Chapter 79: Friends

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 79: Friends

Origin Energy Conductors were an invention from the Arcana Kingdom era. They were one of the masterpieces created by Mechanical Arcana Masters.

Whereas Origin Tools were closer to Origin Skills that had taken on physical forms, Origin Energy Conductors were meant to control Origin Substances. Yes, tens of thousands of years ago, the Arcana Race had discovered the existence of Origin Substances and had begun to analyze its fundamental properties and usage.

The fundamental difference between Origin Energy Conductors and Origin Tools was that as an object that directly controlled Origin Substances, its power could be upgraded.

Because of this, there was a legend that they possessed Origin Tools that could constantly be upgraded during the Arcana Kingdom era.

This actually referred to Origin Energy Conductors.

After the Arcana Kingdom was wiped out, no one had any microscopic eyes anymore or any blueprints for the creation of Origin Energy Conductors. All that remained was the simplest mechanical control over Origin Energy - Origin Tools.

As such, up to this point, there were still many who dreamed of these ancient “upgradable Origin Tools”. Of course, these people also believed that these items were only talked about in legends and were too good to be true.

Now, however, this dream had been realized in Su Chen’s hands.

This accomplishment was both a result of his own efforts and Patelocke’s continuous guidance.

“Origin Energy Conductor? So that’s what this is?” Su Chen muttered to himself as he stared at the glove.

Patelocke laughed, “Even though I wasn’t a Mechanical Arcana Master and don’t know how to create Origin Energy Conductors, I can tell that this is an Origin Energy Conductor. There might be some differences in terms of craftsmanship, but in intrinsic nature it’s the same. Congratulations, Su Chen - you’ve recreated the glory of ancient times, reviving a technique that was once lost.

Su Chen picked up the glove. The string from the glove automatically burrowed into his wrist, but this time it didn’t attempt to suck him dry. Rather, Su Chen could sense that his own blood, Qi, and Origin Energy were now intimately connected to this string as if this glove was just an extension of his own body. This was a completely different sensation to wielding an Origin Tool.

Yes, Origin Energy Conductors were like extensions of a person’s body!

At this moment, Su Chen had experienced it for himself firsthand.

With but a thought, a black sphere appeared in the palm of Su Chen’s left hand.

This black sphere began to expand, first swallowing up Su Chen’s left hand, then his arm, and then his entire body.

Very quickly, Su Chen’s entire body was covered by darkness.

Darkness Concealment!

Su Chen had finally mastered Darkness Concealment, but he had done so through this glove.

However, Su Chen also discovered that relying on the Origin Energy Conductor to control Darkness Concealment was different from how Gui Dashan, Chang’er, and the others used it. It would begin from the hand first and would need a period of time to spread from his hand to cover his entire body.

Even though this period of time wasn’t long, to an Origin Qi Scholar, even the tiniest flaw could make a difference. Disappearing instantaneously was going to be an issue.

There was nothing he could do about it. After all, this had come about because of the Origin Energy Conductor and was different in nature to Chang’er and the others, whose whole bodies had been covered in Hemolytic Totem inscriptions.

Next, Su Chen reappeared from the darkness, then raised his left hand again. A fiery glow radiated from his hand, and a Shadow Flame Giant began to take shape.

An instant later, Su Chen extinguished the Shadow Flame Giant.

Activating Darkness Concealment and Shadow Flame Giant in rapid succession had consumed quite a bit of the Shadow Substance within the glove, but the Origin Formations within the glove began to kick in, automatically absorbing the Shadow Origin Substance that had been released into the air.

Shadow Substance could only be absorbed in dark places. Because it wasn’t nighttime, its absorption capabilities weren’t very good. Su Chen did some calculations and found out that if he expended all of the Shadow Substance within the glove, he would need about three nights for it to completely recover.

Low storage capacity and slow recovery were also flaws of the Origin Energy Conductor.

But that wasn’t too big of a deal. It could all be improved.

Research was without end. Su Chen had to think first before he could improve, and he was already used to this kind of lifestyle.

“Overall, it’s quite good,” Su Chen said with satisfaction. “Right, how has your analysis of Whitetower Teleportation progressed?”

Su Chen had taught Patelocke Brooke’s Formula. When Patelocke had received the formula, he had also sighed with praise that Mainbrooke was truly a prodigy in Ancient Arcana Techniques.

There were many Arcana Race prodigies, but they had all perished eventually in the rivers of time. All that remained was their inextinguishable wisdom.

“I’ve already got some initial impressions,” Patelocke replied. He waved his illusory hand, and a decomposition of an exceptionally complicated Origin Pattern appeared in front of Su Chen.

Patelocke explained to Su Chen the purpose behind every rearrangement or deletion of the Origin Pattern.

Su Chen nodded as he listened. It was obvious that Patelocke had put a lot of effort into it.

“You did well, Patelocke, but I think that the way you did it is still a bit too cautious,” Su Chen said.


“Yes, cautious. For instance, take a look at this.” Su Chen pointed at one of the Origin Pattern components and said, “This pattern is used to protect the user, right? We can get rid of it.”

“Void Jumping places a large burden on the body of the user even if the jumping distance is very short. Almost half of the Origin Pattern components in Whitetower Teleportation are used to protect lower-tier users, but you actually want to get rid of one of these protective components?” Patelocke said with surprise.

“That’s because this Arcana Technique isn’t designed for humans to use, but humans have much stronger physiques than Arcana Race individuals. We can definitely remove some of the protective components. In fact, when I used Whitetower Teleportation previously, I never felt any kind of dizziness or sickness when I jumped. This means that Whitetower Teleportation has ample protective measures in place for me...... and ample means that there is waste. What I need is a way to activate it more quickly and jump further, not to protect myself as much as possible.”

“Oh.” Patelocke rubbed his chin. “That makes sense to me. If that’s the case, I can try to simplify it further as long as you aren’t worried that I’m trying to kill you.”

“Don’t worry, Patelocke. My greatest virtue is that I know who my enemy is. As long as you keep doing things well, I can consider helping you find a body in the future.”

“So you’ve learned how to dangle a carrot in front of a donkey, have you?” Patelocke laughed.

“No, this is just a promise between friends.”

“Friends,” Patelocke repeated.

Then, he laughed, “Are we already friends?”

“Of course, Patelocke. Unless you aren’t willing.”

“No, I’m willing! Of course I’m willing! I’ve lived for thirty thousand years as a specter, but now I have a friend, and one with a seemingly far-reaching path at that! Hahahaha, then, Su Chen, you must continue to live on. I’ll be waiting for the body that you’ve promised me.”

“Then it’s settled!” Su Chen replied.

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