Chapter 113: Sea of Poison

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 113: Sea of Poison

As soon as the howl sounded out, inky-green poisonous water began to spurt out from the ground underneath their feet .

No, this wasn’t water; this was the Two-Faced Stone Toad’s poison springs.

More specifically, they had been walking amongst the Two-Faced Stone Toad’s poison springs from the very beginning.

These holes were the warts on the Stone Toad’s back, but because the Stone Toad had consumed so much earth essence, a thick layer of stone had formed on the outside of the warts. The stone was so thick that it made it seem like they were inside a cave. When they stepped into this place, they had entered a toxic point on their own.

Even though the Two-Faced Stone Toad was generally calm, that didn’t mean that it was a pushover. It instinctively attacked the group of people who had crawled onto its back and had attacked it, breaking its defensive shell.

Large quantities of poison began to pour out.

“Quick, let’s get out of here!”

Everyone yelled loudly as they tried to retreat.

However, poisonous liquid was rapidly beginning to fill the “cave”; how could they have time to run?

Those who reacted quickly were able to erect barriers and temporarily stop the poison from acting on them.

The martial artists, who had no Origin Skills, were doomed. The poisonous liquid continued to rise and washed over them like a wave, wiping them out in the blink of an eye.

Some who were totally unprepared to deal with it even swallowed a few mouthfuls, causing their organs to rot from their esophagus to their intestines. “Save me......” one of them cried, but no one paid him any attention. They were already having trouble saving themselves. Thankfully, he didn’t need to suffer for long; the inky-green liquid washed over him, causing his entire body to melt into slag. Only a few bones were left behind.

The Stone Toad’s poison wasn’t the fiercest. The fiercest poisons could reduce a person to ashes upon even just a brief moment of contact. However, these people were totally submerged in poison. This was much more than just a brief moment of contact. The Two-Faced Stone Toad’s poison immediately become much scarier.

The next to fall were the Qi Drawing Realm Origin Qi Scholars.

Even though they had barriers, the eroding strength of the poison washed against their barriers and wore them away.

Very quickly, the low-tier barriers were no longer able to be sustained, and the result was that they were also washed away by the poison.

Next were the Blood Boiling Realm cultivators.

The frightening poisonous liquid posed a similar threat to them. Even though they focused all of their Origin Energy in sustaining the barriers, the barriers couldn’t be sustained indefinitely with Origin Energy. They had their limits and would disappear if those limits were exceeded. Under this wave of poison, most of their barriers weren’t going to last. All they could do was add a new barrier as soon as their old barrier shattered. Even if some poisonous liquid came into contact with their skin, the relative weakness of the poison would only cause external rotting, and they would still have a hope of holding on and escaping.

To most people, however, there was no way they were going to be able to do that.

One of the Blood Boiling Realm cultivator’s barriers shattered twice. Even though he hurriedly applied a third barrier, the large amounts of poison still seeped into his bodies. His skin had decayed, and even his chest had been affected. That was the center of his Origin Energy distribution; now that it was injured, his ability to direct the Origin Energy in his body drastically decreased. He wasn’t able to sustain the barrier. This time, he was unable to run away, because both of his legs had also rotted away. Because the liquid rose steadily, his legs were the first to go.

Another Blood Boiling Realm cultivator was relatively lucky. He furiously sprinted forward and finally reached the entrance just as his third barrier was about to shatter. His energy had been exhausted, and his footsteps slowed for just a brief moment when he heard a loud voice booming from behind him: “Get out of the way!”


A massive wave of energy slammed into him from behind, knocking him aside. Simultaneously, his barrier, which was already on the verge of shattering, finally gave in.

The Origin Qi Scholar stared in shock at the person who ran by him: “Sir Chi Lianwei......”

Chi Lianwei didn’t even pay him any attention as he charged out of the cave.

He was finally out!

Chi Lianwei sighed a long sigh of relief.

In comparison to those weaker Origin Qi Scholars, Chi Lianwei’s Yang Opening Realm cultivation base helped him much more. He had escaped with minimal injuries. Even though parts of his body had begun to decay, they weren’t wounds that couldn’t heal. Once he healed his wounds, he would then......

He hadn’t finished that train of thought when a gust of wind suddenly blew past him. A powerful blow was rushing in his direction.

Chi Lianwei was caught off guard and raised his fists to block. It wasn’t until the blow slammed into him that he felt that something was off. This blow wasn’t filled with explosive power...... it was pushing power!

“NO!” Chi Lianwei howled as he realized something.

The pushing force shoved him right back in through the hole that he had just escaped from, causing him to slam into the other Yang Opening Realm cultivator who was also thrown back. The poisonous liquid surged forward, washing over them and submerging them beneath the surface of the liquid.

Immediately after, the inky-green poisonous liquid began to jet out of the Two-Faced Stone Toad’s back.

The Stone Toad finally raised its head and shook off the trees covering its head. It croaked a few times, then lowered its head and went back to sleep.

Chi Lianwei flew through the air.

His entire body had virtually rotted away. Only bone remained on one of his arms, and one of his eyeballs had fallen out. His skull was half exposed, making him look like someone who had been half-digested and then spit out again.

Even so, Chi Lianwei hadn’t died yet. His powerful Yang Opening Realm lifeforce was supporting him. He stood with strenuous effort and wanted to leave, but he saw a blurry shadow charging towards him.

He shook his head to try and see more clearly, but he accidentally shook his other eye out.

He was totally blind.

Chi Lianwei instinctively raised his hands, but what greeted him was a merciless Firehawk onslaught, knocking him over to the ground.

“Su...... Chen......” he spat out arduously, “the Wang Clan....... will avenge...... me.”

“Your name is Chi Lianwei, right? I’ve met you before. You’re completely wrong. The Wang Clan won’t avenge you at all,” Su Chen said as he stomped Chi Lianwei’s head into pieces, then turned around to face the other person.

The other Yang Opening Realm cultivator was much better off than Chi Lianwei. After being knocked back into the sea of poison by Chi Lianwei, his barrier was still intact, but he had still suffered from corrosion, and his wounds weren’t light. Apart from him, no one else here was still alive.

Most importantly, he wasn’t Su Chen’s opponent even when he was still totally healthy. How could he do anything now?

A wave of despair washed over him as he stared at Su Chen.

He fell to his knees. “Have mercy on me!”

Su Chen shook his head. “I’m sorry. This isn’t a personal grudge.”

He raised his hand, and the Shadow Flame Giant reappeared.

The Yang Opening Realm cultivator howled with despair.

This howl shook the entire forest, penetrating the hearts of all those who heard it and sending a chill down their spines.

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