Chapter 75: Many Ways to Defend Against Light Shaking

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 75: Many Ways to Defend Against Light Shaking

Su Chen truly didn’t place much importance on Whitetower Teleportation.

It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good technique, but that it was just too complicated.

It was so complicated that Su Chen basically couldn’t use it as he pleased in battle; he had to make preparations in advance in order to use it.

Because it included Origin Energy Patterns, Su Chen could prepare a Whitetower Teleportation pattern before the battle, then use it at any time during the battle. However, after that, it was virtually impossible for him to use it again.

Its overly complicated Origin Energy Pattern diminished its value in actual combat, so Su Chen had never placed too much importance on it.

Because Origin Energy Patterns could only be stored for a certain length of time, Su Chen had it ready on hand all the time. As such, the number of times he used it grew even lower.

Patelocke had actually brought it up at this point.

Su Chen froze for a moment before shaking his head. “No, Whitetower Teleportation is too complicated, and the distance I can teleport is too short as well.”

“That’s because you haven’t seen its true colors yet,” Patelocke replied. “If I’m not wrong, Whitetower Teleportation should be a tier-lowered version of Void Jumping.”

“Void Jumping?”

“That’s right. Void Jumping was one of the most outstanding void-type Ancient Arcana Techniques during the Arcana Kingdom. Void Jumping isn’t a skill that takes you the furthest, but it’s the easiest and fastest to use out of all of them. The Arcana Master who created Void Jumping, Lamier, relied on it to accomplish the legendary feat of wiping out a Ferocious Race tribe single-handedly. It is a great movement skill that can be used to teleport constantly within a certain area and escape. Even though one won’t jump very far every time one activates the skill, activating it repeatedly can have the same effect of quickly escaping from the battlefield. In addition, the decreased teleportation distance of Void Jumping is just relative. A perfect Void Jump can take you all the way from Clear River City’s west gate all the way to its east gate.”

“But when I use it, I can’t even jump from the library to the guest room.”

“That’s because what you have is a low-tiered version. The reason why I believe that Whitetower Teleportation is a low-tiered version of Void Jumping is because the Whitetower branch of skills was created by Lamier. I have to admit that he was truly gifted. He wasn’t obsessed with researching some new area or subject; rather, he constantly focused on simplifying Ancient Arcana Techniques so that Arcana Race individuals of lower tiers would be able to use these powerful Ancient Arcana Techniques in some manner as well.”

Su Chen shrugged. “The world has no lack of dreamers.”

From Ulrich, who he had met first, to Mainbrooke, then to Patelocke, and finally to Lamier who Patelocke was speaking about, Su Chen could see that there were too many existences who had their own dreams and goals.

Every person was thirsting for something and pursuing something to the point that they would shed their own blood for it.

Regardless of what their motivation or means were, their ability to dream and the effort they put into achieving those dreams was commendable and also the foundation for their ability to achieve some kind of success.

Lamier’s dream was for lower-tier Arcana Race individuals to be able to control more powerful Arcana Techniques.

As such, he had always focused his efforts on lowering the required tier for use of Arcana Techniques.

Void-related skills were extremely valuable, regardless of whether they were contemporary Origin Skills or Ancient Arcana Techniques.

For instance, Ji Ruoyu, who had a void-type Demonic Beast Bloodline, still could only sense the void. He couldn’t use any teleportation Origin Skills. Evidently, these types of skills were extremely mysterious and hard to obtain.

In fact, it had been said for a long time that normal people shouldn’t even think about void teleportation Origin Skills until they reached the Light Shaking Realms. Even with an innate bloodline, they would need to reach the Yang Opening Realm before they could teleport.

Whitetower Teleportation had broken that restriction, however, and Su Chen was able to use it even as a Qi Drawing Scholar. In addition, it was totally separate from a bloodline, further demonstrating its impressiveness.

Patelocke said, “Lamier succeeded in simplifying Void Jumping down to Whitetower Teleportation. Even though this complicated the Origin Energy Pattern and limited the jumping distance, decreasing its practical usability, it was still a success either way. You’re lucky you only used it from time to time in the past and your opponents didn’t notice anything wrong. If you use Whitetower Teleportation in front of an expert, believe me, they will definitely try and seize this technique from you.”

This gave Su Chen quite a surprise. He muttered, “Whitetower Teleportation’s combat usefulness isn’t that high, but they would fight over it...... is it possible to turn it back into Void Jumping?”

“Hahahaha!” Patelocke laughed loudly. “You finally understand. That’s right. Whitetower Teleportation is based on a reduction of Void Jumping, so it definitely contains a complete reduction method. In other words, every time your cultivation base goes up a tier, you can remove a part of the Ancient Arcana Technique’s Origin Energy Pattern that is unnecessary, making it simpler yet more powerful.”

“So that’s how it is?” Su Chen’s eyes lit up. “Whitetower Teleportation is like an Origin Skill that’s been sealed, and as my cultivation base progresses I can progressively unseal it before finally revealing its powerful intrinsic ability.”

“That’s exactly right.”

“So do you know how to cut it off?”

Patelocke spread his hands helplessly. “I do not.”

Even though Ulrich had left Whitetower Teleportation behind, he hadn’t left a way to upgrade its tier behind. Truthfully speaking, he didn’t have it either.

Su Chen was a bit frustrated, but afterwards, he began to laugh again, “If you don’t know, then you don’t know. I’ll figure out a way to break through. It’s just a game of simplifying an Origin Energy Pattern. As long as I get rid of the unnecessary components and keep the necessary parts, I believe that I’ll be able to do it.”

“That’s right. If you do it bit by bit, like unwrapping a silk cocoon, you’ll be able to do it. I even think that Lamier might have purposely avoided leaving behind the technique to unseal it so that people would need to rely on their own efforts to recover or even improve the Arcana Technique he left behind. What level will it recover to in the coming days, I wonder? Will it be the same Void Jumping, or will it become a completely new Ancient Arcana Technique in the hands of a different person? It’s hard to say.”

Su Chen laughed, “Interesting. Leaving behind an Ancient Arcana Technique is the same as leaving behind limitless possibilities. I like it!”

“Then diligently research it. Right now, you’re in the Blood Boiling Realm. If you can get some solid results, Whitetower Teleportation’s jumping distance will at least double, and it will be easier to use as well. If you add the Shadow Substance, perhaps you’ll be able to escape from the attacks of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.”

“Perhaps?” Su Chen repeated.

He knit his eyebrows.

He wasn’t putting in so much effort just for a “perhaps”.

“Yes, perhaps,” Patelocke said with certainty. “Light Shaking is Light Shaking. You can never overestimate them.”

“I hate that answer.”

“Then continue your efforts and try and accumulate more trump cards for yourself.”

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