Chapter 107: Sentimental Attraction

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 107: Sentimental Attraction


Tea sprayed out of Night Demon’s mouth. Su Chen was prepared, however, and a Crystal Wall appeared from him - he had learned that from Patelocke.

When faced with Night Demon’s “water arrow” attack, Su Chen said helplessly, “You don’t need to act so surprised.”

“Five hundred million Origin Stones!!” Night Demon howled. “Are you crazy? How could the Immortal Temple give you that much money?”

Did the Immortal Temple have five hundred million Origin Stones?

The answer was yes!

Of course they did!

To truly powerful organizations, five hundred million was a sum that wasn’t unreachable.

But to an Origin Qi Scholar at the Blood Boiling Realm, this sum was enough to totally overwhelm a large group of them.

If Su Chen had that much money - no, one-fifth that much, hordes of experts from the Immortal Temple would be willing to sell their lives to him, and dealing with the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans would then be a piece of cake.

Yes, the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans weren’t even worth fifty million Origin Stones to the Immortal Temple.

And now, Su Chen had opened his mouth to ask the Immortal Temple for five hundred million Origin Stones.

He was totally crazy!

Su Chen, however, didn’t seem like he was crazy at all.

He said indifferently, “I’ll return eight hundred million.”


Night Demon collapsed on the ground.

She stared at Su Chen in a daze, totally stunned.

After a long period of time, she said, “You...... you’re being serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious.”

“It doesn’t matter of you’re serious.” Night Demon regained her clarity. “Even if you say you’re going to return ten billion Origin Stones, it won’t be of any use. The Immortal Temple wouldn’t give you that much money.

The other party didn’t have to trust him just because he said he was going to return more money.

Many cheats would start by saying that the returns would be much higher.

The people in the Immortal Temple weren’t children. They couldn’t possibly give Su Chen five hundred million Origin Stones, not even if he were incredibly rich.

“Then what if the ingredients that I exchange with the five hundred million Origin Stones I leave with the organization?” Su Chen said calmly.

“What?” Night Demon was totally dumbfounded.

Su Chen definitely wanted to achieve something with those five hundred million Origin Stones, but it sounded like these things could be kept with the Immortal Temple.

The situation was now totally different

Night Demon said with curiosity, “What are you trying to do?”

Su Chen didn’t answer. All he said slowly was, “Go back and tell your boss that I have a large business transaction to discuss with him. Since the boss seems smarter now, it seems like he won’t let this opportunity go.”


Two days later.

Night Demon brought her new boss with her.

This boss was a polite-looking middle-aged man who seemed quite graceful, but Su Chen could instantly sense the powerful waves of energy coming from his body the moment they met.

This person was even stronger than Ma Renze.

This person, however, evidently was not arrogant. After meeting Su Chen, he smiled slightly and said, “I have heard that Prince Su is brimming with presence but have never had the pleasure of meeting you. You really are as graceful as a dragon. Oh, my name is Shi Mingfeng.”

“Oh, so it’s the Xiyuan Rain Master! Su Chen greets you,” Su Chen hurriedly clasped his hands and bowed in greeting.

Shi Mingfeng was quite a well-known name, and the Xiyuan Rain Master was his title. This person was extremely skilled in water-type Origin Skills. Every battleground that he was at would quickly turn into a marshy area, which was why he was given the title of Rain Master.

He hadn’t expected this person to be from the Immortal Temple.

He wasn’t like Ma Renze, who was a publically wanted criminal. He had his own public persona and could walk and do as he pleased in the outside world. If his affiliation with the Immortal Temple were exposed, there would definitely be quite a reaction.

And now, Shi Mingfeng had appeared so publically and openly in front of Su Chen. Su Chen admired this kind of attitude very much.

Shi Mingfeng laughed, “Prince Su is too polite. Xiyuan Rain Master doesn’t count for much. Prince Su’s actions these past few years, on the other hand, have vastly opened my eyes.”

“We don’t need to exchange too many pleasantries. Mingshu, pour some tea.” Su Chen invited Shi Mingfeng to sit.

After conversing for a bit longer, Shi Mingfeng said directly, “Prince Su, what are you planning on doing exactly with the five hundred million Origin Stones?”

“I want to make a large batch of medicine,” su Chen replied.

“What kind of medicine?”

“Three Yangs Medicine.”

“Three Yangs Medicine?” Shi Mingfeng was stunned. He thought for a long time but couldn’t think of what kind of medicine it was.

Su Chen said, “Rain Master, you don’t need to think too much. This is a kind of medicine that I invented and hasn’t appeared in the public before.

“Is refining this kind of medicine expensive?”

“Not really. Including consumable items, the ingredients needed for a single vial is about five hundred low-grade Origin Stones.”

“Then the five hundred million......”

“I’m planning on refining a million vials,” Su Chen replied.

This number even made Shi Mingfeng tremble. “A million vials? You’re telling me that you’re going to refine a million vials of medicine all at once?”

“I don’t have enough time to take five years off. I will need some helpers that hopefully the organization will provide for me to help ease some of the burden.”

“You want to refine a million vials of medicine, then sell them all at once? Why not sell them as you make them?”

“That’s because there won’t be time. I did some calculations; as soon as this medicine is released, mimics will hit the markets in at most three months. The competition will be fierce and the price will go down, so we need to produce as much as we can before that. In addition, I don’t want anyone to know that I invented this medicine, so I need to make some advanced preparations.

Shi Mingfeng stared at Su Chen in shock. “What kind of medicine is it? Why does Prince Su value it so much?”

Su Chen shook his head. “It’s best if you don’t ask. I can leave you the refined medicines as a mortgage. You can be responsible for distributing them to the various medicinal pavilions, but I recommend you keep your identities a secret; otherwise, you’ll end up with more trouble than you can handle. As for what these medicines are used for, you will know soon enough. The price of the medicine is around 1500 Origin Stones, meaning we will earn around 1.5 billion low-grade Origin Stones. After the matter is done and finished, you take eight hundred million, and I take seven hundred million.”

This supposed “mortgage” to the organization was actually just using the Immortal Temple to help him distribute the medicine. Su Chen had just put it in a way that made it sound better.

“Absolutely not!” Shi Mingfeng refused resolutely. “Regarding the secret of the medicine, you must tell me clearly. If we think that it’s possible, we won’t care who holds onto it. Otherwise, the risk is too great, and I won’t know if your plan will succeed or not. In addition, we’re investing five hundred million Origin Stones into your plan but will only earn three hundred million out of it; this kind of distribution is not fair!”

This last sentence revealed Shi Mingfeng’s attitude - fif he was willing to negotiate, he was leaning towards trusting Su Chen.

This kind of trust was built on their numerous interactions over the past few years. He knew that Su Chen wouldn’t take big risks for no reason.

“The plan will definitely succeed,” Su Chen replied.

“Prove it to me!”

Su Chen knew that if he didn’t pull out something substantial, Shi Mingfeng definitely wouldn’t agree. As such, he said, “I can tell you the use of this medicine, but if that’s the case, I will have the final say in how the medicine is used, and it cannot be spread outside.”

“This...... I agree!” Shi Mingfeng nodded.

To the Immortal Temple, a logical plan was much more important than a bunch of medicine that they had no idea how to use.

Su Chen handed him a piece of paper.

After reading what was written on the paper, Shi Mingfeng seemed to have been struck by lightning. “This is......”

“Just as you have seen, this is the path to riches. You can choose to go through with this or not, but I believe that there are many others who would be more than willing to do business with me.”

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