Chapter 126: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (3)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 126: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (3)

Upon realizing this, the corners of Su Chen’s mouth quirked up in a smile.

He said, “I want to try out how much energy it expends.”

“Prince, please.” Cui Miaoling raised her hand and unleashed the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. This Flood Dragon Shuttle expanded back to its original size. Su Chen jumped in and began to try and control this shuttle. Indeed, he felt a strong draw beginning to occur, as if a vortex was constantly pulling Su Chen’s consciousness power in.

Even with his consciousness power, Su Chen felt a wave of dizziness wash over him, and he was amazed in his heart. If this had been anyone else, they might have been knocked unconscious by the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle before even starting to drive it.

He finally got the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle going. A massive amount of light began to shine from the shuttle, lighting up the whole fourth floor.

Su Chen and the others weren’t alone within the space on the fourth floor. There were also a few other guests looking for different Cloud-Piercing Shuttles.

When they saw the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle appear, the guests who were familiar with it and knew about its flaw laughed mockingly and walked over to look. Evidently, they were waiting for Su Chen to fall unconscious.

Unexpectedly, the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle began to rumble. The onlookers were dazed.

There were quite a few Origin Qi Scholars who could activate the Flood Dragon Shuttle, but this was their first time seeing an Origin Qi Scholar with such a low cultivation base do it. It was unsurprising that they were so shocked.

Su Chen withdrew his hand and said, “Activating it requires a ton of consciousness energy, as does maintaining a constant speed, though it uses less consciousness energy. This implies that even though I can control it, with my current consciousness energy I won’t be able to hold on for too long.”

“But Prince can grow stronger, right? With the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s speed and defensive capabilities, you won’t have any issues using it even as a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. With Prince’s growth rate, you’ll be able to control this Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle totally in just a few years.” Cui Miaoling obviously knew how to sell things, pinpointing Su Chen’s thoughts precisely.

That was true. Even though his current consciousness power made it so that controlling the shuttle was still a bit out of his reach, Su Chen could grow stronger. As long as he was willing, he could very quickly increase his consciousness energy.

However, Su Chen would not openly agree with what Cui Miaoling said.

He only said indifferently, “How can it be that easy? Unless I cultivate for around ten years, I won’t be able to reach the level of controlling it totally.”

He didn’t confirm nor deny it. He just exaggerated the amount of time that would be necessary to increase his consciousness power, but to Cui Miaoling and the others that was totally normal.

After all, even people in the imperial family might not possess such an incredibly consciousness power tempering technique and a constant supply of Spirit Sobering Medicines.

Cui Miaoling was a cold, calculating woman. When she heard Su Chen’s words, she realized that it wasn’t that the other party didn’t want it; they just wanted to lower the price.

Even though this Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was good, it hadn’t been sold for a few hundred years due to its massive draw on consciousness energy. It had become the Flying Moon Workshop’s sore point, a massive source of income just sitting there collecting dust.

To the Flying Moon Workshop, they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to sell it off. As for the price of a hundred million Origin Stones, they were just claiming it in name only.

Cui Miaoling said, “They say that treasures choose their masters. This Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s defensive capabilities and speed are higher than what Prince requested and suits Prince quite well. Perhaps Prince is the master that it has been waiting for for hundreds of years already. If Prince really likes it, Miaoling is willing to lower the price a bit.”

“How much?” Su Chen asked.

“Ninety million Origin Stones.”

Su Chen laughed coldly. “Too expensive!”

“Prince Su, this Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle is worth 150 million Origin Stones without defects. We’ve only lowered the price to this because of this small flaw.”

“This isn’t a small flaw; it’s a big one,” Su Chen replied. “If the problem was with something else, at most its performance would decrease. However, its requirement on consciousness power directly excludes most people from using it, and even I can only use it a limited amount. That kind of a flaw is enough to completely ruin the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. Asking for ninety million under these kinds of circumstances is too much.”

“Then what price does Prince think is appropriate?”

“Forty million Origin Stones.”

Cui Miaoling immediately grew agitated. “If we sold it at that price, it would be gone already. Would there be a point in waiting until now?”

This statement was true. The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was still useable by a decent amount of people, and there were many people with cultivation bases at the Light Shaking Realm or above that could use it. However, they might not take a fancy to it.

Cui Miaoling said, “Prince Su, if you are genuinely interested in buying it, I can sell it to you for eighty million.”

Su Chen shook his head. “I can consider it if you lower it to fifty million.”

Cui Miaoling gritted her teeth. “Seventy million. That’s the lowest. We cannot go any lower.”

She originally thought that Su Chen was going to lower the price a bit more, but he didn’t. Instead, he pulled out a piece of paper and handed it over to Cui Miaoling. “Apart from the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle, I’m also planning on buying these things from you.”

Cui Miaoling glanced at them and almost had a heart attack. This piece of paper had written on it all kinds of precious and rare raw ingredients.

If they prepared what Su Chen had requested, the cost might add up to another hundred million Origin Stones.

Cui Miaoling couldn’t help but say, a little out of breath, “Prince has quite a bit of style in spending money.”

“How about 150 million Origin Stones for all of these things combined?” Su Chen asked.

After another round of furious negotiations, the price was finally set at 155 million Origin Stones.

It was also obvious that Cui Mingliao had put everything on the line for this sale. Even though she didn’t dare use her charm techniques anymore, her ample endowments swung dizzyingly.

When the dust all settled, everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.

A sale of over a hundred million Origin Stones was rare even for the Flying Moon Workshop.

As for Gu Jintang, he was completely dazed.

155 million Origin Stones!

They had decided it just like that?

Su Chen was someone without a bloodline. How was he able to so casually pull out such an astronomical sum of Origin Stones?

How was this possible?

Gu Jintang was the Gu Clan’s Fourth Young Master and a Yang Opening Realm cultivator. Every month, the allowance he received from his clan was only eight thousand Origin Stones. Normally he would even have to think of ways to get a bit more spending money to ensure that he had enough cultivation resources. At the most, however, he only really earned around a million Origin Stones every year.

Now, this bloodline-less Su Chen had made a purchase of 155 million Origin Stones just like that.

How was this possible?

He was still unconsciously waiting for Su Chen to pull some kind of trick to confirm that he was just putting on airs.

But when Su Chen pulled out the golden Origin Card from the “Huitong Company”, Gu Jintang was rendered completely speechless.

Huitong Company was Long Sang’s largest bank and did business all across the country. Their Origin Cards were very powerful forms of persuasion. Normally, the Huitong Company would assign their customers Origin Cards based on their value. This kind of golden Origin Card was the highest level one; it was impossible to obtain one unless your account had at least a hundred million Origin Stones.

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