Chapter 114: True Strength (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 114: True Strength (1)

Sitting inside a large tent, Wang Peiyuan stared at the report from his subordinates, his expression as still as a body of water.

“Two hours...... I gave you all two hours, but not only were you not able to catch Su Chen, your battle achievements were quite glorious, weren’t they? Chi Lianwei died, Qiu Shanbei died, Hou Zhonglie died, and He Houshan also died...... Four Yang Opening Realm experts, twelve Blood Boiling Realm experts, nineteen Qi Drawing Realm experts and dozens of Origin Qi Scholars gone, just like that! You really are quite willing to die, aren’t you?”

Wang Peiyuan’s voice wasn’t loud, but the flames of anger that he couldn’t suppress sent chills down the spines of everyone present.

“Blame our incompetence, but that Su Chen is too slippery. That guy uses all kinds of different environments to set up traps - the Vampiric Demon Tree and Two-Faced Stone Toad were all turned into his traps. Just before, he even set up a trap near the Demon Wailing Cliff and caused the cliffs to fly. His tactics are impossible to defend against, and that’s how Qiu Shanbei...... was lost.”

Wang Peiyuan said with anger, “You truly are incompetent. I sent you to look for Su Chen, then notify those behind you and delay for time. But what happened? You found him three times, but all three times you were unable to hold on until I got there. All I am greeted by is a pile of their corpses!”

Wang Peiyuan was so angry that he was about to explode.

They had found Su Chen three times, but in the end Wang Zhanyu had made three trips without any results. The pile of corpses on the ground and their frightened expressions were a big embarrassment to a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

A Light Shaking Realm cultivator had been made a fool of three times. Upon returning empty-handed for the third time, Wang Zhanyu gave Wang Peiyuan a big slap.

One of the subordinates knelt on the ground, trembling. “It’s all because of my incompetence. However, we’ve surrounded him now, with the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans each guarding a different direction. We’re tightening the noose. Su Chen won’t have anywhere to run!”

“Show me the results!” Wang Peiyuan yelled, his voice hoarse.


Atop the Southern Mountains, a large number of Bloodline Nobility Clan forces were slowly inching upwards.

Because the tip of the mountain was much more narrow than the base, the higher they reached, the tighter the encirclement became. This way, the denseness of the encirclement would gradually increase.

Simply put, the higher up they went, the more people would be around to help them, and Su Chen’s chances of escaping would go down.

Once everyone gathered at the top of the mountain, Su Chen wouldn’t have any chance of escaping. Even if Wang Zhanyu didn’t attack himself at that point in time, Su Chen would be dead for sure.

It was this realization that helped people maintain their confidence that they would be successful eventually even though they had already suffered tremendous losses.

On the slope of the Southern Mountains, a group of people was currently advancing.

The person in the lead was a pale-faced youth called Lai Yunfeng. He was Lai Wuyi’s nephew, and Li Yue’s direct superior.

Su Chen’s massacre at the docks and murder of Li Yue had affected Lai Yunfeng the most.

He had wanted to kill Su Chen more than once, and now he finally had an opportunity.

Lai Yunfeng stood at the foot of an incline and glanced around, then said, “The encirclement is now complete. This bastard definitely won’t be able to run. May the heavens bless me and make it so that Su Chen is where I am so that I can kill him myself.”

“A hundred thousand Origin Stones!”

In comparison to his desire for revenge, his underlings were much more focused on the massive reward.

The heavens really did bless them.

A person suddenly appeared on a nearby slope. He was standing right below a tree and smiling at them.

“Su Chen!” One of the sharper-eyed individuals saw him and began to yell.

“Fire the signal arrow!” Lai Yunfeng yelled loudly.

Even though he desperately thirsted to kill Su Chen personally, Lai Yunfeng wasn’t actually impulsive. He had learned from the groups of people who had been killed earlier, so the first thing he did was to fire off the signal arrow, letting everyone know that Su Chen was here.

The encirclement line was already halfway up the mountain. Because they were much closer together now, calling out to one another was also much easier.

As soon as the signal arrow was launched, the teams to the left and right of him would run over. They would be there before long.

Su Chen, however, didn’t seem to care in the slightest. He continued to laugh coldly at Lai Yunfeng.

“This place is open and shouldn’t have any traps. Everyone, attack together!” Lai Yunfeng yelled.

He said that, but he himself remained motionless. Instead, he allowed the Origin Qi Scholars behind him to charge forward.

Su Chen gestured. A large kettle of Firehawks took to the skies and slammed into those Origin Qi Scholars,

Even though those Origin Qi Scholars were beaten into sorry states, Lai Yunfeng felt his heart stabilize when he saw this.

There were no traps!

That was good.

Lai Yunfeng laughed.

He shook his head. “Do you really think you’re invincible just because you’ve finished off a few pieces of trash, Su Chen? You aren’t going to be able to get an advantage off of me.”

“You talk too much nonsense.” Su Chen gestured, and another kettle of Firehawks flew forward.

When faced with the flock of Firehawks, Lai Yunfeng seemed unperturbed. A shadowy energy began to spread rapidly.

When the Firehawks reached Lai Yunfeng’s body, they automatically disappeared on their own.

Lai Yunfeng strode forward arrogantly. “This technique alone won’t be enough. Let me see your Shadow Flame Giant so I can see how much skill you have.”

“If you want to see, I’ll let you see.”

“ROARR!” With a loud howl, the Shadow Flame Giant appeared again.

Lai Yunfeng jabbed his finger out. A white streak of energy appeared, turning into a long, white snake that pounced at the Shadow Flame Giant. It had no fear of the Shadow Flame Giant’s power and

“See? Su Chen, I am not those useless mixed-blood individuals!” Lai Fengyun yelled loudly.

He gestured, and a White Phosphorus Arrow shot at Su Chen.

As a direct heir of the Lai Clan, Lai Yunfeng couldn’t be compared to a mixed-bloodline person like Li Yue. His bloodline had been awakened to the second degree, making him much more powerful than Li Yue.

Even though Su Chen had defeated a few Yang Opening Realm cultivators these past few years, they all had mixed bloodlines and were the lowest of the low amongst all the Yang Opening Realm cultivators.

Because of this, Lai Yunfeng had more than enough reasons not to fear his opponent.

Su Chen’s Shadow Flame Giant was completely wrapped up by its battle with the White Phosphorus Snake, while Lai Yunfeng gestured repeatedly, launching White Phosphorus Arrow after White Phosphorus Arrow. Just as Su Chen was about to dodge, a shadowy energy suddenly appeared and wrapped around Su Chen, causing him to freeze in place.

Lai Yunfeng laughed loudly. “Try on my Hidden Murder Rope for size! Start harvesting for me!”

His White Phosphorus Arrows were just camouflage; the true killing blow was this Hidden Murder Rope. This Hidden Murder Rope was wrapped around Su Chen’s entire body, the shadowy energy constantly sucking the energy out of Su Chen’s body. Lai Yunfeng could almost see Su Chen dying to his hands already.

Su Chen nodded. “This is worthy of being a heir’s bloodline, and you are indeed much more powerful than Li Yue. However...... I never said that I could only take on people with mixed bloodlines before.”


Lai Yunfeng was stunned as he watched a frighteningly powerful aura suddenly surge forth from Su Chen’s body.

As this aura exploded forth, Lai Yunfeng’s Hidden Murder Rope began to slowly disintegrate, and even the White Phosphorus Snake’s Bloodline Image seemed to sense the threat as it retreated instinctively.

“Yang Opening! You’re actually in the Yang Opening Realm!?” Lai Yunfeng yelled with shock, finally perceiving the crux of the issue.

This bastard was already a Yang Opening Realm cultivator! Had he been hiding his cultivation base and his strength this whole time?

“I’m not just a Yang Opening Realm cultivator!” Su Chen replied.

He took a step forward and suddenly appeared right in front of Lai Yunfeng, grabbing him solidly by the throat.

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