Chapter 122: A Huge Haul

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 122: A Huge Haul

Bitterness was an almost instinctive response; they didn’t need to wait until a destructive fate came upon them.

Even though they couldn’t see the effects of reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline, those Bloodline Nobility Clans instinctively disliked this kind of a development.

This was like a precious toy that had originally belonged to themselves and a few close friends.

But now, a bunch of lower-status commoners had it as well.

Since even the commoners had it, it was no longer an item that the Bloodline Nobility Clans could value. The pride that they once had also took a hit.

For this kind of thing to happen with something closely tied to the strength and status of an Origin Qi Scholar only amplified these hard-to-describe feelings.

They couldn’t openly say that the technique for reaching the Yang Opening realm without a bloodline was bad or publicly refuse to allow people to cultivate it, so they had to use their own methods to slander it.

The first wave of comments targeting Cloud Bat and opposing the technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline appeared.

“What crappy bloodline-less Yang Opening Realm technique? It’s only so-so.”

“Yeah, you even need a medicine to go along with it! This is clearly a tactic he came up with to pocket more money for himself.”

“If he truly is generous, he should make the formula for concocting the Three Yangs Medicine public.”

“That’s right! This person is despicable and sinister to the uttermost. He’s not a good person at all!”

“A secret technique created by such a person must have some kind of hidden flaw in it.”

“That’s right! Everyone is better off not cultivating it; otherwise, if an accident does occur, it’ll be too late to regret it.”

“I heard a few days ago that someone went mad with obsession a few days ago because they had cultivated this technique, causing great damage to themselves.”

“I heard the same!”

They went from attacking the seller’s moral character to attacking their products. These were always exceptionally effective tactics.

This also demonstrated that a technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm wouldn’t be ignored like the Blood Boiling Realm technique. It had genuinely incited the anger of many of the Bloodline Nobility Clans.

As the Yang Opening Realm technique sold like crazy, nasty rumors about Cloud Bat began to spread all throughout the Dreamrealm and other places.

This was quite amusing. Most people didn’t even know who Cloud Bat was, yet malicious rumors about his moral character were already flying left and right.

However, making a move too quickly wasn’t necessarily a good thing. The biggest problem with relying on rumors to slander an opponent was that they had no way to stand up to the truth.

One bloodline-less Origin Qi Scholar after another reached the Yang Opening Realm, the massive effects of this more than enough to shatter all of the rumors and even exposing the true intentions of many of those with ulterior motives.

These rumors with ulterior motives were very quickly beaten down by the fans, and what replaced it was an even hotter wave of support.

Su Chen didn’t even have to make a move himself for the scheme perpetrated by the Bloodline Nobility Clans to be suppressed by the fiery excitement of the masses.

When faced with the major event of raising the strength of humankind as a whole, a small scheme like this was like a bug futilely trying to stop a train, so weak that it couldn’t even withstand a single blow.

A large force could not be stopped, but a single person could.

Upon realizing that they had no way of stopping these individuals without bloodlines from reaching the Yang Opening Realm, many of them began to set their sights on Cloud Bat himself.


While human society was still rejoicing and exulting over this bloodline-less Yang Opening Realm technique, Su Chen was already beginning to happily count his money.

One of the rumors had actually been quite correct - Su Chen was indeed thinking about the best ways to earn money for himself.

Ten days ago, sales of the bloodline-less Yang Opening Realm technique had reached 34000. Because it was being spread by word of mouth, the sales were actually a bit lower than the technique for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm.

However, Su Chen had raised the price to two hundred Dream Droplets, so his profits had reached a total of 68 million low-tier Origin Stones, disregarding any further earnings.

Of course, this was not Su Chen’s entire harvest. There was an even greater source of income out there.

The greatest source of income was naturally the Three Yangs Medicine.

34000 people buying the cultivation technique didn’t necessarily mean that only 34000 people had read the technique. The transmission of the technique at much lower levels had ensured that the total number of readers had surpassed one million a long time ago. This technique could be pirated, but there was no way to pirate the Three Yangs Medicine, which had to be bought from a medicinal pavilion.

Most importantly, the 30% success rate of reaching the Yang Opening Realm implied that every person would need around three vials of Three Yangs Medicine to reach the Yang Opening Realm.

Even if only 300,000 people needed to reach the Yang Opening Realm, they would probably need to purchase around 1 million vials of medicine, perfectly falling in Su Chen’s calculations.

Of course, it wasn’t possible in reality for so many people to try and breakthrough at this precise moment, but people often had an irrepressible desire whenever they saw something good to try it out. As such, once the effectiveness of the Three Yangs Medicine was demonstrated, a ton of people went out to buy it even if they weren’t actually at the point of ascending yet for fear that they might not be able to buy it in the future.

This was actually the case. The excessive popularity caused the supply of Three Yangs Medicine to dwindle rapidly. Even the 1 million vials that Su Chen and the others had prepared wasn’t enough. Some people had bought large quantities of medicine, creating a shortage of supply, then had sold them for a big margin to make some profit off of it. However, this no longer had anything to do with Su Chen. He could control himself, but he couldn’t prevent others from raising the price. Only the Immortal Temple was bouncing with agitation.

Because of this, the Yang Opening Realm technique hadn’t even been around for a year when the million vials of medicine were totally exhausted. What they sold after that was all the medicine that they were able to create in these two months.

Su Chen made quite a bit of money off of this haul as well.

After that, however, Su Chen didn’t continue to try and concoct more Three Yangs Medicine.

That was because there was no longer any need.

On the third month that the Yang Opening Realm technique had been put on sale, Cloud Bat made another move.

This time, it was to publish the formula for concocting the Three Yangs Medicine.

Yes, even though there were still countless Blood Boiling Realm cultivators who needed to buy the medicine, Su Chen wasn’t planning on selling any more.

The Three Yangs Medicine wasn’t a hard medicine to decode. The ingredient distribution was simple, as was the refining technique. Any Master-level alchemist would only need a bit of time to decode it.

This was a monopoly that was impossible to break.

This was why Su Chen had prepared to make a million vials of Three Yangs Medicine right from the start, so that he could earn a sum of money in the shortest amount of time possible, then throw out the medicinal formula and make some more money.

The timing of his publishing the medicinal formula was quite timely. Many alchemists were already getting close to decoding the medicine.

Su Chen making a move at this moment caused the effort and the resources they had invested in the past few months to be rendered completely useless, causing those alchemists to hop with anger. The prices of the medicine returned to normal, and some of the people who had been hoarding the medicine lost big-time, paying back the profits that they had made previously.

After the technique for refining the Three Yangs Medicine spread, the bottleneck for reaching the Yang Opening Realm had disappeared. West River Forest became the new focus of attention.

This was because one of the ingredients required for the Three Yangs Medicine, Concealed Falcon Grass, was a unique product of that area. Su Chen had discovered it there and had used it to complete the Three Yangs Medicine and the Yang Opening Realm technique.

When the formula was made public, the prices of Concealed Falcon Grass shot up ten times. Su Chen had already accumulated a large quantity of Concealed Falcon Grass before this, which he put on sale at this moment and made another ridiculously large haul of money.

Su Chen had earned an incredible amount of money in the span of these three waves of sales.

Within the span of three months, Su Chen anad the Immortal Temple had sold a total of 1.1 million vials of Three Yangs Medicine, obtaining 2.75 billion Origin Stones, of which 1.6 billion belonged to Su Chen. The profits from the formula and Concealed Falcon Grass were 1.82 billion, making him the biggest profiter from this gold mine. The Immortal Temple earned 1.1 billion; when taking away the large number of manhours they had put in, their pure profits totalled around 900 million. This was a sizable profit that was enough to cause the whole organization to celebrate.

Most Bloodline Nobility Clans had no way of possessing so much money. When Iron Cliff heard how much they had saved up, it took him a long time to even come around to fathoming how massive a sum that was.

The only drawback to this was that the Immortal Temple now knew of his identity of Cloud Bat.

However, Su Chen didn’t quite care. After all, apart from the Immortal Temple, the Zhu Clan knew as well.

Cloud Bat’s identity wasn’t going to remain a secret for long. What the Zhu Clan could do in the past, the other Bloodline Nobility Clans could do as well. Everything that Su Chen was doing now was just to delay the amount of time that he would be discovered.

However, he knew that sooner or later, he would be able to face these Bloodline Nobility Clans directly.

Before then, all that he could do was strengthen himself as much as he could.

This was why Su Chen’s next plan was to turn money into strength!

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