Chapter 125: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 125: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (2)

This Su Chen was just being pretentious; he had no money yet liked to pretend to act like he did. Maybe Seventh Junior Sister had been beguiled by him like this, but he couldn’t get past Gu Jintang’s sharp eyes. He was absolutely going to expose Su Chen’s fakeness today and open Seventh Junior Sister’s eyes, Gu Jintang thought to himself.

Cui Miaoling was still discussing prices with Su Chen. “Then how much does Prince wish it was?”

“Eighty million should be an appropriate price,” Su Chen replied.


Gu Jintang, who had been sitting back watching the play unfold in front of him suddenly spat out his tea.

Eighty million?

Gu Jintang stared at Su Chen in shock.

He dared to call out that kind of a price?

More accurately, this price was quite rational, and it implied that the Flying Moon Workshop was likely to accept it.

Did Su Chen really have that much money?

That was the first thought that flashed through Gu Jintang’s head.

However, Cui Miaoling shook her head, putting him at ease again. Yes, Su Chen must have known that the Flying Moon Workshop wouldn’t accept that price and had purposefully proposed it.

Cui Miaoling said, “Prince Su’s price is too low. We are a business at the end of the day, and we need to make a profit.”

“I set this price precisely so that you could make a profit.”

Cui Miaoling sighed, “If Prince wants to buy something of high quality, why be so stingy over such few Origin Stones.”

As she spoke, her eyebrows lifted in a charming smile that penetrated into a person’s heart. Cloud Leopard and Iron Cliff were all instantly sent into a daze.

However, Su Chen’s consciousness power was high and he was able totally overlook it. All he said was, “If Attendant Cui is going to negotiate with me using these kinds of tactics, then I can only reciprocate.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Cui Miaoling. Cui Miaoling felt her eyes suddenly go unfocused. She was already in a dream realm.

The woman beside her was totally unaware. She just watched as Cui Miaoling froze for a moment before suddenly yelling, “Alright, ten million Origin Stones it is!”


The other woman was so startled that she almost jumped into the air.

Then, Su Chen gently patted Cui Miaoling’s face. Cui Miaoling suddenly started as if waking from a dream and hurriedly retreated as she barked, “What did you do to me?”

“Nothing. It’s just that if I hadn’t patted you awake, you would have agreed to sell it to me for the price of ten million Origin Stones. Of course, there would be no end of problems because it wasn’t a sale made using normal negotiation tactics, so I don’t wish to do it this way. I can only hope that Attendant Cui doesn’t do so either,” Su Chen replied with a smile.

Cui Miaoling sucked in a breath of cold air. She knew that she had just been taught a lesson by Su Chen.

What Su Chen had said was absolutely correct. If he had wanted to, he could have purchased everything here for a very small prace.

Cui Miaoling had always been successful in relying on her charms to influence negotiations. She didn’t expect that this time Su Chen had managed to teach her a lesson.

Only Gu Jintang harrumphed coldly in his heart. This guy really didn’t have any money; if he couldn’t even afford it for ten million, he really was just pretending.

As for the matter of Su Chen counter-bewitching Cui Miaoling, he had automatically overlooked it.

Cui Miaoling didn’t grow angry that the other party had used her own tactics against her to teach her a lesson. Instead, she covered her mouth and laughed flirtatiously, “Prince truly has some skill; I didn’t expect your consciousness power to be so great. Since Prince Su doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but still wants a good item, I have a recommendation for you if you are interested.”

She carefully downplayed her guilt and pushed it away from her, and Su Chen didn’t force the issue. He just said, “Even though I don’t really like the way that you put it, if you can really bring out something good, I can accept it.”

“Alright. We actually have this recommendation in stock right now,” Cui Miaoling gestured with a long slender finger. A stone platform nearby rose, a strangely-shaped Cloud-Piercing Shuttle placed on it.

Unlike all the other Cloud-Piercing Shuttles, the one in front of him was made out of a Demonic Beast.

The entire Cloud-Piercing Shuttle was actually just the body of a massive Flood Dragon. However, its back had been sliced open and its internal organs had been dug out, and its internal cavity was then lined with other materials to make the internal space large enough to fit five to seven people. The head of the shuttle was the Flood Dragon’s head, which had two horns growing on it and was frozen in a vicious gaze. Even though it was already dead, it emanated a stifling pressure. A single glance would put quite a bit of pressure on someone.

“Demonic Emperor!” Su Chen and the others yelled simultaneously.

Cui Miaoling laughed as she covered her mouth, “Prince truly has a good eye. This is made from the remains of a Demonic Emperor. This Flood Dragon is the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor, the head of the Demonic Beasts on Accumulated Thunder Mountain. Seven hundred years ago, the boss of this workshop passed by Accumulated Thunder Mountain and ran into this Demonic Emperor. After a huge battle for three days and three nights, he killed it personally, then incorporated forty-eight different kinds of precious ingredients with the corpse as the base to form this Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. This shuttle’s defensive rating is 140 and its speed is 28 paces. It’s equipped with Divine Thunder Cannons that can blast an opponent as well as with a Thunder Barrier. It also has a Void-Type Origin Formation installed by which you can control the size that it takes on. Prince, please observe.”

As she spoke, she activated an Origin Formation and pointed at the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. The shuttle suddenly shrank, becoming small enough to fit into the palm of a hand.

“This is a good treasure!” Cloud Leopard said excitedly.

Cui Miaoling could already tell that Su Chen was the master. She stared at Su Chen and said, “Prince Su, what do you think?”

“This treasure is actually worth 100 million Origin Stones,” Su Chen replied. This was the greatest confirmation he could make about this Cloud-Piercing Shuttle.

Cui Miaoling began to laugh, “It seems like we don’t have any disagreements when it comes to the price then.”

“The prerequisite is that there aren’t any faults with it,” Su Chen added on.

“Hm?” Cloud Leopard and Iron Cliff were both shocked. They glared up at Cui Miaoling, their eyes filled with killing intent.

That damned woman had already tried to pull a fast one on them twice.

Cui Miaoling used her laughter to conceal her guilt. “Oh-ho, Prince is truly perceptive, even to the point of spotting that small flaw.”

Su Chen coldly laughed, “You’re sure it’s just a small flaw?”

He hadn’t actually been able to tell that there was an issue with the shuttle, but he could tell that Cui Miaoling wasn’t being totally truthful. One of the benefits of having a strong consciousness power was that one could keenly sense the changes in thoughts a person had. His Fata Morgana also meant that he was used to paying attention to the details and was good at constructing lies, so he could immediately tell that Cui Miaoling was being problematic.

Of course, he wasn’t sure what kind of issue it was, so he had purposefully said something vague like “the prerequisite is that there aren’t any faults with it”. When Cui Miaoling heard it, she automatically assumed that Su Chen had spotted the flaw and pointed it out on her own.

Cui Miaoling laughed, “The Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle has been used before and was damaged in battle one time, decreasing its quality. Not only did its strength decrease, controlling this shuttle also expends a ton of consciousness energy. I wasn’t planning on recommending this treasure to Prince in the first place, but Prince was able to resist my charm techniques and turn them on me, demonstrating your powerful consciousness. As such, the weakness of this shuttle isn’t too big of a weakness for Prince.”

So that’s how it was.

Su Chen yelled in his heart. So this Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle had been damaged before, making it require consciousness energy to control?

What was the reason for that?

However, the Flying Moon Workshop also didn’t know much about the damage, so they had never fixed it. They could only leave it here and wait for someone with both money and a powerful consciousness to walk by and buy it.

Cui Miaoling had said that this had happened 700 years ago. In other words, this Cloud-Piercing Shuttle had been sitting there for hundreds of years.

Since no one had bought it even throughout hundreds of years, the number of people meeting this condition were quite rare.

This was also normal.

Anyone who could pull out a hundred million Origin Stones and whose consciousness power was strong enough to control the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle would definitely be a celebrity. To celebrities, the defensive capabilities and speed of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle might not be up to par, and they would likely choose other better flying tools, not a low-tier Cloud-Piercing Shuttle.

To Origin Qi Scholars with low cultivation bases, the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor was a divine tool, but the price was off-putting to most people. Even if someone came from a particularly wealthy nobility clan, there was still the cultivation base restriction.

Under such circumstances, it was unsurprising that this Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle couldn’t be sold.

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