Chapter 115: True Strength (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 115: True Strength (2)

He casually picked Lai Yunfeng up like he was grasping a chicken by the neck.

Su Chen glanced down at Lai Yunfeng, who he had put in a subservient position, mockery written all over his face. “Is this all of your strength?”

“How can this be possible?” Lai Yunfeng yelled with shock. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t even withstand a single grasp from Su Chen.

Regardless, Su Chen’s grasps were simply too quick. Lai Yunfeng didn’t even have time to react before he was caught.

“NO!” he howled frantically, activating the Origin Energy in his body to its greatest extent. The Origin Energy in his body exploded, and the image of the White Phosphorus Snake appeared behind him, pouncing at Su Chen as if it had physical substance.

The more times a person had awakened their bloodline, the more real the bloodline image would appear, as would the power that it possessed.

Even so, Su Chen was totally dismissive.

He glanced briefly at the oncoming White Phosphorus Snake illusory image and shook his head. “It’s not fitting for a legless bug to act so ferociously.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and squeezed the White Phosphorus Snake. With but this single squeeze of his, the White Phosphorus Snake image was shattered. Lai Yunfeng had just begun to gather his energy, but this single squeeze had completely dispersed it. His energy levels instantly went from their peak all the way to the lowest valley.

Lai Yunfeng almost died of shock. He couldn’t believe something like this could happen and yelled, “How is this possible? Even if you’re in the Yang Opening Realm, this wouldn’t be possible for you to do!”

Su Chen shook his head casually. “What’s impossible about it? This is the true power of our human bloodline!”

As he spoke, a wave of energy suddenly surged forth from his body.

As Lai Yunfeng watched Su Chen, he felt like he was gazing up at a person of majestic, imposing, unquestionable authority.

A large illusory image appeared behind Su Chen. However, it wasn’t that of any particular beast; it was the image of another human.

A human bloodline!

“This is......” Lai Yunfeng stammered.

“My Bloodline Afterimage, but I prefer to call it my Primordial Blood Incarnation,” Su Chen said.

This was when Lai Yunfeng discovered that the person holding him by the throat was actually this Primordial Blood Incarnation.

This massive, unsympathetic shadow stood behind Su Chen, one of its massive hands enveloping Su Chen’s arm, which was wrapped around Lai Yunfeng’s throat.

Su Chen relaxed his grip. The incarnation’s hand, however, remained firmly wrapped around Lai Yunfeng’s throat as it slowly raised him into the air.

It dangled him just like that in midair.

Su Chen said, “Goodbye.”

“NO!” Lai Yunfeng howled.


The massive hand suddenly tightened. Lai Yunfeng had been flattened like a pancake.

The Primordial Blood Incarnation disappeared.

Yes, this was the increase in power that Su Chen had obtained from using the Primordial Blood Medicine.

As a mimic of a bloodline, Su Chen had created this Bloodline Afterimage using a human as the base. Su Chen called the process by which he had obtained this Bloodline Afterimage “Primordial Blood Awakening” - that is, awakening the latent power hidden within a human’s blood.

Unlike the people who used the bloodlines of different beasts to obtain a myriad of unique skills, Su Chen’s Primordial Blood Awakening didn’t confer any strange skills to him. At the preliminary stage, it only increased his speed and strength by a bit, but the possibilities were limitless due to its incredible malleability.

The Primordial Blood Incarnation was an incredibly pure existence; it was like a blank piece of paper.

In the past five years or so, Su Chen had only given his Primordial Blood Incarnation a single ability: a massive increase in power.

If it were possible, Su Chen would have turned the Primordial Blood Incarnation into a platform that he could use to absorb all kinds of different techniques and skills.

However, Su Chen hadn’t done so because it would overlap with the effect of the Hemolytic Totem. The Hemolytic Totem was such a platform, upon which many different Origin Skills could be added. Since that was the case, he didn’t need to take the Primordial Blood Incarnation down that path. Origin Skills could be loaded onto the Hemolytic Totem, while the Primordial Blood Incarnation could be turned into the motor for the Hemolytic Totem.

Improving the Primordial Blood Incarnation was simple and direct. Its job was to constantly store Origin Energy, increasing his strength and making him stronger, bigger, and faster.

These past five years of tempering had only produced a single Primordial Blood Incarnation, but it already possessed an unbelievable amount of power. This pure power could even withstand a single palm strike from Wang Zhanyu. However, Wang Zhanyu could unleash multiple within the span of a few seconds, and the Primordial Blood Incarnation couldn’t possible withstand multiple in a row. As such, Su Chen could only run.

But just because he had to run from a Light Shaking Realm didn’t mean that he needed to run from anyone else. Su Chen’s showing of weakness to the enemy was actually his searching for a better opportunity.

Lai Yunfeng had been killed in the blink of an eye. However, two more teams charged over to the side to support almost immediately.

Upon seeing Su Chen, both teams yelled in celebration, “Su Chen is over here!”

They charged at Su Chen together.

“Courting death!” Su Chen laughed coldly. His figure suddenly blurred as he moved with startling speed.

The Primordial Blood Incarnation increased Su Chen’s base physique, making him not only stronger but also faster.

He shot past the left flank of one of the teams in a cloud of smoke, reaching out his hand and grabbing one of them as he flew past. At the same time, dark flames burst forth from his hand.

Shadow Flame Claw!

This was the third ability Su Chen had obtained after upgrading his Shadow Flame Glove and was an improvement of the Shadow Flame Giant. The destructive force it could unleash was weaker, but the power behind a single blow was greater, and it was also much more conservative of Shadow Energy.

This claw strike set the Yang Opening Realm cultivator on fire. The barrier the cultivator had erected melted like ice when it encountered Su Chen’s Shadow Flame Claw and couldn’t even resist for half a second.

The other people were stunned when they saw this and cried out in astonishment.

Su Chen chuckled, his figure darting through the air in rapid succession as he activated the Snaking Mist Steps to their limit. If people from the Longxi Gu Clan were to see this, their souls might leave their bodies out of shock, because Su Chen’s mastery of the Snaking Mist Steps had far outstripped what a person without a bloodline should be capable of. Even people who had a twice-awakened bloodline might not be able to keep up with him.”

He could take steps in midair and change directions rapidly like an agile bird of prey. Su Chen put on a beautiful performance of his prowess. He was like a petrel nimbly traversing the stormy seas, evading the attacks that the Origin Qi Scholars hurled in his direction. His hand continued to claw at the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s barrier.

An instant later, an audible “crack” could be heard as the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s barrier shattered.

Su Chen’s fingers clawed through the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s body like it was tofu. The flames on his finger continued to burn, searing the opponent’s internal organs.

“AH!” the Origin Qi Scholar howled in pain. Because the attacks had been so furious, he hadn’t even had time to activate his bloodline before he was cooked alive by Su Chen. Soon, he was turned to a pile of ashes that dissipated in the wind.

Su Chen’s figure didn’t stop. He continued to dart through the group of people. When he darted past the last person, all of them simultaneously burst into flames and were turned into ash in a few minutes.

Another team was wiped out.

This massacre had been conducted in the presence of another team. Su Chen’s agility, decisiveness, and savageness had completely stunned this other pursuing team.

“Monster! Monster!” some people couldn’t help but yell.

Still others shook their heads and turned around to book it out of there.

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