Chapter 20: Revenge

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 20: Revenge

Zhu Xianyao was standing in her room, staring at the window when someone suddenly knocked on her door.

Zhu Xianyao said, “Come in.”

Su Chen pushed open the door, holding a vial of medicine in his hand. “This...... I came to...... return your medicine to you,” he stammered as he placed the vial of medicine down before carefully retreating.

“Stop right there!”

Su Chen stopped in his tracks.

Zhu Xianyao turned around. “Did I say that you could go?”

Su Chen scratched his head unabashedly, purposefully acting as if he didn’t know what to say.

Zhu Xianyao stared at him and said, “You used to try and stay here as long as you could when you came, but you've changed these past few days. You aren't as clingy and seem to even be distancing yourself. Since you proclaim to be doing your best to show off your good side, is this what you are trying to show me?”

Su Chen replied calmly, “Yes, this is what I am trying to show. You didn't like it when I was obsessed with you. After I thought things through, I realized that the kind of person you like is a hero who can hold up the heavens singlehandedly, not a person like me who is nearly talentless. If I want to win your affections, I need to cultivate hard and achieve something so that you'll see me differently. That's what a real man would do. I said before that I would change, and I meant what I said.”

Zhu Xianyao continued to stare intently at Su Chen. “What you say is correct, but you’ve changed so quickly that I'm still not too used to it. It's almost as if you’ve changed into a different person, and this...... person feels very familiar.”


Your memories of Su Chen have been almost completely wiped away. How can this person still feel so familiar to you?

Su Chen couldn't understand.

However, things like memories were always hard to grasp. Even though Su Chen had a technique to wipe away people’s memories, that didn’t mean that he could understand them completely. You could wipe someone’s memory by giving them a strong smack to the head, but that didn’t mean that you understood the exact mechanisms behind how memories worked.

Su Chen was a bit shocked by what Zhu Xianyao had said, but he continued to act dumb. “It wasn’t that fast. Perhaps it’s just because you aren’t used to a person who used to follow you around all the time suddenly distancing themselves.”

“But even though you say that you’re distancing yourself from me, you were still the one who saved me at that critical moment.”

“I’m doing it in order to strengthen myself and get closer to you first. From start to finish, my feelings for you have never changed. Is it that strange that I saved you?” Su Chen replied.

Su Chen’s explanation was so flawless that even he felt a bit intoxicated himself.

Zhu Xianyao laughed. “You indeed have improved quite a bit. Even the way you speak is different from before.”

“If you say so, then I am very delighted. This means that my efforts have been quite successful,” Su Chen replied with a slight smile.

“Yes, they have been very successful.” Zhu Xianyao nodded.

“But it’s not enough to get you to fall in love with me, right?” Su Chen asked on purpose.

Zhu Xianyao shook her head. Su Chen purposefully sighed with disappointment, then said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll take my leave.”

Zhu Xianyao said, “Even though I haven’t fallen for you yet, you’re a friend that I can believe in. If you have any needs in the future, please just let me know.”

If the real You Tianyang heard this, he would probably have been so excited that he would have jumped into the air.

Su Chen was forced to emulate this excited attitude. Then, after a moment of thought, he said, “Since we are now friends that trust each other, I have a question that I’m not sure if I should ask.”

“Ask. If I can give you an answer, I will.”

“Why are you so interested in Kapius’s secrets? Is it just for the sake of money?”

“Money?” A scornful expression appeared on Zhu Xianyao’s lips. “No one knows exactly what Kapius left behind, and no one knows if it will be worth anything. From a business perspective, spending so much energy to obtain a reward that no one knows the value of at the risk of offending the leader of an entire race is extremely stupid.”

“That’s what I was thinking too,” Su Chen said.

If it were just for money, Zhu Xianyao didn’t necessarily need to do things this way.

Zhu Xianyao sighed, “The reason I’m taking this risk isn’t because there might be something valuable in those stores but because of Kapius himself. Kapius was the leader of the Spirit Race and was extremely talented in consciousness-type Origin Skills. The things that he leaves behind will most likely be related to consciousnesses.”

“Yaoyao, you want more consciousness-type Origin Skills? Is it to further strengthen your bloodline?”

Zhu Xianyao shook her head. “The things that Kapius left behind might be helpful in strengthening the bewitching powers of my bloodline, but the chances of that happening are too slim so that’s not my main goal. My main goal is because...... only with a consciousness-type Origin Skill can I regain the memories that I have ost.”

Su Chen felt his heart tremble.

Zhu Xianyao’s eyes glowed intensely. “Uncle Eleven, Zhu Chen, and Yanniang...... they all died. That was the most bitter defeat I have ever suffered, and not knowing how I myself was defeated was even more tormenting! I lost my memories because Su Chen used one of my Zhu Clan’s secret techniques!”

So she did know that he was the one who had wiped out her memories. Su Chen confirmed this thought at this moment.

But evidently, she was unaware of those memories’ contents.

She knew that Su Chen had lied to her, but didn’t know what the truth was.

“The Zhu Clan’s secret techniques?” Su Chen pretended to be shocked.

“Yes, the Zhu Clan’s secret techniques. I didn’t lose my memories because of an injury but because of Su Chen!” Zhu Xianyao said angrily. “But I can’t tell anyone.”

“Why not?” Su Chen asked. As soon as he blurted out the question, however, he realized how stupid it was.

Indeed, Zhu Xianyao said, “If I told someone, that would mean that I had fallen into the opponent’s hands, and even cooperated with the opponent at some point. I was the one who helped him swindle my clan and who passed on my clan’s secret techniques to him. And it was because of me that this conflict between my clan and the Immortal Temple came about......”

She stared at Su Chen. “Do you know what that means?”

“It means that you made a huge mistake and would be heavily punished by your clan. Even your status as the inheritor might not be preserved,” Su Chen replied helplessly. This was something that he had thought through a long time ago.

And even though Zhu Xianyao had yet to recover her memories, she could reason out the general scheme of things as soon as she realized that she had been tricked by Su Chen.

Zhu Xianyao’s eyes filled with tears. “Yes. So, I cannot say anything.”

“But if that’s the case, then why must you go and look for those memories? You’ve already guessed the answer. Even if you continue to investigate, all that will happen is you will confirm what already happened. What’s the point of that?” Su Chen couldn’t resist asking.

The truth wasn’t far from what Zhu Xianyao had guessed. Even if she recovered her memories, it would only fill in some small gaps.

Zhu Xianyao replied harshly, “Of course I must investigate! This is the greatest humiliation I have ever endured. No matter what, I must search for the memories that I’ve lost. Only by finding those memories can I know what Su Chen did to me, what secrets and weaknesses he has, and what all of his plans are. Only then...... can I take my revenge!”

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