Chapter 11: Pig Dragon Prince

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 11: Pig Dragon Prince

“What is your name?” Su Chen asked.

“I...... save......” Prince You wanted to yell.

However, the words had yet to leave his mouth when they were stuffed back in by Su Chen.

Su Chen pointed his finger at Prince You, whose face contorted into a pained expression.

Su Chen said shadily, “You won’t have a second chance. I’ll ask you one more time. What is your name?”

As he spoke, he released his grip. Prince You replied, trembling, “My name is You...... You”

At the very least, he hadn’t lied about his surname, meaning that this name was most likely the truth.

Su Chen picked up You Tianli and walked back towards where he had come from as he said to Shi Mingfeng, “Meet me at the entrance.

Everyone hurried over.

Su Chen quickly teleported past the open grounds, skirted past the Blue Sentinel Lights, and leapt over the wall. Then, he pulled out a vial of medicine and forced it down You Tianli’s throat, then began to choke You Tianli. “Do as I say. Imagine that you’re a snake. Control the Origin Energy in your body and elongate your body......”

“Snake......” You Tianli’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“Hurry...... only by becoming a snake will you avoid being choked to death by me,” Su Chen said darkly.

You Tianli’s body began to slowly elongate.

Su Chen didn’t even wait for him to finish turning into a snake before shoving him through the small hole.

At this moment, Shi Mingfeng had already arrived. When he saw that Su Chen hadn’t come over but was shoving a fatty out through the hole, he asked in shock, “What are you doing!?”

“Watch over him for me. I’m going to go save him and our plan at the same time.”

“The plan’s already failed!”

“No, not yet! It’s not time to give up yet,” Su Chen replied. “I’m going to assume this guy’s identity, save He Xu, and complete our mission in the meanwhile. Help me interrogate him and figure out everything that he knows, then let me know.”

He jumped back up over the wall and disappeared.

West Laina Castle’s walls, which were deemed impregnable, had been exploited by Su Chen and He Xu four times in one night.

When they saw Su Chen disappear again into West Laina Castle, everyone was stunned.

“Is that guy crazy?”

“He’s definitely crazy.”

“The question is, what should we do?”

Everyone turned to look at Shi Mingfeng.

Shi Mingfeng glanced at the spot where Su Chen had disappeared before gritting his teeth and saying, “Let’s leave for now and wait for his next signal.”

He turned around and walked down the slope.

The people within the castle had already begun to pour out of the castle, searching the surroundings.

Kong Cheng said angrily, “The plan has already failed. Are you all waiting around to die? If it were up to me, I would leave immediately!”

Night Demon yelled, “If you want to go then go, but one of our people is still in there, and Su Chen is still in there. I’m not going to leave.”

“Do you want to die along with that idiot?” Kong Cheng’s eyes were red with anger.

“Perhaps,” Shi Mingfeng replied. “Perhaps we are all crazy. But without craziness, how can you produce a miracle? Prince Kong, if you want to leave I will not try and stop you. It makes no difference to us whether you are here or not.”

When Kong Cheng heard this, he froze. He didn’t know what to do for quite some time.


After returning the castle again, Su Chen took a deep breath before walking into the main hall.

The main hall was already under lockdown. Every person there was being interrogated.

However, Su Chen was treated quite well because he wasn’t a Sand Race individual but rather someone belonging to the Zhu Clan.

Since Zhu Xianyao had run all the way over to the Sand Race’s territory, she must have brought more people with her than just Zhu Baiyu. However, the others didn’t have the authority to attend the negotiations.

These people were also within the main hall right now. When they saw Su Chen come over, one of the Zhu Clan’s members said, “Tianyang, where did you go?”


You Tianyang?

You damned fatty, where’d you get the balls to lie to me like that?

Su Chen covered his mouth and said, “Torture him a bit more, then ask him who the people I’m facing are.”

At the same time, he walked forward and said, “I was looking for things to eat.”

The main reason he had talked with that fatty earlier was because he needed to figure out what his voice sounded like.

Su Chen’s imitation was quite accurate.

“Some people infiltrated into the castle, so it’s a bit chaotic right now. Don’t go wandering around,” that person said.

“He is Zhao Jingwen, the captain of Zhu Xianyao’s guards. The person with Zhu Xianyao is called Zhu Baiyu, the Zhu Clan’s Sixth Pillar.”

Shi Mingfeng was interrogating You Tianyang as they hurried away. The little fatty couldn’t withstand it and could only introduce the guards one after another.

“Then what is his own identity?” Su Chen continued pretending to look for food as he lowered his head, hiding himself amongst all that chaos.

“Zhu Xianyao’s cousin, and her fiance.”

“Pfff!” Su Chen almost spat out what he was eating. “Fiance?”

“That’s what he said.”

“Confirm that for me.”

An instant later, Shi Mingfeng’s voice came over. “It’s confirmed; he really is. He is from the Pig Dragon You Clan.”

“Pig Dragon? The Large-Bellied Pig Dragon?”

“Yes, the Large-Bellied Pig Dragon.”

Su Chen was stunned. “Another Demonic Emperor Bloodline? So why was that guy so weak? I knocked him out instantly.”

“Let me ask him real quick,” Shi Mingfeng replied. An instant later, Su Chen heard You Tianyang’s pained cries despite the commotion.

Shi Mingfeng replied shortly after, “Because his bloodline hasn’t awakened yet. The Large-Bellied Pig Dragon is not like other bloodlines; their bloodlines awaken much later and are stimulated by long periods of eating. Before then, their foundation doesn’t change at all. As such, he didn’t really cultivate much and only focused on eating and sleeping. Only when his bloodline awakens would his cultivation period have begun.

“It seems like my luck is pretty good,” Su Chen replied. “Why is Zhu Xianyao engaged to this gluttonous fool?”

“The Zhu Clan and You Clan are good friends. When the Large-Bellied Pig Dragon and the Slyheart Enchanting Fox bloodlines are combined, there is a chance of forming an even stronger bloodline variant. Even though it can’t be passed on, it is incredibly powerful, and that person’s combat prowess won’t be any lower than that of the Imperial Family. Not too many combinations like this exist; the Zhu and You Clans are two such examples.”

“Then does Zhu Xianyao like this fiance of hers?”

“Obviously not. You won’t have any opportunities to take advantage of her, Su Chen,” Shi Mingfeng chuckled.

Su Chen, however, let out a long sigh of relief. “That’s good news. I won’t need to get close to that woman.”

He had just finished speaking when Zhao Jingwen walked over. “Prince You, Young Miss has asked to speak with you.”


Su Chen could only helplessly follow after Zhao Jingwen.

Because Zhao Jingwen was right next to him, he couldn’t say much to Shi Mingfeng. Thankfully, Shi Mingfeng understood what was going on and had already begun to interrogate You Tianyang for more information.

He followed Zhao Jingwen to a side room. Zhu Xianyao was in that room, but Zhu Baiyu wasn’t, and neither was Pall.

Su Chen sighed in relief when he saw that. The person he was afraid of the most at this moment was the Sand Race individual who had seen through He Xu’s disguise. He obviously had very powerful investigative abilities and could see through all kinds of concealment and disguising techniques. Apart from him, Su Chen was also afraid of Zhu Baiyu, a Light Shaking Realm existence.

Even though Light Shaking Realm cultivators might not have the right Origin Skills to see through Su Chen’s disguise, they were still incredibly perceptive. Even if they weren’t able to unmask him directly, they could sense even minute differences in aura, walking pattern, speech, Origin Energy fluctuation, habits, etc. and quickly determine that something was wrong.

Their ability to observe their surroundings was extremely keen and precise. Wanting to trick them wouldn’t be an easy matter, so Su Chen needed to be very careful.

He arrived at the room and said, “Yaoyao, were you looking for me?”

Zhu Xianyao didn’t even turn around. “Call me Yaoyao one more time and I’ll rip out your tongue.”

Very good, at least he hadn’t called out the wrong name.

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