Chapter 127: Spending Flair

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 127: Spending Flair

Cui Miaoling adeptly swiped away 155 million Origin Stones from Su Chen’s card, simultaneously placing the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle into Su Chen’s hands.

“Congratulations, Prince. You’ve obtained a rare treasure today; I have faith that it won’t fail to live up to Prince’s expectations. As for these other materials, this workshop will need a few days to gather them all. Please come back in three days to retrieve them.”

“Alright.” Su Chen knew that he had asked for a lot, and the Flying Moon Workshop wouldn’t be able to gather it all immediately. As such, he didn’t push things; in any case, he was still going to be in Long Coiling City for a few days, so he didn’t mind waiting.

“Does Prince require anything else?” Cui Miaoling asked.

“Oh, most of the things that I need we already have. I’m just looking to fill in some equipment gaps.”

Su Chen already knew exactly which raw ingredients he needed. Now, he was naturally going to try and bolster his own strength.

Upon hearing that Su Chen also wanted equipment, Cui Miaoling’s eyes began to glow.

“Prince, please come with me.”

She took the three of them straight to the eighth floor.

This was the floor where they sold Origin Tools. The room was filled with all kinds of different rare and precious Origin Tools.

This time, Cui Miaoling had brought Su Chen and the others to the best Origin Tools directly.

“This is the Grade Six Origin Tool Limpid Light-Splitting Blade. It’s made of Silver-Patterned Watergold and can cleave water and fire as well as ward off evil spirits. Most importantly, it has the ability to ignore most fire- and water-type barriers.”

Su Chen picked it up and glanced at it. The blade was short and silver, with a slight curve to its edge. A snake’s head was at the hilt; this snake head was from a real Demonic Beast known as the Fire Coveting Snake, and it allowed the user to ignore fire-type barriers. Its construction from Silver-Patterned Watergold allowed it to avoid water-type barriers. These were the most unique abilities of this blade; since it could ignore fire- and water-type barriers, it could directly get close to a person’s body with a 60% chance. It was quite a useful assassination tool.

“Not bad. It’s for you.” Su Chen tossed the blade over to Cloud Leopard.

Cloud Leopard was excited. Ever since he had started on this path, he had fought bitterly for every inch. Origin Skills were already hard enough to find; he didn’t even dare think about Origin Tools. Unexpectedly, a Grade Six Origin Tool had fallen into his hands just like that.

It wasn’t that Su Chen didn’t want to give him anything better. It was just that in the Blood Boiling Realm, they could only use weapons up to that tier. Any higher and he wouldn’t be able to control it.

However, this was just the beginning.

Su Chen helped Cloud Leopard find another three Origin Tools - a pair of boots, a belt, and a piece of armor, totally swapping out his current setup.

When the swap was complete, Cloud Leopard seemed to be a totally different person. He had changed from an unsuspecting young kid to an elegant, graceful youth.

Iron Cliff was also swapping out the Origin Tools that he used to have. The Black Streak Battle Blade was sold to the Flying Moon Workshop as refuse, and the Melted Golden Armor was exchanged for a Grade Six version. The Grade Six armor was lighter than the previous one, but its defensive capabilities were also much stronger. It could withstand an attack the strength of at least 100 bears.

His weapon became the Armor-Piercing Mountain-Cleaving Hammer.

Heavy weapons were extremely suited to the Cliff Race to use. Before, because they were poor, he would use whatever he could get his hands on. Now that they had money, he was naturally going to choose a weapon that was much more appropriate for himself.

The Armor-Piercing Mountain-Cleaving Hammer was a Grade Six Origin Tool. Its unique attribute was that it could ignore armor.

Origin Qi Scholars had two main types of defenses - one was magical barriers, and the other was physical armor. The former was an Origin Energy-type defense, while the other was a physical defense.

Armor-Piercing Mountain-Cleaving Hammer was specifically meant to deal with physical defenses.

In the cultivation setup, Ancient Arcana Techniques were mostly Origin Energy defenses because the Arcana Race didn’t have physical defenses. The human race’s physical defenses were more powerful than the Arcana Race, so using physical defenses were more effective for them. As a person’s cultivation base increased, so would their physical defenses.

Because of this, in some sense ignoring physical defenses was even better than ignoring barriers.

The Armor-Piercing Mountain-Cleaving Hammer could ignore 80% of a person’s physical armor. This was a frightening number already. When factoring in its incredibly power when being swung through the air, most people would be blown away like a piece of paper on the wind.

After exchanging Iron Cliff’s equipment, Su Chen turned around and said, “Brother Gu, do you see anything you like? Why not pick out a few?”

“Even me?” Gu Jintang was dazed.

As the Gu Clan’s Young Master, Gu Jintang had a certain sense of superiority.

This kind of superiorty came from the massive amount of power hidden within the depths of his bloodline.

Even though the Gu Clan was being controlled and lacked freedom, one had to admit that the Gu Clan also possessed a super latent power to “transform” at a critical moment.

Because of this, Gu Jintang felt a certain sense of superiority, as if he could sweep his eyes across the whole continent.

When he heard that Gu Qingluo had taken a fancy to a young man without a bloodline, his first thought was: is this some kind of joke? Most normal Bloodline Nobility Clans aren’t even worthy of marrying into my Gu Clan, let alone someone without a bloodline.

Because of this, he was dissatisfied with Su Chen from the bottom of his heart.

Even if Su Chen could pull out a hundred million Origin Stones, he was only shocked at Su Chen’s wealthiness. In his heart, however, he still disdainfully scoffed, “rich upstart”.

But when Su Chen offered him a share, Gu Jintang was totally stunned and shocked.

Me as well?

At that moment, Gu Jintang really wanted to proudly say that he didn’t need it, since the Gu Clan had money.

But when he saw the Origin Tool in Su Chen’s hand, Gu Jintang’s words died before they left his lips, and he didn’t dare say anything.

Su Chen was holding a long sword that glowed with a chilly light. When it was unsheathed, the surrounding temperature dropped a noticeable amount. The body of the sword was transparent, and a few snowflakes could be seen floating within the body of the sword. In fact, that was an Origin Formation; the Origin Formation was compressing large amounts of Frost Soul within the body of the sword. If it was released, it would result in the release of a large wave of frost.

Frost Soul Chilly Sword!

Because one of the Gu Clan’s Three Absolute Arts was the Waterstar Chill and could utilize the Frost Soul, when used in conjunction with an Origin Tool like the Frost Soul Chilly Sword, the two combined would definitely unleash an incredible amount of power.

As such, when Gu Jintang saw this sword, the words “I don’t need it” died on his tongue.

A Grade Six Origin Tool!

A high-quality Origin Tool!

A high-quality, Grade Six Origin Tool!

Just this Origin Tool alone was worth 400,000 Origin Stones!

Gu Jintang yearned to use this kind of Origin Tool, but he had never been able to.

The reason was very simple: he couldn’t afford it.

Did the Gu Clan have money or not? Of course they did, but he wasn’t the Gu Clan.

He was just a descendant of the Gu Clan; the Gu Clan had many more descendants like him.

The Gu Clan couldn’t afford to give every one of their descendants an Origin Tool like that.

The larger a clan was, the more this was the case. Unless the clan was one of those rare ones that only had one or two descendants, otherwise the Nobility Clans couldn’t possibly provide their descendants with unlimited benefits.

Under most circumstances, the Bloodline Nobility Clans would give their own descendants the best training to provide them a complete foundation, but their improvement after that would only depend on their own strength.

A Grade Six Origin Tool was classified as an item being under this improvement phase, not a fundamental necessity. Sorry, it’s up to you to fight for them.

400,000 Origin Stones, even to Gu Jintang, was not a number he could accumulate very quickly, so he could only dream about a treasure like this Frost Soul Chilly Sword.

And now, it had appeared just like that in front of his very eyes.

In that moment, Gu Jintang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, unable to remain aloof. He reached for the Frost Soul Chilly Sword and said, “Thank......”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Su Chen pulled his hand back, dodging his reach and said, “I picked this sword for Qingluo. What do you think?”


So it’s not for me?

Are you messing with me?

Gu Jintang was so angry that he almost started to hop with anger.

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