Chapter 21: Anger

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 21: Anger

It had to be said that Zhu Xianyao's thought process was correct.

After having gotten to know Zhu Xianyao during that period of time, Su Chen hadn't tried to keep any of his secrets from her because he knew that her memories were going to be wiped.

His home, his loves, his dreams, his plans, his temperament, his friends, everything that he was and wasn't good at......

Even though he hadn't told her specifically, Su Chen hadn't ever tried to conceal these things from her, so she really did know quite a bit.

The current Zhu Xianyao, with her temperament and her brains, could really pose quite a threat to him if he let her recover her memories.

It was for this goal that Zhu Xianyao had run all over the place these past ten years, searching for ways to recover her memories. Unfortunately, none of it was very effective.

And once Zhu Xianyao knew that Kapius's secret stores were here, she immediately came because this was yet another source of hope for her.

At this moment, Su Chen totally understood Zhu Xianyao's plan.

He said, “So that's how it is...... Right, how did you know all that was one of Su Chen's setups?”

Zhu Xianyao finally revealed the backup plan she had put in place all those years ago.

When Su Chen found out that all of his plans had been ruined by a hidden observer, he could only sigh helplessly.

On the surface, however, he pretended to be full of indignation. “Yaoyao, don’t worry. I will definitely help you find that guy and crush him into pieces.”

This feeling of cursing himself was something he had never really experienced before.

Zhu Xianyao said, “Tianyang, I have told you what you wanted to know. Do you know what this means?”

“Of course!” Su Chen said excitedly. “It means that Yaoyao finally trusts me!”

Zhu Xianyao smiled slightly. “As long as you understand. The current mission is to find the secret stashes and recover my missing memories. Everything is in your hands.”

“Yes!” Su Chen nodded vigorously.

“You may go now.”

Su Chen bid farewell and left.

Zhu Xianyao's gaze flickered as she watched Su Chen disappear. It was unclear what she was thinking about.


Upon returning to his room, Su Chen’s previously excited expression faded away.

He pulled out his transmission Origin Tool. “Old Shi.”

“I'm here.”

“Zhu Xianyao is starting to suspect me.”

“What's going on?” Shi Mingfeng's voice grew noticeably louder.

“Someone just tried to assassinate Zhu Xianyao......” Su Chen roughly explained what had just happened. Of course, he didn’t mention that Zhu Xianyao was trying to regain her memories. Just like how Zhu Xianyao didn’t want her clan to find out that she had done something that was to her clan’s disadvantage, Su Chen didn’t want the Immortal Temple to find out that Zhu Xianyao had appeared here because of him.

However, Zhu Xianyao’s suspicion of him was a certainty. No matter how sincere she appeared, Su Chen knew that something was up.

It was because she was suspicious of him that she pretended to be genuine.

Upon hearing that Su Chen had saved Zhu Xianyao’s life, Shi Mingfeng’s voice almost cracked. “You saved her!? Is something wrong with your damn brain?”

The Xiyuan Rain Master always did things calmly and spoke evenly. It was obvious that Su Chen had pissed him off quite badly for him to curse like this.

That was true. If Zhu Xianyao had died, things would have been much easier to handle.

However, Su Chen had saved her and had even incurred Zhu Xianyao’s suspicion because of it. That was a huge loss.

Su Chen replied, “You don’t understand. The situation in West Laina Castle is more complicated than we thought. I’ve been with them this entire time and have searched the castle with them, but we haven’t found any clues that are related to the Spirit Race yet.”

“That’s because they weren’t sufficiently prepared.”

“It won’t make a difference, not even if you have the Clear Spirit Medicine. I tried it before but didn’t notice any spirit-type response. A few vials of medicine won’t resolve the issue. Right now, the only thing we can do is wait for Zhu Baiyu to return with items that will increase our consciousness power. We’ll use methods that are only useable by entities with spirit bodies to search for it. That’s the most likely path to success. Before then, Zhu Xianyao cannot die!”

“You’re looking for excuses, right?” Shi Mingfeng wouldn’t be tricked so easily.

Su Chen thought for a moment, then said, “Yes, I admit that I am being a bit selfish. I inflicted quite a bit of harm on her back then; even if it was in self-preservation, I would still like to help her out a bit if possible. Brother Shi, I’m very clear about what I am doing. I will do as much as I can to take care of my conscience, but it won’t come at the cost of myself. Zhu Xianyao being alive will benefit us, and that’s reality!”

But now you’re being suspected.”

“It’s just the first signs.”

“Alright, Su Chen, don’t play this game with me! You’re an expert in lying, so you should know that as soon as suspicion appears, there’s no such things as first signs anymore!”

There was no such thing as being partly suspicious of someone.

Unlike strength, which could be measured with relative percentages, suspicion was something that grew very, very rapidly as soon as it appeared until it reached its climax.

When you didn’t suspect a person, you wouldn’t be surprised by anything they did.

Once you started to suspect a person, any points that didn’t line up would be quickly discovered and emphasized, causing your suspicions to be quickly confirmed.

This process was very quick.

Zhu Xianyao had taken ten or so days to begin to suspect him.

But it would probably only take one or two days to confirm her suspicions.

“I’ll think of a way to deal with it.”

“You’d best be able to,” Shi Mingfeng said angrily.

He ended the call and felt a headache coming on.

He began to massage his temples as he sank deep into thought.

“See? He only ended up causing trouble for us!” Kong Cheng coldly laughed from the side.

He would only feel happy about Su Chen falling into this predicament.

“You, shut your mouth!” Shi Mingfeng said angrily. “If you won’t be of any help, then scram. At the very least, Su Chen is still trying to remedy the situation, while all you’re doing is being a hindrance.”

“Did you say that I’m only a nuisance?” Kong Cheng was infuriated.

Shi Mingfeng raised his arm and grabbed him by the throat. Clutching him by the throat rendered him completely immobile.

Qi Shenyuan was just about to intervene when Shi Mingfeng said, “You’d best not move!”

As he spoke, he slammed Kong Cheng into the wall. “Remember, you idiot, there’s literally nothing good about you. I’ve been tolerating you on behalf of your brother-in-law, but that doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of you. If you dare try to drag me down, you’ll know what real pain tastes like!”

As he spoke, he exerted a bit more force, shoving Kong Cheng into the wall. The wall surprisingly didn’t topple, but Kong Cheng was embedded into it and hung from the wall like a piece of art.


Half an hour later.

“He dared to treat me like that! How dare he!?” Kong Cheng rubbed his neck as he paced back and forth in his room, infuriated.

Shi Mingfeng’s earlier attack had fractured his vertebrae. Even though it wasn’t enough to kill him with the strength that he possessed, the wound was still quite serious and would need a number of days to recover.

Qi Shenyuan stood to the side, remaining silent.

“You just stood there and watched him attack me?” Kong Cheng continued to howl madly.

“He wasn't trying to kill you,” Qi Shenyuan replied.

However, he was sighing in his heart.

He wasn't sighing about Kong Cheng but about An Sili.

An Sili was old.

Even though he was very powerful, he was still growing older.

And once a person got old, their minds also became muddled.

It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if he had merely doted on a common street prostitute, but more importantly he had also pulled this useless younger brother of hers up as well.

A person putting their family member in an important position wasn’t a problem. Putting a totally incompetent family member in an important position, on the other hand, was a big problem.

This was the case with Kong Cheng.

He had no brains and no perception. It was only because of his sister that he was able to reach this point. Yet he still felt like he was a very impressive person......

Qi Shenyuan had hoped that Shi Mingfeng’s lesson would cause Kong Cheng to simmer down, but it seemed like Shi Mingfeng hadn't succeeded.

Kong Chen was completely enraged.

At that moment, a voice spoke up. “Subordinate Feng Xihuo is here under orders.”

Kong Cheng's eyes lit up. “You're finally here.”

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