Chapter 93: Discovery

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 93: Discovery

Within the Evil Tiger Gang’s main storehouses.

Yu Wei carefully undid the restrictions. The Origin Formations Disk shone with a bright light.

As this light began to spread like water, an invisible door on the main storehouse’s walls silently opened.

Yu Wei’s face revealed an excited smile.

The Evil Tiger Gang’s main storehouse was guarded extremely tightly. Even if he was a storehouse guard, he couldn’t possibly steal from the storehouses as he pleased. In reality, he was only responsible for the outer storehouses. The treasures within the interior storehouse were personally overseen by Jin Zhongyi.

After Jin Zhongyi had been killed, the Evil Tiger Gang was thrown into chaos. The deputy leaders of the gang fought for power to try and take the leader position for themselves. However, because of Jin Zhongyi’s narrow style, no Yang Opening Realm cultivators or above were admitted, so all the deputy leaders were all very close in cultivation base. In the end, no one submitted to anyone else, and they were still fighting it out within the main hall.

This gave Yu Wei an opportunity to sneak in.

Because he didn’t have the authority to enter the interior storehouse, Yu Wei had to spend some effort to break through the restrictions.

Once he opened the interior storehouse, Yu Wei entered.

There weren’t any gold, silver, or precious stones, but there were a few Origin Tools within. To Origin Qi Scholars, only things that were related to their cultivation had any value.

Apart from Origin Tools, there were a few precious cultivation ingredients and materials.

For instance, an Origin Energy Medicine that could decrease cultivation time, precious ingredients and resources that could be used to strengthen different types of Origin Skills or a person’s individual strength, etc.

However, Yu Wei was totally uninterested in these things.

He walked over to a small wooden chest on the side, carefully scanning the surroundings of the chest before carefully opening it and pulling out a black crystal ball from inside.

“The Darkness Crystal is finally mine!” Yu Wei said with joy.

He stowed the Darkness Crystal away and turned around to leave. Just as he was about to leave through the door, a black dagger suddenly appeared in Yu Wei’s hand as he slashed the air in front of him.


Blood sprayed through the air as a figure tumbled to the ground seemingly out of nowhere. It was Feng the Second of the four Shadow Servants. A long, deep wound was across his chest; if it weren’t for his instantaneous reaction, this slash would have cut him in half. Even so, the wound wasn’t light. He stared incredulously at his opponent. “You...... how did you know?”

As a Shadow Servant, this was the first time that he had been discovered by someone before even making a move.

Yu Wei said disdainfully, “Did your master not tell you? Unless you conceal yourself in the void, the temperature, heartbeat, breathing, and footsteps of a human can all reveal you. Concealment does not equal invincibility. Having only concealment techniques without the corresponding abilities makes you like a candle in the darkness to me.”

As he spoke, he suddenly roared and turned around, slashing his blade around himself again.

With a “clang”, another person tumbled onto the ground. It was Gui Dashan.

Gui Dashan had been known for his strength when he was a mountain bandit, but when faced with Yu Wei’s blade slash, he was as weak as a child and was sent flying. Because he had been prepared, he wasn’t wounded, but he stared at Yu Wei in shock. “How could this be possible? You’re just in the Qi Drawing Realm cultivator!”

“Haha!” Yu Wei tilted his head back and laughed. “Hasn’t your master defeated many Yang Opening Realm cultivators even though he’s only in the Blood Boiling Realm? What? Is only your master allowed to jump tiers and not anyone else?”

“So you already know who we are?” Another person appeared. It was Li the Fourth.

“Bureau Head Su, isn’t that right? Him and his Cliff Race servant. That’s not any kind of secret,” Yu Wei replied.

“Master has been waiting for you to look for him for a long time, but you never came,” Jin the Fifth appeared and said. Since concealment wasn’t going to fool their opponent, there was no point in remaining hidden.

“The Fate Box has already been opened and the consciousness energy has already been dispersed everywhere. What point is there in finding him? Anyways, telling him I would return was just a tactic to stall anyways so that your master wouldn’t try to hunt me down. Unexpectedly, he was still able to find me.”

Gui Dashan coldly harrumphed. “It wasn’t us looking for you but you looking to die yourself. The matter had already been resolved, and Master wouldn’t have come looking for you specifically. But since you dared to wound Iron Cliff despite knowing that he was Master’s servant, how could Master possibly let you get off easy?”

“He’s just a servant. If Su Chen wants another one, I can send him many more,” Yu Wei replied.

Even though he was a Spirit Race puppet, his tone in speaking was like he was a high-status individual.

Feng the Second said viciously, “You’ll still need to pay a price for this servant here.”

“Just by relying on you few?” Yu Wei stared at Gui Dashan and the others, totally unconcerned.

In terms of cultivation base, Gui Dashan and Feng the Second were all at the peak of the Blood Boiling Realm, and Li the Fourth and Jin the Fifth were all at the peak of the Qi Drawing Realm. With Su Chen’s adjustment and training, their strength had increased dramatically.

Yu Wei, however, didn’t seem to care. He only said, “Four pieces of trash don’t need to try and pretend to be something in front of me. If you don’t want to die, get out of here. The treasures in this storehouse and those Origin Tools and precious ingredients can all be yours.”

If it were the past, these words would have been enough to bribe the four of them.

However, after following Su Chen for this past year, they all knew what kind of person Su Chen was and what kinds of tactics he employed. They were filled with faith concerning their future as well. They neither dared nor willed to betray him.

Yu Wei’s warning only resulted in the four of them unsheathing their weapons and charging in.

“Courting death!” A vicious light flashed across Yu Wei’s eyes. The black dagger in his hands waved, creating a black claw made out of light.

He was only in the Qi Drawing Realm, so his bloodline power was much more inferior to Gui Dashan’s and the other’s. However, this blade strike was filled with unusual power.

Gui Dashan felt a wave of dizziness wash over him, and his reaction was a bit slower. By the time he started to move in response, the blade strike had already reached him.

“Eldest Brother, be careful!”

Feng the Second flew in at this moment to save him, knocking him to the side and allowing him to barely avoid it.

Feng the Second yelled, “Everyone be careful. This guy has Soul Petrifying techniques that can drastically slow down our reactions. I was also hit by this earlier.”

Yu Wei laughed coldly, “Is this something that being careful can protect you from?”

He turned around and slashed again, this time at Jin the Fifth.

Just as he said, even though Jin the Fifth was prepared in his heart, his movements still slowed as the blade strike headed for him. The stupor placed on his consciousness was extremely hard to resist. Li the Fourth charged out from the side, forcing Yu Wei to defend himself with his blade, allowing Jin the Fifth to narrowly escape as well.

Li the Fourth, however, was now in danger, and he was saved by Gui Dashan.

This Yu Wei gave each person a blade strike. His unassuming movements pressured the four of them into an extremely awkward predicament. They were totally reliant on their numbers to save and support each other as they desperately hung on.

Two Blood Boiling Realm cultivators and two Qi Drawing Realm cultivators, even with the support of the Hemolytic Totem, found it extremely difficult to fight a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator. The shock in their hearts made them retract their earlier underestimation of their opponents as they hung on with great difficulty.

Yu Wei frowned. “You clearly aren’t my opponents, but you still hold on desperately and seem to be trying to delay for time. It looks like you’re waiting for reinforcements. If that’s the case, I can’t let you delay any longer, but that’s fine too; the faster I take care of you, the less problems it’ll cause me.”

As he spoke, he swept his hand through the air calmly, creating profound talismanic inscriptions in the air. Then, he placed his hand on the ground, causing black smoke and fog to begin to pour out of the ground endlessly.

This was the technique that Wei Liancheng had used previously to singlehandedly obstruct the entire Long Clan.

Even though the Shadow Servants hadn’t made a move back then, as Su Chen’s trump card they had always followed him closely. As such, they had clearly seen what had happened that day.

When he saw this scene, Feng the Second realized that the situation wasn’t good. He yelled, “Careful, retreat!”

Within the fog, mournful wails began to sound out.

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