Chapter 24: A Sudden Storm

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 24: A Sudden Storm


A massive howl thundered out.

Within West Laina Castle.

Zhu Xianyao felt her heart tremble when she heard that noise.

Then, Zhu Xianyao did something.

She leapt to her feet and bolted out of her room through the window, floating through the air until she landed gently atop the wall. Her eyes pulsated with a strange light as she stared off into the distance.

She clearly saw a fierce-looking beast churning up a cloud of dust behind it.

“The Pig Dragon! It’s really the Pig Dragon! He really awakened it at this moment,” Zhu Xianyao yelled in surprise.

“Young Miss!” Zhao Jingwen also charged over, along with Ba Lieyuan, Culler, and a few other Sand Race and Zhu Clan elites. Evidently, they had also seen the commotion caused by You Tianyang’s explosion of strength.

“It’s Tianyang! Something’s happened to him,” Zhu Xianyao yelled.

The rising cloud of dust and the enraged howl of a Demonic Emperor Bloodline meant that You Tianyang had unleashed his energy to its limit and was running at high speeds. Normally, this could only mean one thing — he was running away as fast as he could.

“Go, save Tianyang!” Zhu Xianyao yelled.

“Yes!” everyone agreed at the same time.

They didn’t wait for the doors of the castle to open and leapt off of the castle walls, charging straight into town.

Su Chen and Shi Mingfeng heard the commotion at the same time.

“What’s going on?” The two of them turned around simultaneously.

A thick cloud of dust billowed behind him.

It seemed as if it was coming from their own residence.

The ferocious howl was enough to put an immense pressure on a person’s heart. Even Shi Mingfeng felt his heart tremble slightly in response.

“Something’s wrong,” he said.

Even though he couldn’t confirm that the commotion was coming from their residence, Shi Mingfeng could feel a threat looming towards them.

“You go and take a look. I’m going to return to West Laina Castle first,” Su Chen said decisively. “If there is something wrong, let me know immediately.”

“Gotcha!” Shi Mingfeng nodded in response.

They wasted no time arguing. Shi Mingfeng ran in the direction of the commotion, while Su Chen hurried along back to the castle.

The dust was still billowing off in the distance and was clearly heading towards West Laina Castle at high speeds. The formless entity within the cloud of dust came closer and closer to Su Chen.

As the cloud of dust drew closer and closer, Su Chen could faintly make out a massive illusory image in the middle of it.

“That’s......” Su Chen’s eyes widened, his gaze growing more and more intense.

“Su Chen!” Shi Mingfeng’s voice barked from next to his ear. “It’s You Tianyang! He’s awoken his bloodline!”

“I saw,” Su Chen replied in a low voice.

Yes, he had seen it.

Even though he had never seen the Large-Bellied Pig Dragon before, its bloated pig’s body and fierce dragon head, as well as the overbearing aura it gave off, were all indicative of the frighteningly powerful Demonic Emperor Large-Bellied Pig Dragon.

Its figure prevented it from making any agile movements, but it was a beast that specialized in combat. In terms of combat prowess, its power was quite a bit above that of the Slyheart Demonic Emperor.

And now, You Tianyang had awakened that bloodline of his.

“That bunch of trash let him get away! They’ve made a huge commotion now, and the people at the castle have definitely noticed. Su Chen, you cannot go back. The plan has failed; we’re retreating immediately!” Shi Mingfeng yelled.

“Do you always give up that easily?” Su Chen asked.

“Then what other good ideas do you have?” Su Chen was about to drive Shi Mingfeng crazy. Even at this moment, he refused to give up.

“I don’t have any ideas right now, but I’m thinking. I’m not used to giving up until the last moment,” Su Chen said as he stared at the oncoming cloud of dust.

He was very fast!

Su Chen knew that he was out of time. Even though he wasn’t willing for it to be so, it seemed like this mission really was going to be a failure.

What a pity for He Xu. He had suffered so much, but Su Chen hadn’t been able to get him out in the end.

He glanced at his surroundings and was just about to retreat when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Not far away from him, a person wearing a wide-brimmed bamboo hat was standing.

Feng Xihuo?

Su Chen felt his heart jolt. He swept his gaze to the woven grass shoes his opponent was wearing, then turned around, as if he hadn’t noticed anything. However, the waves of turmoil in his heart were already beginning to surge.

He knew that Feng Xihuo was definitely here to deal with him.

At that exact moment, an idea suddenly flashed through his mind.

He walked forwards. The bamboo-hat-wearing person followed closely behind.

Su Chen increased the speed of his footsteps, and his pursuer followed suit.

At this moment, the cloud of dust was already extremely close. Su Chen continued to speed up. Just as that cloud of dust shot into the small alleyway, Su Chen suddenly shot forward, diving into the alley from the other end.

As he disappeared, Su Chen’s figure and appearance began to change.

Before entering the alleyway, he still looked like You Tianyang. After entering, he took on the appearance of a common person. He rolled to the side, escaping into a nearby home.

As soon as Su Chen sped up, Feng Xihuo immediately realized that the situation was not good.

His target had discovered him and was trying to escape!

If his target had been a Light Shaking Realm expert, he would have attempted to escape as soon as he was discovered.

But Su Chen was only in the Yang Opening Realm. He did not believe that he would lose in a fight.

More importantly, he had the utmost faith in his own speed!

No one had ever been able to catch him before.

Even if he failed, he could still run away.

This was why he didn’t hesitate in the slightest and continued to pursue after Su Chen.

He boosted his speed to its greatest extent and shot into the alleyway at the speed of light.

He was so fast that the gap between them was closed in an instant. Even though Su Chen had entered the alleyway before him, he had only disappeared in Feng Xihuo’s eyes for just a brief moment, almost in the blink of an eye.

However, he didn’t expect that everything would change in just this blink of an eye.

What greeted him was a totally empty alleyway.

There was nothing there. Feng Xihuo was at a bit of a loss.

Where’d he go?

An instant later, he saw a massive person charging in his direction like an enraged bull.

“Su Chen?” Upon seeing that fat-faced, big-eared target of his, Feng Xihou laughed.

If he had the time to think things through, he would have realized that something was off about this “Su Chen”. First of all, his positioning wasn’t right — how had he gotten so far away in just the blink of an eye? Was Su Chen faster than himself? The aura he exuded was totally off as well — the cloud of dust in his wake and the illusory bloodline image were both still there and didn’t seem like they could have been conjured by Su Chen. Finally, the direction he was facing was wrong. Su Chen had discovered him, but instead of running he was acting like he was going to go all out? Even if you wanted to go all out, you didn’t have to run that far away first, did you?

In any case, there were many details wrong about this “Su Chen”.

However, Feng Xihuo didn’t discover notice of them.

That was because he didn’t have time.

He had no time to think things over and analyze them.

The moment he first saw You Tianyang, his opponent was still far away. One blink and You Tianyang was already in the middle of the alleyway. Another blink and You Tianyang was already pressing on him.

You Tianyang’s charge was so fast and fierce, threatening to bulldoze anything that was in his way, that Feng Xihuo had no choice but to attack. Otherwise, he would be flattened first by the opponent.

He instinctively believed that this was one of his opponent’s tactics or some kind of special Origin Skill that needed to be activated over a certain distance. Su Chen had just been waiting for him to fall for the trap.

That was why he attacked.

He drew his blade!

A dazzling light shone across the surface of the blade.

Shattering Moon Strike!

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