Chapter 10: Discovered

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 10: Discovered

“Run!” Su Chen yelled internally as soon as the Sand Race individual said, “Spy!”

He Xu knew the situation wasn’t good. He turned around and bolted.

“After him!”

All of the Sand Race individuals present charged forwards, howling madly, but Zhu Xianyao’s only reaction was that her eyebrow jumped up slightly. Zhu Baiyu glanced at Zhu Xianyao, who shook her head slightly, before returning to his seat.

As for Pall, he merely harrumphed, “A tiny mouse? A tiny mouse dares appear in my castle? Catch him. We’ll have a nice, long chat with him.”

Hordes of Sand Race individuals were after him now. He Xu fled as fast as he could.

“He won’t be able to get away.” Shi Mingfeng’s expression was deathly pale.

At this point, if He Xu was still able to get away, the Sand Race might as well commit suicide right there and then. The only reason that He Xu could still run around like this was because the Sand Race’s powerful experts disdained at making a move personally. But if he were to run outside of a certain distance, then the powerful experts would definitely make a move.

Su Chen yelled into the mirror, “He Xu, listen to me. Don’t try to run outside of the castle. They won’t let you get out of there! Right now, stay within the castle’s walls and try to buy time. We’ll come and save you.”

“Save me? Are you joking?” He Xu responded

“No, because I’m coming in right now!” Su Chen replied.

As he spoke, he ran towards the castle.

Shi Mingfeng was stunned. “Are you crazy!? Going in now is just looking for death! The plan has already failed, and what we need to do is immediately leave!”

“Yes, but we need to get him out first.” Su Chen didn’t even look back as he sprinted forwards.

He quickly arrived at the castle wall. The hole that He Xu had opened up was still there.

The hole was very small.

“You can’t even get past this first step,” Shi Mingfeng said.

Then, he watched as Su Chen pulled out a vial of medicine and downed it. An instant later, his body began to grow longer.

“How is this possible?”

Shi Mingfeng was instantly rendered speechless.

This was He Xu’s Bloodline Origin Skill. How could Su Chen use it?

Had he broken through in just the span of a few short days?

Yes, Su Chen had broken through!

The process of analyzing He Xu’s bloodline had gone exceptionally smoothly. Su Chen was easily able to extract the shapeshifting Origin Substance from He Xu’s bloodline, then master its transformation process. The only current drawback was that he had yet to completely assimilate it; he could only temporarily use it by ingesting the related medicine.

This, however, was enough.

An instant later, Su Chen slipped inside the castle.

He quickly scaled the castle walls.

“Damn, he doesn’t have the Clairvoyance Crystal,” Shi Mingfeng cursed.

Because the plan had only called for He Xu to infiltrate the castle, and Clairvoyance Crystals weren’t cheap, they had only prepared one.

An instant later, however, a shocking scene appeared once again before their eyes.

Su Chen landed on the ground, then began to walk carefully across the castle grounds. From his movements, it seemed that he was avoiding the Blue Sentinel Lights. None of the castle’s alarms were ever triggered.

“Has he also cultivated some kind of clairvoyance-type Origin Skill as well?” someone asked with some curiosity.

“Then he really knows how to do quite a few things,” someone else replied.

Yes, Su Chen really did know how to do quite a few things. He knew how to research and concoct medicines, and his own strength was also quite impressive. He even possessed a clairvoyance-type Origin Skill.

Everyone watched Su Chen continue to advance with fascination as if they were watching a strange creature.

Kong Cheng coldly laughed, “So what if he knows something like that? He still won’t be able to save He Xu. I say, why are you all still sitting here dumbly like this? Shouldn’t we be taking advantage of this moment to leave instead of waiting for the people inside to come looking for us?”

“Let’s wait a bit longer. Perhaps Su Chen does have a way of dealing with it,” Shi Mingfeng replied.

At this moment, Su Chen had already gotten past the Blue Sentinel Lights and reached the open ground.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t turn into a small lizard like He Xu had. Instead, he activated Whitetower Teleportation and directly teleported across the open ground — after reaching the Yang Opening realm, Su Chen’s Whitetower Teleportation had improved once again. A small distance like this couldn’t give him much trouble.

He arrived at the same small room in the castle. But just as he was about to pull open the door, a few lizards charged at him.

Su Chen turned around. He had already taken on the appearance of a Sand Race individual and was exuding an aura of savagery.

When the lizards saw this, they lowered their heads and retreated simultaneously.

Su Chen opened the door and entered.

“I’m going in,” he said.

Everyone simultaneously let out a long sigh.

Su Chen quickly walked towards the main hall. “He Xu, hold on for a moment and wait for me.”

“I won’t be able to hold on for much longer!”

“Then put everything you have into your Origin Ring and hide it. Don’t let them figure out your intentions in coming here!”

As he spoke, he pulled out the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

Su Chen’s plan was very simple. After linking up with He Xu, they would immediately escape using the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. The castle’s barrier only affected things outside of the barrier. If they were able to charge out of the castle, the Sand Race wouldn’t be able to catch up given the speed of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

This plan was quite dangerous, but apart from this Su Chen didn’t have any better ideas.

He hurriedly arrived at main hall. Su Chen watched as He Xu charged out from another door off to the side.

An opportunity!

But just as he was about to expand the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, he saw a figure flash past him from the second floor.

This was the Sand Race individual standing behind Pall.

They had finally lost their patience.

In the blink of an eye, the Sand Race individual appeared right in front of He Xu’s path.

He reached out a single hand, like he was trying to catch a chicken, and picked up He Xu.


Su Chen knew that he had been a step too late to save He Xu.

He was only ten steps away from He Xu, but those ten steps seemed as far away as the horizon.

He glanced meaningfully at He Xu, having been forced to stop in his tracks.

Su Chen immediately turned around and left.

At that moment, he heard the Sand Race individual yell, “Search the entire castle. See if there are any other spies here.”

All of the Sand Race guards agreed, then dispersed to search their own directions.

Su Chen knew the situation wasn’t good. At this point in time, he had already left the main hall and was walking down the hallway.

Just as he was about to reach the end, a pair of Sand Race guards came walking in his direction.

Su Chen was forced to turn and walk down another hallway, the barked commands of that Sand Race individual still within earshot: “The mice that have infiltrated this place have the ability to shapeshift. All of you, pair up and interrogate one another to avoid any impersonations.”


Su Chen cursed quietly.

At that moment, Su Chen saw a person walking over.

That person was obviously not a slave. His clothing was quite extravagant, and his figure was very fat. He was clearly of noble status, and he was even holding a small dish in his hands filled with pastries that he was stuffing into his mouth.

When Su Chen saw this, his eyes lit up. He charged forwards, grabbed that person, and knocked him unconscious.

“My apologies,” Su Chen said as he shoved the person into a nearby closet.

“Who are you?” a group of Sand Race guards shouted from behind Su Chen.

Su Chen slowly turned around. He had already assumed the prince’s appearance.

“So it’s Prince You,” the Sand Race individual at the front. “What are you doing here?”

Su Chen didn’t know who Prince You was. He could only raise the pastry in his hand and stuff a piece into his mouth.

When the Sand Race individual saw that, he laughed and said, “So Prince You was just feeling hungry! If that’s the case, feel free to eat slowly.”

He then left, taking the rest of the Sand Race soldiers with him.

After Su Chen made sure that they had all left, Su Chen dragged Prince You out again.

“Su Chen, what are you doing? He Xu has already been caught. You won’t be able to save him!” Shi Mingfeng yelled.

Su Chen pretended not to hear anything. He smacked Prince You a few times to knock him awake.

That person gradually awoke. When he saw his own face staring back at him, he was badly startled. “You......”

“Shush!” Su Chen silenced him. “Don’t yell. I’m asking the questions here and you’re answering them. If you act up, then you’ll die!”

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