Chapter 78: Gloves

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 78: Gloves

“Blurp, blurp!”

The molten Comet Metal was poured into a prepared mold, then placed into a box of ice to quickly cool it.

The molten Comet Metal was then pulled out just before it solidified and poured into a new solution and mixed, forming a gel-like substance that slowly began to harden.

A specialized needle was drawn across the surface of the gel, forming intricate and complicated patterns.

“Focus on controlling your output of Origin Energy. The inscriptions themselves aren’t the most important, but the amount of Origin Energy you put in. The purpose of the inscriptions are to give the Origin Energy a pathway; there can be blocked pathways as long as the endpoint is the same. Focus on the Origin Energy!” Patelocke said quietly.

“The instructors in the Hidden Dragon Institute believe that the most talented formation masters are those who can draw the most accurate inscriptions. You’re telling me the exact opposite from what they said,” Su Chen replied as he continued to inscribe.

Even though he didn’t specialize in Origin Formations, he had made this particular one hundreds or even thousands of times. At this moment, he was entirely in his own element.

“Those guys are craftsmen, not masters!” Patelocke said with dissatisfaction. “Instructors of an elite institution? They just seem so-so. A truly outstanding institute wouldn’t teach you how to make completed Origin Skills but would teach you how to think, just like Shi Kaihuang, who only taught you the Origin Talisman Energy Formation.”

“He taught me Sumeru Void and Nirvana Hand.”

“Those are just supplementary. The ability to think for yourself is the most important,” Patelocke said angrily. “Every Arcana Master from the Arcana Kingdom was taught while they were still apprentices to learn to think for themselves, discover problems on their own, and have their own pursuits and goals. It’s because of this philosophy that the Arcana Kingdom was able to flourish and blossom, creating an innumerable number of mighty inventions!”

“I think the Arcana Kingdom produced so many inventions entirely because you guys have eyes that can see the microscopic world.”


“You don’t have to believe me, but think about it for a bit. If the Arcana Kingdom’s spirit is really that useful, then why did the second Arcana Kingdom disappear so quickly after it was established?

After the Arcana Kingdom was wiped out, a second Arcana Kingdom was established by Daniel Imbly, who wanted to recover the glory of the Arcana Kingdom.

In reality, however, the second Arcana Kingdom didn’t reestablish the glory of the former regime. Rather, it disappeared very quickly.

There were many reasons why the second Arcana Kingdom wasn’t wiped out. Everyone had their own reasonings.

Su Chen believed that the second Arcana Kingdom didn’t rise to the top was mainly because Daniel Imbly wasn’t a high-ranking Arcana Race individual.

High-ranking Arcana Race individuals had the microscopic eye, while common Arcana Race individuals did not.

After the Arcana Kingdom was wiped out, almost all of the high-ranking Arcana Race individuals were killed.

Even though Daniel Imbly created the second Arcana Kingdom, he didn’t have the microscopic eye because he wasn’t a high-ranking Arcana Race individual.

Without the microscopic eye, he could not observe the microscopic world. As such, he had lost a fundamental quality that made the Arcana Race the Arcana Race.

At this point in time, they discovered that the Arcana Race without the microscopic eye was nothing.

This was Su Chen’s opinion.

Of course, he didn’t deny that there were other reasons that could have led to the fall of the second Arcana Kingdom, but without a doubt, this was the most important.

Patelocke couldn’t muster up a temper when Su Chen put it that way.

However, the old man continued to stick to his way of thinking. “I still believe that only an institute that fosters an ability in its students to think independently and critically can be considered a good institute.”

“I don’t disagree with that, but that’s not very practical. It’s actually quite simple. If they only foster an ability to think and study independently, how would they assess strength and talent? If there’s no way to evaluate talent, do they just rely on fantastical and irresponsible boasting? Managing an institute is like managing a business; there needs to be a unified standard. Shi Kaihuang used a different method with me, but that doesn’t mean that it will work with everyone. In reality, the elites are always few in number, as are those who can think independently and those who can invent new things...... Actually, most people only know how to imitate and repeat what already exists. The world is actually created precisely by these kinds of people.”

“Then what about you? What are you?” Patelocke asked.

“Me?” Su Chen thought for a moment, then replied, “A pioneer.”

“A pioneer?”

“Yes. The world needs both people to pioneer and create. Being the former is always more difficult than the latter.”

“That’s why you put the technique for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline out there? Because you’re a pioneer?”

“It’d be more accurate to say that the moment I put the Blood Boiling Realm technique out there, I became a pioneer,” Su Chen said, adjusting his reasoning.

He laughed, “I’ve just led the human race into taking a single small step. How the human race proceeds depends on them.”

“It won’t be much longer before you’ll lead them into taking another step,” Patelocke said.

Shi Kaihuang had already notified him of the good news that a way to reach the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline was close at hand.

“It’s best if I focus on taking this step properly first,” Su Chen muttered.

He had finished inscribing one side and flipped the mold over, beginning to inscribe the other side.

What he was creating was a glove.

And it was just for the left hand.

When both sides of the glove had been engraved, Su Chen retracted the iron needle and pulled out some black powder, scattering it into the mold.

The powder contained Shadow Substance.

Su Chen had used all of his remaining Shadow Substance here.

After doing that, Su Chen then poured another vial of medicine into the mold, giving it an outer surface layer while it sealed the Origin Formation firmly on the inside of the gloves.

He then began another round of inscriptions.

He continued in this way, pouring on medicine and Shadow Substance, then encasing it with more gelatinous matter.

He repeated this for a total of seven layers, sealing six kinds of Origin Formations inside and completely exhausting his stores of Shadow Substance before completing the glove.

He pulled the glove out from the mold. It was clearly visible that even though the glove had seven layers on it, it couldn’t be considered thick. It felt soft to the touch, and because it was flesh-colored, anyone who wasn’t paying close attention wouldn’t be able to detect the glove’s existence.

Su Chen put the glove on his hand and felt around with it for a moment. He said, “It feels quite comfortable.”

“There’s just one step left now,” Patelocke said.

“That’s right!” Su Chen sighed.

A thin black piece of string was connected to the glove at the wrist. Su Chen slowly picked it up and inspected it, then said, “Old man, this is your method. If it’s not effective, don’t blame me for shattering your stone tablet.”

Patelocke laughed, “Don’t worry. I’ve done this kind of biological fusion thousands of times.”

“Let’s do it then.”

He poured his Origin Energy into the string, which became as hard as a needle.

As soon as this string entered into his body, it began to extend countless thin tendrils, taking root within Su Chen’s body like a plant growing in soil. It began to absorb Su Chen’s blood and Origin Energy at a furious rate.

“Ah!” Su Chen groaned.

The sudden siphoning of energy caused his vision to darken as he almost passed out.

Thankfully, Su Chen had made preparations earlier. He quickly opened a vial of medicine, then gulped it down.

Vial after vial was poured into his mouth.

The glove was like a vampire, furiously sucking Su Chen’s blood and Origin Energy. Even though Su Chen was drinking medicine like mad, he wouldn’t be able to withstand this kind of consumption.

Patelocke yelled, “Hold on! Just hold on for a bit longer! It’s almost done!”

The glove began to glow with a faint red light.

This red glow grew stronger and stronger until it was eye-piercingly bright. Suddenly, a column of light shot forth from it.

“Success!” Patelocke yelled.

Su Chen fiercely pulled the string and its tendrils out from within his body.

“Hiss!” The glove actually hissed sharply as if it were very unwilling. The string’s tendrils wiggled fiercely in the air for a long time before they finally began to disappear.

Su Shen hurriedly pulled the glove off and tossed it on the ground. The glove constantly wiggled and jumped on the ground, making all kinds of strange shapes.

“Dammit, what have I made now?” Su Chen cursed. “Are you sure this is an Origin Tool?”

“No,” Patelocke replied, “this is an Origin Energy Conductor.”

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