“What attitude is that? Will you die if you praise me once?” Night Demon unhappily pinched Su Chen.

Su Chen jerked his head aside. “Stop messing around. I came looking for you for business.”

“Of course. Why would you look for me if you don’t have business with me? Today’s not the date you deliver the medicine, so what’s up?”

Her intelligence had indeed increased! Su Chen said to himself in his heart, but said aloud, “Nothing much. I just want to borrow some money from the Immortal Temple.”

“Borrow money?” Night Demon glanced at him quizzically. “Are you lacking money recently?”


“How much do you need to borrow? I can lend it to you,” Night Demon said.

Even if the little girl was silly, she was quite loyal.

“How much can you lend me?” Su Chen asked. “I might need a bit more than you can afford to handle.”

Night Demon waved her hand in a grandiose manner. “I’ve saved up quite a bit of money for myself. Anything below a hundred thousand Origin Stones I can handle.”

As an assassin, being able to pull out a hundred thousand Origin Stones was quite impressive.

Were all these terrorists such high-income individuals?

Unfortunately, Su Chen’s expression did not soften. He said heavily, “This...... might not be enough.”

“Not enough?” Night Demon thought for a moment, then said, “If the deficit isn’t too great, I can ask around and borrow some money from others as well.”

This was quite the favor.

Su Chen stared at Night Demon, clearly moved. “Don’t worry about it. The amount I want isn’t a sum that you can just pool together carelessly.”

Night Demon was extremely curious. “How much do you need?”

Su Chen put his hand out.

Night Demon was stunned. “Five million? You need that much?”

Su Chen unexpectedly shook his head.

Night Demon’s jaw dropped. “Fifty million? You aren’t going to ask for fifty million Origin Stones are you?”

Su Chen sighed. “Of course not.”

Night Demon sighed with relief.

“Five hundred million Origin Stones.”

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