Chapter 118: Spree (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 118: Spree (2)

Yan Haozhe charged forward at top speed!

The battle blade glittered coldly as his killing intent soared.


He was about to kill off this exceptionally persistent guy!

A hundred thousand Origin Stones was about to be his!

Yan Haozhe’s body trembled with uncontrollable excitement.

The blade penetrated Su Chen’s body.

A third of the blade lodged itself in his body.

Su Chen’s hand flew forward and grabbed the blade that was stuck in his body, staring coldly at his opponent.

“You can still resist?” Yan Haozhe was stunned for a moment before he laughed menacingly, “Maternal Severing Blade!”


The tip of the blade suddenly shot forth, penetrating through Su Chen’s midsection.

Su Chen spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Hahahaha. You didn’t expect that, did you? How does my Maternal Severing Blade taste?” Yan Haozhe laughed loudly.

He seemed to see the hundred thousand Origin Stones falling into his hands already.

“You talk too much,” Su Chen replied as he punched back in reply.

“Go die!” Yan Haozhe, seeing that Su Chen was near exhaustion, no longer had any fear. He swung his blade down at Su Chen’s shoulder.

He believed that Su Chen would be forced to defend himself from this blade strike. Once the offensive momentum had shifted, Su Chen would not have another opportunity to attack.

However, he was wrong.

Su Chen totally ignored that blade strike, allowing it to slam into his shoulder. It almost cut his arm clean off, but an Armor Piercing Awl unleashed through his left hand and slammed into Yan Haozhe’s throat.

Yan Haozhe cried out as blood spurted out from his throat.

Thankfully, he was able to retreat in time before Su Chen’s Raging Inferno Fists exploded and blew off his head. As such, he was still alive, but the massive hole in his throat was not a light wound.

Yan Haozhe was both infuriated and shocked. He wanted to yell but couldn’t make any noise. He could only stare at Su Chen with rage, unable to figure out why Su Chen dared fight so recklessly with him.

Yes, this might have been pleasurable for you in the moment, but there are still dozens of people left on the battlefield.

Your right arm is ruined; how are you going to keep fighting?

Su Chen, however, continued to stare at him indifferently. He had already held on for three seconds, and the weights on his body had disappeared. He rapidly retreated as a vial of medicine appeared in his left hand.


Yan Haozhe was stunned. He suddenly remembered that the dossier he had received on Su Chen had mentioned that Su Chen was an alchemist.


He was an alchemist!

Yan Haozhe was so scared that his soul almost escaped his body.

How had he forgotten that his opponent was an alchemist!?

He watched as Su Chen poured the medicine into his mouth, as well as onto his right arm and his other wounded areas.

A precious medicine that could be used to heal bone and muscle injuries could be used ten or more times, but Su Chen had extravagantly used it all at once. He then pulled out another vial of medicine, tilted his head back, and downed it as well.

Su Chen drank a number of medicines in rapid succession.

Yan Haozhe watched as Su Chen’s declining energy surged once again.

Terror rose in his heart. He knew the situation wasn’t good and attempted to turn around and flee, but Su Chen stopped retreating at this moment.

He turned around.

He charged!

Right at the other ten or so Origin Qi Scholars

The Primordial Blood Incarnation, which had grown faint, returned in full force, flames surging from its body and burning everything nearby into ashes. Yan Haozhe was stunned.

He wanted to run, but it was already too late.

Su Chen shot forward like lightning, the Primordial Blood Incarnation unleashing a dozen fists that slammed into Yao Haozhe’s body. Yao Haozhe cried out in pain.

When the last fist descended, Yan Haozhe couldn’t hold on anymore. He died on the spot.

Up until now, five Yang Opening Realm, ten Blood Boiling Realm, and twenty Qi Drawing Realm cultivators, along with fifty peak Body Tempering martial artists had all been killed. A massive pile of corpses was built up in this place.

However, after killing Yan Haozhe, Su Chen stumbled slightly, almost falling over. The Primordial Blood Incarnation behind his back disappeared as well.

Yes, Su Chen was actually pretending.

There was no way he had that many medicines on him.

Because he thought that he was only attending a banquet, Su Chen hadn’t made many preparations. All he had in his Origin Ring was a few common everyday items, but he hadn’t prepared too many medicines.

Because of this, Su Chen didn’t have a single one of the medicines that he had brought with him into the Goldriver Fort.

The Tendon Healing Powder Su Chen had used on his arm was real, but it didn’t have that good of effect. The medicine he drank was just a low-tier Recovery Medicine; the recovery effect was real, but to a Yang Opening Realm cultivator, its usefulness was limited.

Yan Haozhe had basically been frightened to death. If he had chosen to fight to the death rather than running, he might still have died, but Su Chen would also have been seriously wounded.

“Dammit, in the future I need to have a full set of medicine on me. No, one set is not enough; I need three sets! Five sets!” Su Chen muttered harshly to himself as he stared at the corpses littered on the ground.

His current situation was not good at all. After fighting a number of battles in rapid succession, the Primordial Blood Incarnation’s efficacy had reached its limit. Even though he could use Origin Stones to recover his Origin Energy, the physical energy he had expended was very difficult to replenish. As such, he had to leave here quickly.

However, the Southern Mountains had three layers of encirclement. Su Chen had only just broken through the second.

The commotion from before would probably have attracted the six or seven teams in the third layer.

If he wanted to forcefully charge through, it would be incredibly difficult.

The amount of Shadow Substance he had remaining in his gloves was low, so he stopped and found a tree to rest at.

The amount of time he rested for wasn’t long. Very quickly, he saw a large group of people headed in his direction.

The person in the front was someone Su Chen was very familiar with.

Long Qingjiang.

The Long Clan’s patriarch had come of his own accord.

Upon seeing Long Qingjiang, Su Chen smiled slightly.

He was waiting precisely for Long Qingjiang.

The ten Bloodline Nobility Clans were each responsible for guarding a single direction. Su Chen knew that Long Qingjiang would be coming in this direction, and he would be guarding the last layer.

This was why Su Chen had chosen to take this path.

Long Qingjiang had brought five teams of people with him, meaning that there were five Yang Opening Realm cultivators, not including Long Qingjiang himself, who was at the peak of Yang Opening.

Even so, Long Qingjiang still carefully placed his subordinates at the very front, himself watching the surroundings cautiously and soberly.

Long Qingjiang already knew that no amount of caution was too excessive when dealing with Su Chen.

Before he had arrived, he had already sensed the powerful waves of Origin Energy rippling through the air. These Origin Energy ripples shocked him because they felt like they had come from a peak Yang Opening Realm cultivator like himself.

Even if it were him, wanting to kill five teams of people in such a short period of time was basically impossible.

However, Su Chen had done it.

Everyone was in shock as they stared at the corpses strewn all over the ground.

What kind of monster were they pursuing?

How on earth had he done all of this?

Just as everyone was feeling shocked, an item suddenly whizzed out of the forest.

“Careful!” everyone yelled.

Everyone simultaneously made their preparations.


A vial of medicine slammed into a nearby rock, the glass shattering into pieces.

“That was medicine! It might be poison fog!” someone yelled.

Everyone simultaneously covered their mouths and noses.

However, no fuming or foggy substances appeared.

What was going on?

Was this an invisible poison?

Everyone had their own guesses as their hearts tightened. As such, no one noticed the expression that came across Long Qingjiang’s face.

His expression had become ugly as soon as he saw the medicine appear.

That was because he had already recognized that the medicine Su Chen had thrown out was the same medicine that was being used to treat his son.

A voice spoke near his ear, “How are you, Long Clan Elder?”

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