Chapter 116: True Strength (3)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 116: True Strength (3)

“My apologies!” Su Chen said as he watched the people running away. He leapt forward in pursuit. A large number of Erupting Firehawks surged forward, but this time the Firehawks seemed to glow with a faint dark luster.

They had also been infused with Shadow Energy.

Even though Su Chen had some compassion for them, he knew that he couldn’t be soft. If he let these people get away, they would definitely come back to trouble him if any reinforcements were to come.

There were simply too many enemies. Even if Su Chen was stronger, he wouldn’t allow himself to get caught in the endless onslaught of enemies. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to conceal his strength like this all the way until now.

As soon as he unleashed his true strength, he would need to resolve the situation quickly. Otherwise, if his enemies were to find out, he wouldn’t have any more trump cards left up his sleeve to deal with the situation.

The Shadow Firehawks flew forth, divebombing the people running away. The people who were at the very front were all slaughtered

At the same time, Su Chen sprinted forward, the Primordial Blood Incarnation appearing behind him. The massive hand slammed down at the other Yang Opening Realm cultivator.

“What is that?”

The Yang Opening Realm cultivator hadn’t seen Su Chen kill Lai Yunfeng, so he was completely shocked when he saw the illusory image of a human appear.

He had seen all kinds of strange beast afterimages, but he hadn’t seen any human afterimages before and couldn’t wrap his head around it no matter how hard he tried.

Su Chen didn’t reply. The Primordial Blood Incarnation behind him slammed its massive hand downward.

The other Yang Opening Realm cultivator was also obviously a descendant of a Bloodline Nobility Clan, and his bloodline was the Blood-Sucking Bear. Even though the Blood-Sucking Bear was only a high-tier Vicious Beast, its close-quarters combat ability was incredibly strong. As such, the Yang Opening Realm cultivator wasn’t afraid. Even as he felt shock, the Blood-Sucking Bear illusory image appeared behind him. The image was even bigger than Su Chen’s Primordial Blood Incarnation, and it howled as it swiped its massive paw through the air.

The two of them collided, causing a blast of energy to explode from the point of impact.

Even Su Chen was stunned. He obviously hadn’t expected to meet an expert like this.

His opponent stared at Su Chen delightedly as he yelled recklessly, “You do have some skill. No wonder Lai Yunfeng died at your hands. However, I, Xiong......”

Su Chen’s Primordial Blood Incarnation didn’t wait for him to finish and slammed its hand down at the Blood-Sucking Bear with unexpected speed. At the same time, shadowy flames engulfed the Incarnation’s hand and causing the shadowy flames to spread and cover the bear’s entire body. The bear only had time to rear back and howl before it shattered an instant later.

“Despicable!” The Yang Opening Realm was shocked and infuriated by Su Chen’s actions.

“I don’t have time to listen to you tell me your name,” Su Chen replied indifferently as he swung his hands again. Massive quantities of shadowy flames surged towards the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s chest, the inextinguishable flames continuing to burn until he had turned into a pile of ash.

Su Chen had wiped out three teams with relative ease, like he was breaking off dead branches from a tree. These included three Yang Opening Realm cultivators, six Blood Boiling Realm cultivators, and twelve Qi Drawing Realm cultivators. The quick and merciless manner in which he acted would leave any bystander speechless.

However, Su Chen had also sued quite a bit of Origin Energy. He casually pulled out a mid-tier Origin Stone and began to absorb the energy within the stone as he sprinted down the mountain.

The encirclement was already up the mountain, meaning that the lower regions of the mountain were empty. If he could escape from the encirclement, he would be free.

However, the reality of the situation wasn’t that simple. The Bloodline Nobility Clans were aware of what would happen if they allowed Su Chen to break through the encirclement, so there were actually three layers of encirclement, not one.

Su Chen hadn’t run far when he saw a team of people charging in his direction.

No, it was more accurate to say that it was five teams.

Once the signal arrow was released, everyone would be mobilized and would begin to gather. While Su Chen had been wiping out the three teams in the first layer, the five teams composing the second layer were already beginning to gather to finish him off.

When they saw Su Chen, they were all delighted and charged toward Su Chen.

They didn’t know about Su Chen’s previous performance, and they wouldn’t be scared even if they did. In their eyes, they were going to win for sure with nearly a hundred people surrounding Su Chen; the only thing to worry about was out of all of these people, who was going to claim his scalp and earn the reward for themselves.

Numbers were always important, unless the gap in strength was too great. Otherwise, enough Qi Drawing Realm cultivators could even push a Light Shaking Realm cultivator to the edge.

Upon seeing so many people running in his direction, Su Chen cast a glance at one of the teams running at the very front.

The team of people charging in his direction suddenly froze in place.

Fata Morgana!

After absorbing the Illusion Realm, Su Chen’s Fata Morgana had been drastically revamped. It could now be used against multiple targets, but it could only be used against one powerful individual and a bunch of weaker ones at the same time. As such, Su Chen had targeted one of the teams in particular. Simultaneously, the Primordial Blood Incarnation reappeared; this time, however, its entire body was covered in flames. This was the result of combining the Shadow Flame Giant and the Primordial Blood Incarnation, as well as combining the Primordial Blood and Hemolytic Totem paths.

Primordial Blood Incarnation!

The Su Chen at this moment was the Su Chen with all his trump cards being forced out, and the Su Chen at his most powerful state.


The Primordial Blood Incarnation covered in blazing flames was not blurry like before. It was clear and distinct, and it howled, releasing its barbaric nature.

Su Chen’s speed abruptly increased. With the power of the Primordial Blood Incarnation and the Snaking Mist Steps supporting each other, his speed had reached the limit of what could be seen by the naked eye.

He charged forward just like that, slamming right into a Yang Opening Cultivator’s chest as the massive Shadow Flame Primordial Blood Incarnation swung its massive hand through the air.

Armor Piercing Awl!

The Shadow Flame Primordial Blood Incarnation’s oppressive Armor Piercing Awl blew away all of the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s defenses and lodged itself deep in his chest. The powerful blow sent the Yang Opening Realm cultivator flying, the shadowy flames burning away all of his remaining strength. He wasn’t even given a chance to launch a blow before dying.

Killing his opponent with a single blow!

This scene overwhelmed the other three people with shock.

Su Chen’s figure flashed again as he rocketed forward. As he charged, the Shadow Flame Primordial Blood Incarnation stretched out its massive arms, wantonly shooting off the flames on its body. Su Chen didn’t even want to focus any attention on dealing with the opponents who were weaker than the Blood Boiling Realm, instead relying on a single area-of-effect attack to finish the job.

Even the more powerful Yang Opening Realm cultivators were stunned when they saw this, and they began to retreat in the face of Su Chen’s furious onslaught.

Someone yelled, “Form a spearhead and don’t fight him head on! He won’t be able to maintain this kind of condition for long!”

This person was absolutely correct. Su Chen’s all-out style of battling expended a ton of Origin Energy and Shadow Substance. He really wouldn’t be able to maintain it for long.

The problem with this, however, was whether or not the amount of time they could hold on would be shorter.

One of the Yang Opening Realm cultivators had just retreated when his vision blurred as Su Chen’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Whitetower Teleportation.

Using this skill to close in on opponents and unleash close-quarters attacks was really quite successful. When paired with the Snaking Mist Steps, his agility was unrivalled.

The Shadow Flame Primordial Blood Incarnation was incredibly powerful, yet such a frightening existence also possessed exceptional agility. This combination really was killer.

A massive hand stretched out, and dark flames poured out from the palm, engulfing him.

The last thing that Yang Opening Realm cultivator saw was the dark flames surging forward to embrace him.

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