Book 5, Chapter 118: Opening the Secret Realm

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 118: Opening the Secret Realm

It was impossible for Su Chen to not feel satisfied.

His new discovery not only gave him some idea as to what the future would hold, but it also further increased his ability to control the chaotic, turbulent flows of Origin Energy.

Typically, these turbulent flows of Origin Energy would weaken the combat ability of everyone on the battlefield to varying degrees.

But Su Chen was an exception.

He had been able to control and perceive these chaotic flows for some time now and could fight under their influence without being affected. As his understanding and comprehension further increased, he discovered that he was even able to harness that power for himself now.

While most people experienced a ten-to-thirty percent to decrease in strength, Su Chen actually increased in strength by roughly ten percent.

How could he not be happy?

Of course, that smile was intensely humiliating towards those Arcana Masters attacking him.

The two Arcana Masters attacked at full-force. In that moment, they laid aside their enmity and joined hands to wash their shame away.

“Oh, so you’re finally teaming up now? That’s fine.” The two Arcana Masters had unleashed a Thunderball and a Flying Rage Blade at Su Chen. Su Chen responded with a simple slash of the Flowing Gold Blade.

This simple attack had not been infused with the power of his Primordial Blood Incarnation or his black flames. He wasn’t even using the Origin Energy in his body to its fullest extent.

But this simple sword strike was able to slice through the Thunderball and nullify the Flying Rage Blade’s momentum. The sword energy continued to arc through the air, eventually slamming into the chest of one of the opponents, completely severing his body in two and continuing onto the second opponent. The Flowing Gold Blade then slashed through the second opponent multiple times, cutting him into pieces as well.

“Beautiful!” Youthful Abundance yelled excitedly, badly startling Wind-Gathering Evergreen, who then quickly placed his hand over her mouth.

Actually, Night God Sun and Inigo were obviously aware of their existence. But because there were much bigger fish to fry, they didn’t have any attention to spare them.

After dealing with these two minor opponents, Su Chen found another four opponents headed in his direction.

Su Chen sighed. “I knew that this was going to happen. Well, it’s probably time for me to exercise some restraint now.”

As he spoke, he reined in his aura and continued to leap around arbitrarily.

A slightly dumber archer angrily shouted out, “Azure Mark, are you looking down on us? Show us your true strength!”

However, one of his nearby comrades smacked him on the back of his head. “Shut your mouth!”

On the battlefield, acting arrogantly was equivalent to courting death.

There were always some smarter individuals who welcomed Su Chen’s restrained attitude.

This was especially true after they saw just how the two people in front of them had died.

The two parties had reached a tacit mutual understanding. As for the dumb archer…… If he wasn’t willing to listen, then he could attack on his own. The opponent would be more than willing to dispatch of him.

It was with this kind of understanding that Su Chen continued to observe his surroundings, gradually deepening his comprehensions and increasing his own strength.

But while Su Chen was casually watching the battle unfold, the fight between Night God Sun and Inigo had reached a critical point.

Inigo was a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master. As he unleashed Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique after Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique, Night God Sun found it more and more difficult to resist even with the support of the Divine Feather.

“Prince Night God, why do you insist on being so stubborn?” Inigo sighed as he flipped to yet another page in his book.

A black cloud rose into the air as a powerful wave of pressure began to crush down on them from the sky.

“AH!” Night God Sun tilted his head back and howled in anger.

Given that he was directly inside of the vortex, this pressure was incredibly difficult for him to withstand.

He began to crumble under the pressure, but then the light from his wings began to glow even more intensely.

Finally, Inigo saw a golden feather appear from behind Night God Sun’s back.

“Divine Feather!” Inigo yelled out excitedly.

Finally, it had been forced out.

Inigo’s eyes glowed greedily as he reached out with his hand. A pitch-black hand had appeared in the sky and was reaching out to grab the feather.

Night God Sun howled loudly as he shot three arrows into the sky all at once, whistling towards his opponent with an incredibly destructive momentum. The incredibly domineering aura of the arrows spread in all directions, badly wounding all of the Arcana Masters nearby. One of them even died on the spot.

However, Inigo continued to nonchalantly flip his book. The pitch-black hand didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping and continued to press forwards relentlessly.

This was Inigo’s true power. In order to obtain the Divine Feather, this scholar was willing to use all the strength at his disposal.

This Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique, the Black Demonic Hand, was his innate Arcana Technique. His ability to use it at such quick notice had basically turned it from a single-target attack into an area-of-effect skill. Black hands could be seen heading in all directions, giving those bystanders watching the battle a feeling of indescribable doom.

Night God Sun also seemed to realize that the battle had reached a critical point. He howled loudly as he unleashed his most powerful arrow yet.

A bright golden arrow shot through the sky at the Black Demonic Hand, exuding a powerful aura of extermination. Even Su Chen was forced to retreat.

However, this action also created an unanticipated complication for Su Chen. A large group of Arcana Masters took advantage of the opportunity to attack him.

Su Chen harrumphed. “Did you really think that you are the only ones with numbers on your side?”

He waved his hands. The strange creatures that he had forced to submit to him earlier charged forward at this moment.

Not only that, but Su Chen brought out his Gluttonous Parasite as well.

Originally, this world had contained no parasites. This Gluttonous Parasite was the first of its kind.

The character for “parasite” originated from the fact that the bug used a human as a vessel. Thus, it was a combination of the characters for bug and for vessel.

This parasite relied on devouring Origin Energy to survive, but it could actually be used for more than just plotting against someone. In actuality, its greatest effect would be manifested after it was born.

During the previous chaotic battle, the parasite had devoured a number of Harpies already. When factoring Seventh-Ring Flaming Femme into its list of meals, it was quite obvious that the parasite had consumed a number of organisms with powerful Origin Energy character, allowing it to mature and grow incredibly quickly.

The parasite opened its mouth wide as ten or so Arcana Techniques came flying in its direction, directly devouring them whole. The Harpies who saw this happen felt their gizzards tremble.

At that moment, a column of light suddenly shot through the air.

The column of light emerged from the ground, causing it to crack and leaving behind a big hole behind.

A large palace could be seen descending from the sky.

All of the Harpies instinctively stopped fighting and turned to look at the palace.

“It’s appeared! Jade Clearmist’s true secret realm!” the Harpies all exclaimed to themselves.

Above that palace, the blinding white light was concealing a thin golden strand that was resonating with the Divine Feather.

“It’s another Divine Feather!” Inigo yelled in astonishment as he stared at Su Chen suspiciously.

Everything had gone exactly as Azure Mark had anticipated.

“I told you already. It would have saved us a lot of trouble if you had just taken it out earlier,” Su Chen chuckled.

The Harpies present were infuriated. After all, he was the one who had instigated this battle in the first place. None of them wanted to hear those mocking words coming from him.

However, Su Chen was not planning on only instigating things then, but also now.

As he spoke, he flew into the air towards the palace.

Everyone was badly startled when they saw this and hurried to catch up, unleashing a barrage of Arcana Techniques at the same time.

However, these Arcana Techniques were not all aimed at Su Chen.

Most of them were aimed at their other opponents.

The earlier battle had mostly been to jockey for position and to vent the hatred and enmity that had built up in their hearts. But now, the current battle was being fought for an even simpler reason ⁠— profit.

Everyone wanted to go in and not let anyone else in. The battle had reached its official climax.

At this point, there was no more point to holding back any longer. All of the humans and Harpies began to furiously unleash technique after technique, slaughtering anyone from another party to ensure that they would be the first ones to enter the palace and plunder all its treasures.

The battle instantly turned white-hot, and everyone’s killing intent was soaring to the heavens, including Li Daohong, Night God Sun, Holly Keen, and Inigo. All parties paid a tremendous price.

At this point, given how much of a price had been paid, no one was willing to back down anymore.

Those below were fighting furiously, while those in the lead charged forwards relentlessly.

Night God Sun’s wings spread wide as he shot towards the palace. “Don’t even think about trying to take these treasures from their divinely-appointed owners!”

Inigo calmly replied, “Since you people are so saintly, then you should uphold that standard now and not fight with us for these secular benefits.”

As he spoke, his figure suddenly flashed forwards. Even though this Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique was not as heaven-defying as Su Chen’s teleportation techniques, it had still moved him an incredible amount forward.

Li Daohong harrumphed and pulled out an item, rubbing it gently between his fingers. An instant later, his figure morphed into a blur of light as he shot forwards, not slower than Night God Sun in the slightest.

Holly Keen, the last one remaining, didn’t have any techniques he could use to boost his speed.

But just because he wasn’t fast didn’t mean that he couldn’t slow the others down.

He pulled out a puppet and yelled, “Seal those treasures for me!”

The puppet tilted its head back and howled. A thunderclap suddenly boomed through the air as it sealed off the entrance to the palace.

When Su Chen saw this, he stopped in place. Inigo’s Dark Nightmare Hand pushed against the thunder seal, but was unable to move it in the slightest.

“Brat, you’ve got some skill!” Inigo exclaimed as he stared at Holly Keen in surprise.

This guy wasn’t very strong, but he had all kinds of strange puppets at his disposal. Each of them had their own flaws, but also had their own unique strengths.

This puppet was definitely a puppet with strong sealing capabilities.

Holly Keen chuckled as he flew forwards leisurely. “Without my permission, no one should even think about entering!”

“Are you sure?” Su Chen countered. “I have no enmity with you, and I really don’t want to slap you in the face. But…… I feel like I can get in.”

Holly Keen chuckled. “If you can, then you may do as you please!”

Su Chen sighed. “Not only can I enter, but I can bring others in with me as well.”

As he spoke, he waved his sleeves in the air, wrapping up the Gluttonous Parasite and the nearby void creatures before charging through the thunder seal.

Inigo, Night God Sun, and Holly Keen watched on as he entered.

He entered!

He had entered!

He had just entered as easily as that!

How had he done it?

Everyone was stunned.

Even Holly Keen was taken aback. “How is this…… possible? My thunder seal directly locks down space itself. There shouldn’t be a technique that can get him in, so just how was he able to?”

Inigo’s eyes glowed in understanding as he said, “I underestimated you.”

He hurriedly flipped through the Blacktower Book.

A lambent glow surrounded him as his figure turned into a streak of light and shot right through the seal.

Holly Keen was left dumbfounded yet again.

Night God Sun’s Divine Feather blinked once, allowing him to teleport inside.

“Damn it!” Holly Keen howled.

He glanced at Li Daohong.

Li Daohong shrugged. “I can’t break your seal, but I can just follow you around. Hey, they’ve already gone in. You’re not planning on just leaving this place sealed like this, right?”

Holly Keen was taken aback for a moment before he cursed. “Damn it all to hell.”

As he spoke, he deactivated the seal and charged into the palace himself.

Li Daohong chuckled before his expression grew stony. “Sacrificial warriors, to me!”

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