Chapter 117: Spree (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 117: Spree (1)

“There’s three more!”

After killing this opponent, Su Chen licked his lips, then turned around to face the other two Yang Opening Realm cultivators who were still awake.

The two of them were in complete panic. They simultaneously retreated, already planning on making their exit.

Su Chen laughed sardonically. “You’d better stay here for me!”

His figure flashed forward as he attacked, the massive Shadow Flame-covered Incarnation appearing behind him again.

The two Yang Opening Realm cultivators split up. One of them unleashed a torrent of energy in Su Chen’s direction. Concealed within the torrent of energy was the image of a Frost Scorpion, who aimed its massive stinger right at Su Chen.

The other person unleashed an attack at the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had been controlled earlier. After recovering from the initial shock, this person had obviously realized that the other Yang Opening Realm cultivator was under the influence of an illusion technique and was trying to arouse him as quickly as possible.

Su Chen ignored the person who was being awakened. He charged at full speed at the person with the Frost Scorpion bloodline. The Shadow Flame Primordial Blood Incarnation swung its flaming fist through the air, unleashing a swath of flames that surged forward and slammed into the massive scorpion image as if they were scraping against a crystal.

The light from the flames brilliantly scattered from the ice crystals. Upon contact with the dark flames, the wave of ice melted and vaporized within moments.

The massive scorpion’s stinger penetrated the Shadow Flame Primordial Blood Incarnation’s body at the same time that the Incarnation’s heavy fist slammed into the massive scorpion’s body.


Amidst the infuriated howls and the unrelenting onslaught of the flames, the Frost Scorpion was melted away into nothingness.

That Yang Opening Realm cultivator groaned with pain. The Incarnation unleashed a number of fist strikes in rapid succession, blowing the Origin Qi Scholar to bits.

However, the flames on the Incarnation’s body had noticeably dimmed, and the pressure it exuded had decreased correspondingly.

“He was injured!” the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who was responsible for awakening the other Yang Opening Realm cultivator yelled.

A figure shot out from beside him. It was the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had been affected by Fata Morgana earlier.

This person had been hypnotized as soon as he had made a move by Su Chen. His comrades had paid a price to reawaken him, and the humiliation and anger he felt couldn’t be dissipated easily. Most importantly, because he hadn’t seen Su Chen kill the three other Yang Opening Realm cultivators, he had no fear of Su Chen. As soon as he awoke, his anger at being humiliated caused him to charge at Su Chen recklessly. He activated the Origin Energy within his body to its greatest extent. A Silver Moonlight Falcon image appeared, slashing a streak of moonlight in Su Chen’s direction.

This streak of sharp moonlight flew forwards, cutting through any and all shadow-related fabrications. When faced with this streak of moonlight, the Incarnation let out a shrill howl, and the darkness retreated as the shadowy flames disappeared. All that remained was the blazing red fire that continued to burn.

This streak of moonlight had nullified Su Chen’s Shadow Energy.

There was no such thing as an invincible technique.

Even though Shadow Energy was powerful, moonlight was its natural enemy because of its ability to disperse the haze and darkness.

The streak of moonlight was like the actual moon in the sky, providing a faint light in the midst of the absolute darkness. Even though it wasn’t brilliant, it served as a guide for people and could nullify all kinds of dark and evil techniques. This single streak of moonlight was enough to deal with the shadow half of Su Chen’s Incarnation, and all that remained was the flames. Even though the flames were powerful, they had lost the corrosive element of the Shadow Flames, decreasing their penetration and weakening the explosiveness of the attacks.

Every Yang Opening Realm cultivator was like a fort. They all had their own unique defensive techniques.

After the flames had lost their corrosive shadow elements, the Yang Opening Realm cultivators could now demonstrate their unique defensive techniques. They had gotten rid of the infiltrators who had snuck into the fort, and now even if the opponent was strong, they would have to attack head-on.

The situation was the same for Su Chen. Even though the Primordial Blood Incarnation’s power was still largely present, he wouldn’t be able to kill them with a single strike anymore.

Ignorant individuals had no fear. The Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had been awakened didn’t know how powerful Su Chen was and had unintentionally exposed Su Chen’s killing technique.

The other Yang Opening Realm cultivator was delighted when he saw this.

However, he wasn’t delighted for long; Su Chen charged at the cultivator. The Incarnation swung its fist brutally through the air.

“Don’t fight him head-on!” the person who awoke the other Yang Opening Realm cultivator yelled.

The Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had been awakened, however, attacked without fear.

Ignorant in success, ignorant in defeat.

Now that the “infiltrators” had been dealt with and all the weaknesses had been shored up, it would have been more than enough to just simply sit back and defend the “fort”. However, he was like an arrogant general that wanted to lead the troops out of the city into further battle.

The result of this could only be his death.


The explosive blast sent waves of energy in all directions and generated a brilliant flash of light.

Amidst this blast, the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had been awakened was blown backwards, one of his arms contorted into an unnatural shape. It was only because he was quite powerful that he hadn’t been blown into pieces on the spot.

However, his attack wasn’t totally ineffective either. The streak of moonlight shot forth and pierced the Incarnation’s body, which actually decreased in stature by quite a bit.

This was the Silver Moonlight Falcon’s ability - it could disperse anything made from Origin Energy. Even though it wasn’t able to totally destroy the Incarnation, it was no longer as solidly formed.

However, this was the last contribution he was going to make. As the streak of moonlight pierced through the Incarnation, Su Chen’s figure flashed flickered. As he soared through the air, the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade flew past the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s head, lopping it off.

This was the first time Su Chen had used a blade in battle.

He wasn’t particularly proficient at using weapons in battle. The use of this blade implied that his strength was beginning to run out.

At the same time, an invisible fist slammed into Su Chen from behind.

Su Chen grunted with pain and retreated, swinging the blade in his hand. The silver light shot forth from the edge of the blade, sending seven or eight more heads flying.

However, the person who had wounded him had retreated without an issue. It was the last remaining Yang Opening Realm cultivator.

Most shockingly, Su Chen found that his legs suddenly felt incredibly heavy after being struck by that punch, as if someone had shackled his legs with incredibly heavy weights.

“Attack together! His bloodline ability is about to run out so he won’t be able to hold out for much longer, and I struck him with my Heaviness Fist so his movements are restricted!” the final Yang Opening Realm cultivator yelled loudly.

His Heaviness Fist wasn’t particularly powerful, and it was difficult to use. However, it had one benefit, which was that any target struck by it would be slowed down by an extreme amount no matter how powerful they were. The difference was that the duration of effectiveness against those with higher cultivation bases would be shorter, while those with lower cultivation bases would be slowed for longer.

Su Chen’s combat ability was very strong, but their cultivation bases were on the same level, without much overwhelming superiority. In fact, he had a bit higher of a cultivation base, so this fist could at least delay him for around three seconds.

Even though Su Chen had already killed four Yang Opening Realm cultivators, there were still a large number of Blood Boiling and Qi Drawing Realm cultivators still present.

They unleashed all the firepower at their disposal recklessly at Su Chen. Origin Skills flew through the air thick and fast, charging right at Su Chen.

When faced with this furious onslaught, Su Chen’s figure suddenly flashed as he disappeared from view.

The Yang Opening Realm cultivator had seen Su Chen use Whitetower Teleportation before and knew he had that skill up his sleeve. When he saw this, he leapt backwards instinctively from fright. Simultaneously, he applied a protective barrier to himself proactively.

However, Su Chen didn’t appear next to him, but behind one of the Blood Boiling Realm cultivators. Even though this cultivator’s cultivation base was lower, his combat ability was decent and the sword he wielded was sharp. His sword arts had a bit of Zhong Shisi’s flavor to them, but his defensive capabilites were weak, so Su Chen chose to kill him first.

His palm descended right onto the person’s back. That person flew into the air, but before he even landed, his body had already exploded into bits. He died without even having time to say a single word.

Everyone simultaneously retreated and continued to unleash a barrage of attacks.

The Primordial Blood Incarnation stretched its arms out, grabbing two people and using them as shields. Simultaneously, Meg’s Guardians layered themselves on top of Su Chen. He borrowed this short period of time to apply more and more barriers in front of him. Simultaneously, he activated the Adamantine Battle Body. However, the furious onslaught of attacks immediately blew away the two human meat shields and then proceeded to slam into Su Chen, sending him flying backwards as brilliant light sparked off of the barriers.

When the last barrier was shattered, Su Chen’s blood appeared for the very first time.

Blood began to spray from his body.

The spray of blood caused everyone present to grow excited.

“You’re dead for sure!” the last Yang Opening Realm cultivator yelled as he charged forward, the battle blade in his hand arcing through the air, a chilly energy concentrating at the tip.

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