Chapter 74: Direction

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 74: Direction

Patelocke was convinced.

Even though Su Chen knew that there was the possibility a Light Shaking Realm cultivator would come to give him trouble, he insisted on facing it on his own.

Even so, this was Su Chen.

He was just this kind of person. If a person who dared to attempt to overturn all the Bloodline Nobility Clans on this earth needed backup when faced with a single Light Shaking Realm cultivator, what point was there in even talking about his lofty ideals and grand ambitions?

Since Su Chen had made his mind up to handle it on his own, Patelocke could only help him think up schemes and offer suggestions.

He said after a moment of thought, “There’s still too much of a gap for you to take on a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with your current strength. The easiest way to resolve this problem is for you to ascend to the Yang Opening Realm as soon as possible. However, that will require a long period of cultivation and an ascension technique. Unless you’re planning on using Bloodline Medicines, you can’t even think about taking that path until Shi Kaihuang is able to complete the technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm.”

Patelocke didn’t know that Su Chen was already a high-level Blood Boiling Realm cultivator. In his eyes, Su Chen still had quite a ways to go before reaching the Yang Opening Realm, while in fact Su Chen was already standing at the doorway of a breakthrough.

However, Su Chen didn’t explain that to him. After all, reaching the Yang Opening Realm was still a long ways off given his current circumstances - even if he was standing at the doorway.

In addition, Su Chen always valued building a solid foundation. Before he had done so in the Blood Boiling Realm, he was in no hurry to ascend.

Patelocke continued, “Since we can’t use this method to resolve the situation, we have to settle for the second best thing - what you can do with your current cultivation base. In my opinion, fighting a Light Shaking Realm cultivator isn’t realistic, so you have to give up on that. What you should really be considering isn’t how to defeat a Light Shaking Realm cultivator but how to run from one.”

Su Chen shivered.

Old people were old people. They had an abundance of experience, and Patelocke was able to identify the crux of the issue extremely quickly.

Figuring out how to run from a Light Shaking Realm cultivator would be much better than figuring out how to fight one.

After all, the former was much easier to accomplish.

Patelocke first helped Su Chen find the right direction.

“How do you think I should accomplish that?” Su Chen asked.

Patelocke quickly replied, “Your Shadow Substance is pretty good. Slipping into the darkness would be quite a good way to escape.”

Su Chen shook his head. “I haven’t completed my research on Hemolytic Totems. If I used it on myself now, I would lose out on any improvements I could make.”

Patelocke laughed, “Who said you had to use it on yourself? You can just make an Origin Tool specifically used to carry the Hemolytic Totem.”

“Hm?” Su Chen was stunned.

He had never thought of that before.

This whole time, he had been researching how to increase a person’s strength, but he had never thought of applying this research to creating Origin Tools.

This was very similar to the concept of contemporary Origin Skills.

Because humans were physically stronger than the Arcana Race and were envious of the powerful Origin Energy bodies of the Ferocious and Beast Races, they particularly valued developing along the lines of improving their own strength. They preferred not to rely on external objects. Instead, they focused on cultivating themselves. To the human race, this was always the popular way of doing things.

The Arcana Race was different, however. Because of their lower physical fitness, no one was as good as them at relying on external objects.

Bloodline Extraction Instrument, Origin Energy Temple, Consciousness Converter Instrument, Sark’s Nuclei, etc. - these inventions could all single-handedly affect an entire race. It was obvious what level the Arcana Race had reached in the use of external items.

To Patelocke, Su Chen was becoming biased in his research of Hemolytic Totems. In reality, there were absolutely better directions that he could take.

“Turn it into an Origin Tool?”

“Yes, turn it into an Origin Tool! You’re too stubborn about the way the Ferocious Race implemented their totemic inscriptions, but you’ve overlooked the fact that it can just be a reference. The whole point of having intelligence is to make something that is best suited for you. You can definitely turn your Hemolytic Totem into an Origin Tool; that way, it can be of use to you in its current state, but you won’t need to worry about any wasted potential.”

Su Chen’s eyes lit up. He had to admit that this was quite a good idea.

“But my Hemolytic Totem is designed to work on other humans and expends Origin Energy, while Origin Tools are powered by Origin Stones. There’s a big difference between the two. It might not be that easy to make the Origin Tool.”

“That’s not an issue. Did you know that there was a research branch during the Arcana Kingdom that studied how to incorporate Origin Tools into bodies?”

“Incorporate Origin Tools into bodies?” Su Chen was shocked.

“Yes. During the Arcana Kingdom period, the Arcana Race had all kinds of strange ideas, and countless Arcana Masters advanced wave after wave to realize these ideas. Even though most of them failed, some succeeded. Incorporating Origin Tools into an Arcana Race body and using the hard metal to make up for the Arcana Race’s weak physique was one way of thinking. We called them Mechanical Arcana Masters, a special branch of alchemists.”

“Are you proficient in that?”

“I’m proficient in lifeform alteration, and Mechanical Arcana Masters touch on this science somewhat. Am I proficient? My answer is: if you need me to make shallow improvements, I can do it, but anything deeper requires a sufficiently deep understanding of Mechanical Origin Tools, and that’s not within my abilities. But the one you have right now isn’t so complicated.”

Su Chen laughed, “Mechanical improvements, is it? Seems like I’m about to try out something new. But even if I can conceal myself, I might not be able to escape from a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.”

Even though the Shadow Substance could cause a person to disappear, that didn’t mean that it was invincible.

A person could still be hit by attacks even if they were concealed in the darkness.

When a person’s cultivation base reached the Light Shaking Realm, the essence of their strength would change. They might not be able to wipe out a city with a single palm strike, but a dozen or so would be more than enough to finish the job.

If a Light Shaking Realm cultivator were to attack Su Chen, they would only need a single palm strike to unleash a strike almost a thousand feet in circumference without any issues. Even if Su Chen concealed himself immediately, he might not be able to escape that danger zone. That year, when Zhao Yu had single-handedly neutralized the Immortal Temple’s attack, he had been able to protect the entire plaza.

As for the battle in the bamboo forest, the scale of destruction wasn’t as large. However, that was because all the opponents were clearly visible. As such, everyone concentrated the scope of their energy output. There was no need for them to carelessly scatter their energy; after all, doing that would also decrease the power of their attacks.

But with Su Chen’s current strength, a Light Shaking Realm cultivator wouldn’t need to concentrate their strength to finish him off.

“That’s why we also need another tactic. Apart from concealing yourself, rapid movement techniques to escape from battle is always the best choice. Think for a moment - what is the best escape technique you possess?”

Su Chen shook his head. “Snaking Mist Steps? No, it cannot make me faster than a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.”

Every person who could reach the Light Shaking Realm was a monster who could fly through the air.

“I’m not talking about the Snaking Mist Steps but something even better. It’s just that you’ve never seen it as important,” Patelocke said leisurely.

“What?” Su Chen froze for a moment. “You mean......”

“Whitetower Teleportation. You don’t actually know what a marvelous Ancient Arcana Technique that is, right?”

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