Chapter 109: Making Trouble

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 109: Making Trouble

The Soaring Pavilion was in the south of Clear River City. It was an old establishment that had been there for over seventy years and was owned by a small clan in Clear River City.

This tavern specialized in exotic fare and tended to be on the lighter side to preserve the original taste of the food. Su Chen was from the Three Mountains Region, and his tastes were quite similar, so he quite enjoyed eating in this place. For the other party to invite him here was quite a considerate move.

The scenery around the Soaring Pavilion was quite beautiful. One could see Clear River City in all its splendor from the top floor to the north, while to the south was the Southern Mountains.

At noon, Su Chen arrived at the Soaring Pavilion.

Upon arriving, a servant brought him to a side room. It wasn’t until he entered the room that he discovered the Peaceful Flourishing Hall’s Boss Zhou hadn’t yet arrived; he had only sent a small footboy to wait on him.

The footboy was a plain-spoken person. Upon seeing Su Chen, he only said, “Bureau Head Su, please wait a few moments. My boss will be here shortly.”

Su Chen frowned slightly. With his current status, others would usually wait for him. Why would he have to wait for someone else? It wasn’t that he was putting on airs; this was just the most basic courtesy to be shown during this time period. The other party had invited him, but they were the ones who were arriving late. This truly made him speechless.

Su Chen didn’t nitpick. He walked into the room and asked, “What dishes has Boss Zhou ordered?”

The last time he had come to the Soaring Pavilion was half a year ago. He had eaten a Golden-Skinned Duck at the time and felt that the taste was quite good, and he was considering ordering it again.

The servant in the room said, “No food has been ordered yet.”

“They haven’t ordered yet?” Su Chen balked.

Even though these were all just small details, they gave off the impression that the other party didn’t view him as important.

If they didn’t view him as important, why would they invite him here?

Su Chen’s heart suddenly jerked. He allowed his consciousness to spread in all directions.

His consciousness had been further strengthened from before. As it spread, nothing that was happening within the Soaring Pavilion could escape his notice. He discovered, however, that there wasn’t a single person in the entire pavilion.

Not good!

Su Chen recognized that the situation was dire and hurriedly pushed open a window.

He had just opened a window when he saw a streak of light shooting quickly in his direction.

Dammit, they really moved fast!

Su Chen ducked and avoided the strike.

With a massive explosion, the door and table behind him had been blown to bits.

Borrowing the force of the explosion, Su Chen shot through the roof and into the air. Before he even landed, however,

Light Shaking Realm!

Dammit, he knew this was going to happen.

Su Chen realized without a doubt that this was a plot the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans had devised to deal with him.

They had purposefully used the Peaceful Flourishing Pavilion’s reputation to lure him out, then sent a Light Shaking Realm expert to personally come and kill him.

They had specifically chosen the Soaring Pavilion, which was outside the city, because attacking here wouldn’t affect the innocent and would have much less serious consequences. The field of view was extremely open and it was hard to hide, and An Siyuan had left the city on government business.

The time and place had all been carefully selected to ensure that they could kill Su Chen.

Even though the Blood-Robed Guards were just downstairs, if a Light Shaking Realm cultivator were to attack without reservation, the Blood-Robed Guards were totally useless.

This was an assassination that was absolutely premeditated.

Even though Su Chen hadn’t made any particularly brazen moves these past few years, his very existence was a threat to the Bloodline Nobility Clans. It was because of him that the Bloodline Nobility Clans were forced into being so passive.

The Bloodline Nobility Clans had been waiting for this day for a long time. When they didn’t move, everything seemed quiet, but as soon as they did things would explode with lightning intensity.

“Su Chen, die!”

With a loud howl, a palm strike split the clouds, the wind howling around it as it pressed down on Su Chen and enveloped the entire Soaring Pavilion, including Su Chen and the bodyguards that had accompanied him.

What a frightening attack!

When faced with such power, Su Chen couldn’t muster any battle intent.

Just as the massive palm was about to blot out the entire sky, a trace of light glimmered across Su Chen’s eyes as he stared at the Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

This glance caused the Light Shaking Realm cultivator to freeze for just a brief moment. The hand that was about to obliterate the Soaring Pavilion froze for just a moment.

“Leave, now!” Su Chen yelled. This was all he could do for his underlings.

As he yelled this, his figure disappeared into thin air.

Darkness Concealment, Whitetower Teleportation.

This was the combo Su Chen had prepared to escape from a Light Shaking Realm cultivator’s attacks. His preparations against even remote possibilities had finally come into play.

After absorbing Silence’s illusion powers, Su Chen’s Fata Morgana became much more powerful. Even if a Light Shaking Realm cultivator were to be hit by it, they wouldn’t be able to escape from it for a brief period of time. If he were alone, perhaps this ambush would have been stopped in its tracks already, and Su Chen could safely retreat.

However, this obviously wasn’t possible.

A flare-like arrow shot into the sky from the ground, slamming into the frozen Light-Shaking Realm cultivator.

This flare-like arrow was used to notify the others that the ambush had failed and to activate the backup plans. Now, it had another use, which was to awaken the Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

The flare-like arrow bounced off the Light Shaking Realm cultivator, glowing brilliantly. This relatively small perturbance was already enough to wake the Light Shaking Realm cultivator from his sleep.

The Light Shaking Realm cultivator shuddered a moment, then realized that he had been under the influence of an illusion technique. He was both ashamed and infuriated: “Bastard!”

He searched for Su Chen but found that the air above the Soaring Pavilion was totally empty. His figure couldn’t be seen anywhere.

“Trying to run? You won’t get anywhere!” the Light Shaking Realm cultivator yelled. He knew that it was impossible for Su Chen to be in the Soaring Pavilion, but he needed to dispel the rage in his heart. His palm slammed downwards, obliterating the Soaring Pavilion.

Immediately after this palm strike landed, the Light Shaking Realm cultivator immediately aimed another palm at his nearby surroundings.

He knew that he hadn’t been deceived for long, and Su Chen couldn’t possibly have escaped far. As such, with the Soaring Pavilion as the center, he began to unleash consecutive palm strikes, ignoring the actual situation completely. The city outskirts were subjected to bombardment, and a few Blood-Robed Guards who weren’t able to escape in time were flattened. But since he had made up his mind to attack, how could he care about the Blood-Robed Guards’ identity any longer?

The consecutive palm strikes rained down but didn’t force Su Chen out. The Light Shaking Realm cultivator then gestured, sending a wave of flames surging towards the city gate.

If Su Chen had returned to the city during this period of time, he would have been burned to a crisp.

Regardless, the Light Shaking Realm cultivator couldn’t see anything.

Su Chen seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth.

The Light Shaking Realm cultivator’s expression immediately sunk.

With his cultivation base and identity, a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator that he had personally attempted to kill had actually escaped from him. He felt embarrassment wash over him.

The Light Shaking Realm scanned his surroundings from the high ground and said loudly, “He didn’t go inside the city. He must have run into the mountains! Find him at any cost! Whoever kills Su Chen will be awarded a hundred thousand Origin Stones!”

The mountain was densely forested, and the crowns of the trees obstructed his sight and made it hard for him to spot any traces even though he was floating in the air. Chasing after him personally was no longer as attractive as simply getting his underlings to do it for him.

When they heard the Light Shaking Realm cultivator’s words, large numbers of guards swarmed forward, charging into the mountains.

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