Chapter 94: Obstruction

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 94: Obstruction

A fear-inducing pressure emanated from the smoke as shrill screams and mournful howls could be heard coming from within the smoke, as if there were countless ghosts hidden inside.

“There’s something in the smoke!” Jin the Fifth yelled loudly.

He was the first one to experience the strange circumstances within the smoke.

These existences weren’t describable. They couldn’t be seen or touched, but they could harm him. He felt as if something was eating him alive, yet had no way of attacking them. All he could do was furiously wave his battle blade around. One of his arms was already beginning to decay at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Quick, retreat!” Gui Dashan yelled frantically.

“You still think you can get away?” Yu Wei said darkly from within the smoke. “Since the Imprisoned Fiend Fog has already spread, you’d better sit there obediently and become their food.”

Following his words, the chilly aura and the fear it caused became even more tangible.

The four of them discovered that they had nowhere to run. This dark fog was like a formation that firmly hemmed them in, making it impossible for them to escape.

The invisible biting only grew more intense. Jin the Fifth howled with panic.He futilely swung his blade and used the Armor Piercing Awl and Raging Inferno Fists one after the other, but he had no way of harming these invisible existences. However, his instinctual responses to danger caused him to bring out all of the skills that he knew, even Shadow Concealment.

The instant he activated Shadow Concealment, his surroundings suddenly quieted down.

Jin the Fifth paused for a moment, stunned. He discovered that the darkness that had threatened to consume him had suddenly stopped biting him. All that surrounded him was a deathly silence.

“This is......” Jin the Fifth was stunned, but he didn’t feel any further attacks.

Shadow Concealment was effective?

Jin the Fifth began to yell loudly, “Hide yourselves! Hide yourselves! It works against these creatures!”

When they heard his yells, Gui Dashan and the others simultaneously activated Shadow Concealment and found that indeed, the strange creatures within the fog suddenly seemed to lose track of their targets and stopped attacking them, even if they spoke loudly.

“Oh?” Yu Wei evidently hadn’t thought that this kind of development would happen. “I never expected that your concealment technique allows you to evade the detection of these fiends. Indeed, you have some skill. But if this is the case, I don’t have a way to kill you anymore. This really is a pain.”

Yu Wei was beginning to grow impatient.

He knew that the more he tarried, the more disadvantageous the situation would be for him. If Su Chen were to get there, he would be the one in danger.

When he thought of this, Yu Wei decided to immediately try and leave.

He had finally given up on his intentions of killing these people.

He made another mistake. If he had tried to leave while he still had the advantage, Gui Dashan and the others really might not have bugged him anymore.

But now that his advantage was gone, how could they dare let him go?

This was human nature. People often didn’t know how to quit while they were still ahead. Yu Wei was this way, but so was Gui Dashan.

Upon seeing that Yu Wei was trying to leave, Gui Dashan said harshly, “You want to leave just like this even after wounding my brothers? Do you really think you’re going to get away that easily? You’d better stay for me!”

The octagonal hammer in his hand swung with great momentum at Yu Wei.

The dagger glowed with a black light, slamming into the hammer and causing sparks to fly everywhere. Yu Wei was forced back half a step as he grunted.

He was still a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator in the end; in a pure conflict of strength, Yu Wei didn’t actually have the upper hand.

“Courting death!” The fiery-hot killing intent in Yu Wei’s eyes thickened. He glared at Gui Dashan, whose body froze. Simultaneously, Yu Wei’s dagger pierced Gui Dashan’s body. Because they were separated by the fog, the other people couldn’t save him; they could only watch as Yu Wei’s dagger plunged into Gui Dashan’s body.

“Boss!” the three of them cried simultaneously as they charged forward.

Yu Wei pulled his dagger out and retreated, kicking out and sending Gui Dashan flying.

The three of them caught Gui Dashan as he fell and began to retreat.

“Want to run?” Yu Wei coldly laughed as he charged forward.

Just before this, he had been trying to run, but now that he had the advantage he was trying to kill his opponents first before leaving.

Under the influence of the Imprisoned Fiends Fog, the four of them had difficulty retreating. Yu Wei attacked with another blade strike.

It was the same Soul Petrifying technique he had used earlier. This time, it was Li the Fourth who was struck. A dagger pierced his chest through.

Yu Wei laughed in delight and was about to pull his blade out when he discovered that he wasn’t actually able to.

He discovered to his shock that Li the Fourth was holding onto the dagger firmly as he glared intently at himself.

At the same time, Feng the Second and Jin the Fifth simultaneously charged in from the flank.

Two splashes of blood flew into the air.

“AH!” Yu Wei finally let out the first cry of pain he had made during this whole battle.

Even though he had some Origin Skills with very unique effects, he was still a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator, and his life force was still significantly weaker than a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator’s. This attack gave him significant internal injuries.

Yu Wei was both stunned and infuriated. He wasn’t afraid of dying; as a puppet of the Spirit Race, there was no need for him to fear death, but he had received an order from his master and absolutely needed to hand the item over to his master. If he died, he would have failed in his mission.

As such, he immediately discarded the dagger and retreated.

This time, he was really trying to run. He vowed silently in his heart that no matter what his opponents did, he absolutely needed to escape as quickly as possible.

However, his opponents were determined to lay their lives on the line now. Li the Fourth’s serious wounds revived the valiant attitude these mountain bandits had in the past. Ignoring their own wounds, they all charged forward, trying to entangle him. Even Gui Dashan did his best to compress his own wounds and stood up, charging forward again.

“Dammit!” Yu Wei cursed with anger.

The three people in front of him were going all-out, making it impossible for him to escape.

Seeing that he didn’t have much time left, Yu Wei braced himself and said savagely, “If you want to die, then you can all die together!”

As he spoke, he violently coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

This mouthful of blood, spat out into the black fog, turned the fog red. Within the red fog, the strange creatures slowly began to assume physical form.

These creatures were incredibly complex and hard to describe with words alone. They looked like someone had taken some pieces of clay, taken a piss on them, then carelessly squeezed it a couple times. Each one looked different from the next, twisting and maneuvering their deformed bodies as they wailed mournfully.

The invisible ghosts ambushing them from before were these strange creatures.

Only this time, these creatures had revealed their true colors. A fierce aura emanated from them and enveloped the entire battleground. The Shadow Concealment also seemed to lose its effectiveness, and the creatures began to howl and charge in their directions.

The tables were turned once again. Gui Dashan and the others were immediately surrounded by these strange creatures.

This time, Yu Wei didn’t change his mind. He glanced at Gui Dashan and the others as he turned around to escape.

Just as he was about to leave, two figures appeared off in the distance.

Yu Wei knew the situation wasn’t good. He began to escape at full-speed.

“Master, he’s the one!” Gui Dashan was quite able to endure; even in this kind of situation, he was able to point at Yu Wei and yell, “He took something with him!”

The two figures charged forwards like they were flying.

“You chase after him. I’ll take care of rescuing them!” Su Chen said.

“Got it!” Ji Hanyan assented. She shot off in hot pursuit of Yu Wei.

Su Chen gestured. A large swathe of flames surged forward, slamming into the monsters’ bodies and causing countless piercing howls.

Once the creatures had taken on physical form, their attacks had become much more direct and they could now discover concealed existences, but they had lost their most effective way of defending themselves.

The fierce flames generated by Su Chen turned everything into a pile of ash.

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