Chapter 95: Coercion and Trickery

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 95: Coercion and Trickery

A gust of wind blew by, scattering the ashes. Only Gui Dashan and two others were left.

Li the Fourth died.

He hadn’t died to Yu Wei’s dagger, but rather the deformed monsters that had appeared afterwards. Because of his wounds, he had no way of extricating himself, and he had been devoured by those monsters.

By the time Su Chen had turned them to ashes, all that remained of Li the Fourth was half of a body.

When Su Chen saw this, his heart involuntarily sank.

If Li the Fourth’s cultivation base had been a bit higher, he might not have needed to die. Su Chen could easily have helped him accomplish this, but he had ignored it.

“I’ll leave Li the Fourth’s posthumous matters to you all. Just do what you did with Old Third. Go ahead and take all the things within the storehouse to raise your cultivation bases and increase your strength,” Su Chen said as he tossed the three of them a Recovery Medicine each.

The things in the storehouse belong to us?

Gui Dashan and the others were stunned when they heard this. “Master.”

“Hurry up and break through. You’ll be able to better do things for me,” Su Chen said indifferently as he left.

Gui Dashan and the others felt overjoyed in their hearts.

Su Chen walked out of the storehouse and was greeted by Ji Hanyan hauling Yu Wei back with her.

Yu Wei wasn’t afraid at all. He stared at Su Chen. “Su Chen, you’ve stuck your hands into too many things.”

“It seems to me that you’re trying to reach too far.” Su Chen stuck his hand inside Yu Wei’s robe and pulled out the black crystal.

When she saw this item, Ji Hanyan frowned. “There’s a very strong dark force within this thing.”

“I’m more willing to believe that this is a darkness-type medium that is very much alive.”

Ji Hanyan was befuddled by this. Evidently, she had no idea what he was talking about.

However, her focus was not on that. She jerked Yu Wei’s head up by the hair and asked, “Where is your master?”

Yu Wei chuckled darkly, “If you know my master is of the Spirit Race, do you really think that threatening me will be effective?”

“Yes, puppets are not afraid of dying. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get the answers that I want from you,” Su Chen said as he placed his hand on Yu Wei’s forehead. “I have a kind of technique that allows me to search your memories. If you aren’t willing to tell me, I’ll find it for myself.”

“No!” Yu Wei’s expression changed drastically.

Su Chen’s hand was already on his forehead. Just as he was about to activate his technique, a sharp screech sounded out. A swath of black fog enveloped the surroundings, immediately plunging the area into darkness. Immediately afterwards, the sound of biting and chewing could be heard.

“Who is it?” Su Chen barked sharply.

“Hehehehe!” A strange laugh echoed seemingly from everywhere. It was impossible to determine the source of the laughter or what direction it was coming from.

Ji Hanyan attacked furiously, chilly wind and biting frost flying everywhere. The entire surrounding area began to be covered by frost, clashing with the black fog and creating a snowy black fog. The strange, mournful wails only grew more intense.

However, the laughing didn’t stop and only continued to echo. Su Chen gestured, and a wave of flames surged forward.

The ice and flames mixed together, the brilliant light from the flames scattered by the ice crystals. The black fog dissipated slightly and grew thin.

As if they had encountered some powerful expert, Su Chen and Ji Hanyan both leapt into the air, using their most powerful skills at the same time. They totally ignored the fact that they were still in someone else’s territory, and no one else paid any more attention to Yu Wei.

At this moment, a voice sneaked its way into his ears. “Are you not going to leave and return the item to me?”

An item flew into Yu Wei’s hand. It was that Darkness Crystal.

Yu Wei was shocked. He yelled, “Master!”

He turned tail and booked it.

He sprinted furiously the whole way. He glanced behind him and found that a fiery glow had lit up the whole sky.

Yu Wei knew that his mission this time was to return the Darkness Crystal as he continued to run.

Perhaps because of the surging adrenaline and the importance of the mission at hand, Yu Wei felt that he ran particularly fast today. He very quickly ran out of Clear River City until he arrived at a nearby mountain and ran inside.

As he ran and ran, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

The two sides had created such a commotion, but why hadn’t the Evil Tiger Gang reacted in the slightest?

Also, why would his master, with his calm, cool demeanor, come and save him?

Furthermore...... the terrain in this place was a bit strange. It didn’t look like a place he was familiar with.

He glanced around at his surroundings. The more he looked, the more he realized there was a problem.

He stopped in his tracks. “No! Something’s very wrong!”

Following his yell, his surroundings began to melt away. The mountain, the water, and the city walls off in the distance all disappeared. He was still kneeling on the ground, and the person standing in front of him was still Su Chen. The words “......doesn’t mean that I can’t get the answers that I want from you” gradually became audible.

“So we were still found out in the end. What a pity.” Su Chen pulled his hand back, but his expression didn’t appear regretful. He said to Ji Hanyan, “That Spirit Race individual should be within Little South Mountain. Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with the surroundings of Little South Mountain, so the illusion I created of Little South Mountain weren’t very realistic, which resulted in us being found out.”

“This is already enough,” Ji Hanyan replied.

“NO!” Yu Wei yelled hysterically. He leapt to his feet and charged at Su Chen, glaring with hatred.

Su Chen pushed his palm out onto Yu Wei’s forehead. Yu Wei’s figure trembled for a moment before sagging to the ground.

This person had already become a slave to the Spirit Race and couldn’t be saved anymore. Death was an escape for him.

The Evil Tiger Gang’s main hall was filled with people. Evidently, people had discovered the commotion happening over here and had come to take a look.

“Let’s leave now to save us some trouble.”

The few of them left discreetly. Before leaving, Gui Dashan lit a torch and set the storehouse on fire.

News of the Evil Tiger Gang’s boss death and their storehouse being robbed spread very quickly.

Immediately afterwards, another shocking piece of news arrived: The Long Clear Gang’s Wang Wenxin had charged into the Evil Tiger Gang’s headquarters. At that time, the deputy leaders of the Evil Tiger Gang were still fighting to become the leader. Wang Wenxin arrived and subdued them all forcefully, incorporating the Evil Tiger Gang into his jurisdiction. In the end, the Evil Tiger Gang was assimilated, and the territory belonging to them was taken over by the Long Clear Gang.

The other criminal gangs didn’t hear about it until it was too late. By the time they discovered it, the Evil Tiger Gang had already begun to fly the Long Clear Gang’s flag and had been officially assimilated, causing the other leaders of the gangs to stomp the ground with rage.

Some who were unwilling to accept this development made an appointment to meet with Wang Wenxin, while the more violent ones made plans to secretly attack. Wang Wenxin didn’t show any weakness either. For some time, Clear River City was thrown into turmoil. The disappearance of an Evil Tiger Gang actually created quite a bit of unrest.

Those gangs were all supported by the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans. Their mutual conflict made weakened the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans as well, forcing them to send people to calm the warring groups. They wasted a lot of time and energy to be able to de-escalate the situation.

While Clear River City was in a period of chaos, no one noticed that Su Chen and Ji Hanyan had taken some people with them and quietly left Clear River City.

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