Chapter 108: Appointment

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 108: Appointment

Shi Mingfeng agreed.

After Su Chen revealed his own trump card, Shi Mingfeng agreed, as expected.

Shi Mingfeng was a Bloodline Nobility Clan member, but the benefits his background gave him were much lower than the benefits his status gave him.

Shi Mingfeng was clear what kind of effect a technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline would create, but how could that compare with a few hundred million Origin Stones?

He didn’t care much about the future of the human race. His own future, however, he was already clear about - he was going to make a huge amount of money, which he could use to buy a lot of cultivation resources and increase his strength. Breaking into the Spirit Burning Realm was no longer just a far-off dream!

Soon after, Shi Mingfeng and Su Chen reached an agreement.

The Immortal Temple would supply the five hundred million low-grade Origin Stones to buy resources, as well as a few alchemists to help Su Chen refine the medicine. They would also be responsible for distributing the medicine to the major medicine pavilions for Su Chen. This was quite a complicated endeavor, and it required a certain amount of manpower to accomplish.

Because of this, both sides agreed to adjust the distribution of the profits to a sixty-forty distribution.

Su Chen would receive six hundred million, the Immortal Temple four hundred million.

This was a relatively normal split. Su Chen proposing giving the Immortal Temple three hundred million was just a common negotiation tactic. The Immortal Temple was going to have to pay quite a price.

Even so, to get Shi Mingfeng to agree to these conditions, Su Chen had also secretly agreed to give Shi Mingfeng thirty million Origin Stones.

As recompense, Su Chen’s debt with the Immortal Temple was completely taken care of.

In the future, the Immortal Temple could still ask Su Chen to refine medicine for them, but the price would be determined vial by vial.

Since everyone was happy with the negotiations, Shi Mingfeng returned to report to his bosses - actually, even he didn’t have the final say on this matter. All of this was just to express intent; the decision, however, had to be made by his bosses.

Thankfully, the Immortal Temple didn’t go crazy and reject the plan because “it might increase the strength of humans”. They allowed the plan to go through.

However, the Immortal Temple felt that the price on the Three Yangs Medicine was too low and requested that it be increased in price.

They reckoned that, when the technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm would just be hitting the market, they had all of the Three Yangs Medicine. As such, they could absolutely raise the price and make it higher.

A medicine that only cost five hundred Origin Stones could absolutely be sold for fifty thousand Origin Stones.

They didn’t need to worry about people not buying it. To the Origin Qi Scholars who could afford to consider trying to break into a higher cultivation realm, fifty thousand Origin Stones was nothing.

If it weren’t for the fact that the medicine’s composition and refinement process were both quite simple, they would have even pushed for the price to be five hundred thousand per vial.

However, Su Chen had refused this suggestion and insisted on a price of one thousand five hundred Origin Stones.

The Three Yangs Medicine was related to the strengthening of the entire human race. He could profit from this, but there should be a limit to the amount. If he raised the price of the medicine past normal profits, he would have lost his original intention and would have gone against Shi Kaihuang’s intentions.

He had not forgotten that both the technique for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm and the Yang Opening Realm were both invented by Shi Kaihuang. Shi Kaihuang’s handing of the technique over to him was a test in the first place.

He couldn’t disappoint Shi Kaihuang, and he didn’t want Cloud Bat’s reputation to be damaged because of this.

Money was just a number and was meant to be spent. As long as he had enough to use, that was enough.

Even so, the Immortal Temple didn’t give up and continued to try and convince Su Chen, causing him to grow impatient. In the end, he agreed to raise the price to three thousand Origin Stones per vial and refused to raise the price any further.

Su Chen’s refusal made the Immortal Temple feel extremely regretful. They complained that Su Chen only saw the small profits, and that billions of Origin Stones were slipping through their fingertips.

Even so, Su Chen controlled the way to manufacture the Three Yangs Medicine and the technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm. The Zhu Clan had demonstrated with their lives that preventing a secret from spreading was much more difficult than guarding a secret. They were forced to give up on their thoughts of forcing things and accepted Su Chen’s requests and pricing.

A plan to make an incredible amount of money was put into motion.

A constant supply of money began to stream from the Immortal Temple into Su Chen’s hands. After buying a massive quantity of ingredients, Su Chen began to refine medicines along with the alchemists with him.

Because Su Chen controlled a portion of the resources in West River Forest, Su Chen could also profit from them quite a bit. However, they had overlooked it because of the immense amounts of profit they were about to haul in.

While refining, Su Chen didn’t forget to continue his own research. He was now keeping track of his expenses when doing research - he listed all of his research expenses as production costs. This was a privilege that belonged to the person who controlled the resources and production method.

Su Chen began to diligently cultivate, do research, and refine medicine. He basically had no time to do anything else. For this reason, the fame that he had built up in Clear River City during that period of time had begun to .

No one knew that a hidden storm was brewing and gathering energy, waiting for the right moment to explode forth and turn the whole world upside down.


Today, Su Chen was performing his experiments when Mingshu knocked on his door.

“Young Master, I have an invitation from the Peaceful Flourishing Hall.”

“Didn’t I tell you to refuse any non-important invitations?” Su Chen replied.

At this point, he was someone who could be considered famous in Clear River City. He could cause the city to tremble with just a stomp of his foot. Even though he hadn’t done so in the past few days, his prestige wouldn’t disappear that quickly.

“This one might not be so easy to refuse,” Mingshu replied.

“Oh?” Su Chen was quite interested. He opened the door and let Mingshu in. “What’s the situation?”

Mingshu said, “Hasn’t Young Master been looking for Seedless Black Lotus? West River Forest doesn’t produce it, so we must obtain it from the west. The Peaceful Flourishing Hall has the best trade routes with the west.”

“So let the Peaceful Flourishing Hall buy it for me. Why do I need to personally appear?”

“A natural disaster wreaked havoc a few years ago in the west, greatly decreasing the production of the Seedless Black Lotus and causing its price to skyrocket. There’s still a bunch of people who are trying desperately to obtain some. The Boss Zhou of the Peaceful Flourishing Hall treats it as a rare commodity and isn’t willing to sell it easily. However, Boss Zhou has always wanted to make your acquaintance. When I went looking for him to buy some of the Seedless Black Lotus, Boss Zhou proposed a meeting with you, and he even sent out a special invitation today. If you don’t appear in person, they might not sell these ingredients to us.”

Su Chen frowned when he heard this.

The Seedless Black Lotus was quite a rare ingredient that could activate a person’s bloodline power.

Su Chen’s research of the Primordial Blood Medicine had advanced another step, and he needed a large amount of Seedless Black Lotus. He didn’t want to interrupt his progress at this point.

When he thought of this, Su Chen said, “If that’s the case, then let’s make a trip. Where’s the meeting going to be held?”

“Tomorrow at noon at the Soaring Pavilion,” Mingshu replied.

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