Chapter 123: Meeting

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 123: Meeting

“You’re going to Long Coiling City?” Cloud Leopard asked with some surprise, sitting in the Su Palace’s main hall.

Su Chen replied, “I made quite a bit of money selling the Yang Opening Realm technique this time, so I’m planning on spending some of it to increase my strength. What do you think? Want to come along with me? You’ll benefit as well.”

“Alright!” When he heard that they were going to be spending money, Cloud Leopard’s interest was immediately piqued.

Long Coiling City was the capital of Long Sang Country. Just like all the other human kingdoms, the best ingredients and treasures are all gathered there. Unfortunately, while they were students, most of their time was spent studying at the Hidden Dragon Institute, and most of them didn’t have much money to speak of anyways. Opportunities were hard to come by because they were always stuck inside the city. Now that Su Chen had made a crazy sum of money and had an opportunity to go to Long Coiling City for a shopping spree, how could Cloud Leopard not be interested?

Su Chen had another motive for going apart from increasing his strength: he missed Gu Qingluo.

A few days ago, Gu Qingluo had been sent to Long Coiling city on business and was still there. Su Chen and Gu Qingluo had always kept in touch; when he found out that she was there, he had made up his mind.

Every young man who had just received a paycheck would want to take good care of the young woman they loved. Su Chen was no exception to this.

Like that, after drawing up a plan, Su Chen took Cloud Leopard and Iron Cliff with him and set off.

After traveling for around ten days, the three of them arrived in Long Coiling City.

A figure came flying towards them at top speed and leapt into Su Chen’s arms. It was Gu Qingluo.

She grabbed Su Chen’s hand, her eyes filled with happiness and a bit of pouting. “Why did it take you so long to get here?”

Su Chen smiled slightly. “It’s a long road from Clear River City to here. We were already going as fast as we could and didn’t slack off even a little bit.”

Gu Qingluo poked Su Chen’s forehead with her slender finger. “I said you were silly, didn’t I? You should have just bought a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle.”

Cloud Piercing Shuttle was a kind of flying tool used by Origin Qi Scholars and was a large-scale Origin Tool. It was powered by Origin Stones, and people could sit in it as it flew. Its speed was extremely fast and was useful even to Light Shaking Realm cultivators. It was a tool that was useful under any circumstance.

However, they were also exceptionally expensive. Even the lowest-grade Cloud-Piercing Shuttle was at least a few million Origin Stones, a sum Su Chen couldn’t bear the thought of parting with.

Now that he had made such a big haul, it was time to spend a little more luxuriously.

Su Chen laughed, “I did have this in mind. How about let’s go to the Flying Moon Workshop?”

The Flying Moon Workshop was Long Sang Country’s number one Origin Tool store and carried all kinds of rare and strange treasures.

Since they were here to buy good things, they would naturally head for the best place.

Gu Qingluo was just about to answer when a voice suddenly called out from a distance, “Seventh Junior Sister, did you run all the way out here so early in the morning just to meet this person?”

They turned around, following the source of the sound all the way to a young man who was walking in their direction.

He came near Su Chen’s side, glanced him up and down, then said, “Is this the Su Chen that you think about day and night? He only seems so-so.

“If you don’t know how to speak, then shut your mouth!” Gu Qingluo said angrily.

She turned around and said to Su Chen, “This is my Fourth Elder Cousin[1. Most likely the son of Gu Qingluo’s father and another woman who is not Gu Qingluo’s mother.], Gu Jintang. His eyes are always set on the skies; you don’t need to argue with him.”

Gu Qingluo only had a single older brother, but she had quite a few cousins on her father’s side. This Gu Jintang was one of them.

Su Chen knew that there were usually only two reasons a person would speak derogatorily to another person as soon as they appeared.

One possibility was that they were naturally arrogant, and the second was that they had some ulterior motive.

What Gu Qingluo said seemed to imply that this person didn’t have any ulterior motives; he was just naturally arrogant. If that was the case, then there wasn’t any need to argue with him.

Gu Jintang already said, “Seventh Junior Sister, the Tang Clan’s people are still waiting for you. You won’t take care of official business but you’ll come here to meet this guy? If you mess up this matter that relates to the clan, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Su Chen got the gist of it. He asked Gu Qingluo, “Do you still have other business?”

Gu Qingluo rolled her eyes. “It’s nothing much. I just need to meet with a few people I don’t want to meet. Let them wait for me; I’ll take you to the Flying Moon Workshop first.”

Gu Jintang immediately said, “How can that be allowed? Sixth Elder Tang personally requested to meet you; you must go now!”

Su Chen also said, “Official business is more important. Go and take care of that first, and we’ll have time to meet later.”

Upon seeing that even Su Chen was saying that, Gu Qingluo could only agree helplessly. She said to Su Chen, “I’ll wait for you at the Wandering Wind Pavilion in the fifth room on the Heaven floor.”

“I’ll remember it,” Su Chen laughed.

Gu Qingluo left, with Gu Jintang following closely behind.

She had only taken a few steps when she suddenly thought of something and said to Gu Jintang, “Su Chen doesn’t know where the Flying Moon Workshop is. You take him there.”

“Me?” Gu Jintang was stunned.

“Yes, you!” Gu Qingluo said with conviction. “Sixth Elder wants to see me, so whether you go or not doesn’t really matter. Isn’t it fine if you stay here and help me take care of Su Chen for a bit?”

“Does this Young Master need to take serve some people without bloodlines?” Gu Jintang said, his expression disdainful.

“If you don’t go, then I can’t go either. The task belongs to both of us anyways; if we fail, then we’ll both be punished. I don’t really care, but someone might not be willing to,” Gu Qingluo said intentionally.

“You!” Gu Jintang’s eyes bulged with anger, but he thought for a moment and said in the end, “You win!”

He walked back over to Su Chen and said in a bad mood, “Let’s go!”

Su Chen watched as Gu Qingluo shot him a meaningful glance.

The two had known each other for a long time and knew what the other person was thinking. Su Chen could tell that Gu Qingluo wanted him to teach Gu Jintang a lesson. He could only laugh in his heart and nod in agreement.

However, he had different plans.

Gu Qingluo was the Gu Clan’s invaluable Little Miss. She could do as she pleased without regard to the consequences. If Su Chen wanted to be the husband of someone in the Gu Clan, on the other hand, he needed to be quite cautious.

This Gu Jintang was just naturally arrogant and had no particularly malicious thoughts against him. Teaching him a lesson wasn’t as important as roping him in to his side. When he thought of this, a plan was already beginning to formulate in his heart.

As he performed the calculations in his head, the four of them began to head for the Flying Moon Workshop.

As they walked, Gu Jintang continued to mumble, “The Flying Moon Workshop is a place of luxury and is filled with all kinds of extremely precious treasures. How can commoners go as the please? Qingluo comes from a noble clan and is used to doing things extravagantly, but she doesn’t know that people without bloodlines come from low-status backgrounds and don’t have much in the way of resources. It’s better if we choose a different place so we don’t waste any time.”

Su Chen laughed. “Don’t worry. Let’s just go to the Flying Moon Workshop.”

“Hmph, you’re just keeping up appearances,” Gu Jintang muttered, but he still took the three of them with him.

The Flying Moon Workshop was located in the southern regions of Long Coiling City underneath an octagonal tall pagoda.

Upon entering the workshop, a pretty woman came forward to greet them, her tone modest and her attitude attentive.

Anyone who could come to the Flying Moon Pavilion to buy things were all wealthy and respectable. They were also all Origin Qi Scholars, so no one acted like a snob here.

“Four guests, what are you looking for today?” the woman asked politely.

“Let’s take a look at your Cloud-Piercing Shuttles first,” Su Chen replied.

Gu Jintang hadn’t heard his conversation with Gu Qingluo earlier. When he heard that Su Chen wanted to look at the Cloud-Piercing Shuttles, he was noticeably startled.

However, upon further thought, he realized that this was most likely Su Chen keeping up appearances. There was no way he could actually afford it. After seeing the Cloud-Piercing Shuttles, he would make excuses that this one and that one were no good and wouldn’t end up buying any of them.

The woman brought the three of them up to the fourth floor.

Every bit of space within the pagoda had been extended by void-type Origin Skills, and there was a ton of space inside.

Upon arriving at the fourth floor, they found that their surroundings were filled with Cloud-Piercing Shuttles.

Some of the massive ships had multiple floors and were armed with large cannons that were covered in profound Origin Formation inscriptions; there were also small ships meant for one person with a narrow front and back and a bulge in the middle like kayaks. There were also gigantic Cloud-Piercing Shuttles that looked almost like floating palaces. However, those were so large that even the void-augmented pagoda couldn’t contain them; what was on display here was just images.

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