Chapter 23: Awakening

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 23: Awakening

After leaving Yue Longsha, Su Chen continued walking forwards.

He crossed the street and walked through a long alleyway before arriving at a copper door.

He grabbed the metal ring on the door and gently knocked it three times, paused, then repeated it three more times. He was just about to do it again when he heard the door creak open. Night Demon's cute face popped out.

Su chen was stunned. “I haven't finished the secret knock yet.”

“What secret knock? I saw you from up there. Come in, come in! Don't bother with the secret signal, it's such a pain.”

She grabbed Su Chen and pulled him into the room.

Shi Mingfeng and the others were discussing the plan of action inside.

When he saw Su Chen come in, Shi Mingfeng said, “How come you're already here?”

“I came out to avoid extra attention so that Zhu Xianyao won't be able to do anything to me for now,” Su Chen said, helplessly explaining his conjectures.

Shi Mingfeng nodded when he heard this. “That is a problem indeed, but even if you can dodge it once, you won't be able to dodge it fifteen times.”

“I can't afford to worry so much. When I get back, I am going to delay for as long as I can under the guise of setting up Origin Formations,” Su Chen said as he stretched out his hand.

Shi Mingfeng knew what he wanted. Long before the assassination attempt, Su Chen had already told Shi Mingfeng to force out a few more Origin Formations from You Tianyang.

Shi Mingfeng handed over the drawings of the Origin Formations and said, “This is not a long-term solution.”

Su Chen put the drawings away. “Each and every day I delay is valuable. The most important thing right now is to get He Xu out. I plan on creating another assassination attempt in the next few days. Your men will pretend to be the same assailants as from a few days ago and attack, while I’ll take advantage of the disturbance to save He Xu. That way, even if the plan fails, I can at least save him.”

Shi Mingfeng thought for a moment, then nodded. “If nothing else works, that's what we’ll have to do.”

The two of them continued to discuss plans a bit longer.

Su Chen suddenly thought of something. He asked, “Right, how has You Tianyang been lately?”

“Pretty good. If he isn't eating, he’s sleeping, and if he isn't sleeping, he’s eating. He has no worries.” Shi Mingfeng laughed as he raised his hand and pushed a button. A nearby door opened, revealing You Tianyang lying on the bed, snoring loudly. It seemed like he was quite energetic.

“He can even fall asleep here, huh?” Su Chen laughed.

“Not just that, but he's like this every day. He sleeps at least ten hours, and when he is awake all he does is eat. He's just like a pig!” one of the Immortal Temple's grunts said.

“He sleeps that much?” Even Su Chen was a bit stunned. “He wasn’t like that at the start.”

“Yes. Who knows why he can sleep so much now,” another one of the grunts said.

“Yes.” Su Chen thought for a moment, then added, “When things change, it usually means that something is about to happen. You guys, pay a bit more attention. Don’t let him get away.”

“Don’t worry about it, Su Chen. This guy won’t be able to get away.”

“If you ask me, it’d be better to just kill him. It’d make things a lot easier.”

“That’s right, that’s right! We’ve already gotten everything we need out of him anyways.”

The group of people began to discuss amongst themselves.

They were indeed part of a terrorist organization. Even if they were the mildest type, they had no problems killing others. The greatest difference between them and the most extreme organizations was probably that they didn’t kill people out of perverse joy.

After explaining things, Su Chen prepared to leave — he still needed to buy the ingredients mentioned on the Origin Formation drawings.

“Let me send you on your way,” Shi Mingfeng said.

“There’s no need to be so polite.”

“It’s not me being polite. Rather, I want to see if there are any other areas that we can move to. Once the assassination begins, the Sand Race is going to be enraged again. It won’t be possible unless we switch locations.”

“Alright, then let’s go together,” Su Chen laughed.

The two of them walked out of the alleyway, conversing as they advanced down the street.

A cold light flashed across Kong Cheng’s eyes as he watched them leave. “Uncle Qi, go tell Xihuo to prepare to carry out his mission.”

“Right now?” Qi Shenyuan was a bit hesitant. “Su Chen is in West Laina Castle right now and is in the middle of carrying out his mission. If we attack now, the mission will be a failure.”

Kong Cheng coldly harrumphed, “The mission is Shi Mingfeng’s, not mine. It might not be a bad thing for my brother-in-law if it fails. In any case, we only found out about Kapius’s secret stashes from hearsay. If the Zhu Clan can’t even find it, why does Shi Mingfeng think that he can? I’m willing to give up on these illusory benefits and riches in exchange for an opportunity to carry out my revenge!”

Qi Shenyuan was speechless. He could only nod and agree.

He walked in the opposite direction.

At the same time.

Within the room that held You Tianyang captive.

You Tianyang’s body suddenly began to tremble.

His formerly pale white body had taken on a red color, and sweat steamed off of his body. If someone were to feel his forehead, they would find that it was shockingly hot.

You Tianyang continued to emanate a steamy fog, from which strange shapes began to appear. Faint sounds of fighting and yelling could be heard coming from the fog.

The noise coming from the fog finally attracted the attention of those outside. One of the Immortal Temple’s members shoved open the door. “What the hell are you doing?”

However, he froze momentarily when he saw You Tianyang. “What’s going on?”

He walked over to take a look at You Tianyang and flipped him over.

You Tianyang’s eyes suddenly snapped open. Black whirlpools churned in the depths of his irises, causing that person to stop in his tracks. An instant later, You Tianyang leapt to his feet and bit the Immortal Temple Member’s throat.

“AH-” That person was only able to get out half of a scream before his voice was cut off.

Upon hearing the commotion, everyone outside rushed over. They found You Tianyang and that person locked in an embrace, as if they were passionate lovers.

An instant later, however, the scene quickly turned grisly.

You Tianyang slowly lifted his head, revealing a face and lips streaked with scarlet.

“Not good!” everyone yelled simultaneously.

You Tianyang chuckled. An image of a massive, sinister creature appeared behind his back, howling at everyone present.


A shocking pressure began to build up, revolving throughout the room and forming a large whirlpool of energy. The Immortal Temple members in the room had no way of dodging and were sucked in by the attack.

At the same time, You Tianyang leapt into the air, unleashing a palm strike at one of the subordinates

His attack was simple and direct, but it carried an aura that threatened to wipe out everything. It slammed into that person and shattered every bone in his body, killing him on the spot.

You Tianyang didn’t stop and continue to charge forwards, rushing with a violent intensity.

He was very clear about his current circumstances — even though his bloodline had just awakened, it was still in its preliminary stages. He was far from being able to wipe out everyone present, so his immediate objective was to escape as soon as possible!

As such, he charged forward unrelentingly after his attack landed.

“Don’t let him get away!” The people from the Immortal Temple knew what letting You Tianyang escape entailed.

There were two people standing outside the room on guard who ran over as well when they heard the commotion.

Unfortunately, they were one step too late, and their reactions were too late as well.

You Tianyang was charging forward like an enraged bull. He charged right through the wall, churning up a cloud of dust. With two bangs, the two Immortal Temple guards were sent flying. You Tianyang shot right past them, the Pig Dragon Bloodline Image behind him growing larger.

He might be a bit lacking in courage, but he wasn’t an idiot.

Even while escaping, he didn’t forget to make a commotion. If Zhu Xianyao saw this, she would immediately realize that something had happened to him, and Su Chen would have a hard time continuing pretending to be him.

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