Chapter 19: Assassination

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 19: Assassination


The sharp arrow flew through the air, hurtling towards Zhu Xianyao’s face.

Just as it was about to pierce her face, Su Chen suddenly shoved Zhu Xianyao, knocking her aside.

The arrow, which glowed with an inky-green hue, flew past her face, only slicing off a few hairs as it flew by.

Zhu Xianyao quickly rolled backwards into a crouched position. She had yet to get back on her feet, however, when a number of figures appeared in rapid succession at the feet of the castle and began to shoot up the side of the castle.

This kind of castle wall was basically useless against Origin Qi Scholars. Scaling the wall was an easy feat — with just a few leaps, the group of people quickly reached the top of the wall.

The person at the very front slashed at Zhu Xianyao with his blade. The blade surged with majestic momentum, carrying with it a strong killing intent.

At this moment, Zhu Xianyao had already begun to react. She slammed her palm into the ground, sending herself shooting into the air to dodge that strike.

At the same time, two more people charged forwards, their swords glinting with a sharp, piercing light. The edges of their swords glowed frostily.

Zhu Xianyao retreated.

Her bare hands unleashed a wave of energy. At the same time, a shrill screech escaped from her mouth. She was obviously calling out for reinforcements.

However, the other opponents also knew that their window to kill her was growing slimmer. A wave of massive energy surged forward, blocking off Zhu Xianyao's front, back, left, and right, making it so that she had no way of maneuvering at all.

At the same time, the first three assailants simultaneously raised their blades and swung them at Zhu Xianyao.

Zhu Xianyao knew the situation wasn't good. In the face of such desperate circumstances, she revealed a pitiful expression. When the three assassins saw this, they actual froze briefly for just a moment.

“Idiots! Wake up!” A low growl shook the three of them simultaneously out of her reverie.

However, in this brief moment of hesitation, Zhu Xianyao had already attacked. Layers of energy began to emanate from her hands, slamming into one of the assailants and knocking him flying. She immediately turned around and jabbed her finger at another assailant. That person responded with a sword strike, forcefully blocking the finger jab from advancing. At the same time, the third person’s sword rushed over. Zhu Xianyao wanted to activate her charm skill again, but a sudden shrill cry pierced into her consciousness.

She could only hear the noise, but couldn’t actually see the person who had made the noise.

As if she had been pierced by a needle, Zhu Xianyao felt her head suddenly hurt, and she was unable to activate her charm skill in that moment. The assassin’s sword was already on its way towards her, carrying with it a strong killing intent. A sensation of despair creeped its way into Zhu Xianyao’s heart.

At that moment, a fat body figure suddenly flashed in front of her, slamming heavily into the assailant.

“DON’T HURT MY YAOYAO!” Following this deep growl, two entwined figures tumbled over the wall of the castle.

“Tianyang!” Zhu Xianyao yelled.


Another arrow flew through the air.

Zhu Xianyao already flew into the air. A ray of golden light began to shine from her body.

The arrow slammed into her body but was unable to penetrate it.

Streaks of sharp blade light surged through the air, chasing after Zhu Xianyao.

One, two, three!

Under the power of these three blade strikes, Zhu Xianyao’s ray of golden light protecting her shattered.

The blade strikes continued to chase after Zhu Xianyao, who danced through the air as she retreated.

This cry had also shocked the people in the castle into motion. Zhao Jingwen was the first one to charge out. His eyes turned red from rage when he saw this and charged forwards, his long spear surging forward.

The spear roared forward like a dragon, slamming into the blade strikes flying through the air and unleashing a frightening ripple of energy.

Zhao Jingweng was forced backwards.

The most shocking thing was that a fifth blade strike had appeared.

It was aimed at Zhu Xianyao again. It seemed that the assailant wasn’t going to return if he didn’t kill Zhu Xianyao.

Just as this fifth blade strike was about to land, a massive hand made out of sand appeared, grabbing the streak of blade light.

That blade of light struggled in the grasp of the massive hand of sand as if it were alive. In the end, the hand of sand actually couldn’t maintain its control and it was eventually shattered by the blade and blew away in the wind, disappearing without a trace.

“Raise the defensive barrier!” Culler yelled loudly.


A third arrow shot through the air, but it slammed right into the barrier.

The people in the shadows knew that their assassination attempt had failed. One of them barked, “Retreat!”, and their attacks ceased.

“Trying to leave so soon?” A trace of anger appeared on Culler’s face.

The massive hand of sand appeared again, wrapping itself around the blade-wielding assassin, while Zhao Jingwen’s Cloud-Rending Spear had managed to restrain the sword-wielding assassin.

Zhu Xianyao ran towards the edge of the castle wall and looked down. She saw “You Tianyang” flat on his face near the castle walls, while the assassin that had been tossed by him off the castle walls had been killed. Upon closer inspection, he had died from a severed spine. Perhaps he was unlucky and his head had hit the ground first, causing his neck to snap upon impact.

When she saw this, Zhu Xianyao sighed in relief.

As long as You Tianyang was fine, that was good enough.

Just the fact that he had saved her, not to mention his own identity, had greatly increased Zhu Xianyao’s feelings of goodwill towards him.

The two of the other assassins knew that they wouldn’t be able to escape and decisively turned their blades on themselves. They would rather die than fall into the hands of their enemies.

Now that all the assassins were dead, Zhao Jingwen ran over. “Young Miss, are you okay?”

Zhu Xianyao’s expression was steely. “I’m alright, but unfortunately I had to burn the Protective Gold Talisman from Mother.”

“It’s all my fault. I wasn’t able to protect Young Miss well enough!” Zhao Jingwen said with immense regret.

“Forget about it. It’s not your fault. This time it’s all thanks to Tianyang — he was the one who saved me; otherwise, that first arrow probably would have taken my life. I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to activate my protective golden talisman.”

“He also has a Demonic Emperor Bloodline. Even if it hasn’t awakened yet, he is still not a commoner,” Zhao Jingwen said respectfully and went to go grab Su Chen.

Culler also walked over, his expression somber. “I must apologize to you all. It seems that your sister really does want to kill you. You should be a bit more cautious.”

“They attacked just after Sixth Uncle left. It seems like they really were growing impatient.” Zhu Xianyao’s expression was extremely ugly. She hadn’t expected a second attack to occur, but her opponents didn’t seem willing to spare her and wouldn’t leave her alone until she was dead.

Even Su Chen, who was being supported back by Zhao Jingwen, had an ashen expression.


There had actually been an assassination!

There had actually been a damn assassination!

And he had saved Zhu Xianyao!

What was going on?

Su Chen suddenly felt quite dizzy. The development of the situation had far surpassed his expectation.

Zhu Xianyao walked over. “Tianyang, are you alright?”

Su Chen rubbed his head and revealed a dumb smile. “I’m alright. My body is thick, so I’m okay. It’s just my shoulder that was wounded a bit.”

As he spoke, he revealed his fat arm. Indeed, the flesh on his shoulder had been mangled and was very bloody.

Even though it looked quite shocking, it was still just a light wound.

Zhu Xianyao pulled out a vial medicine. “This is the Jade Dragon Powder. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine very soon once you rub it on.”

As she spoke, she leaned in to apply the medicine to Su Chen personally.

Her hands were slender, and her touch was gentle and warm. As she kneaded Su Chen’s arm, Su Chen felt his jaw go slack.

Even thought it was just an instant, Su Chen maintained this expression. He knew that if this was You Tianyang, he would definitely act a bit more depraved.

Zhu Xianyao watched as “You Tianyang” stared at her in a daze, his mouth opening wide as a satisfied smile appeared on his face. A bit of drool also leaked out of his mouth......

The goodwill that she was feeling towards him decreased quite a bit. Zhu Xianyao glared at him and stuffed the medicine into Su Chen’s hand. “Put it on yourself.”

Su Chen knew that his acting had been a bit over-the-top, but this was also his original intent.

No matter what, he didn’t wish to become too close to Zhu Xianyao.

After all, Zhu Xianyao finding him a nuisance was much better than her liking him.

But even if he wanted things to be like that, reality often turned out to be the exact opposite.

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