Book 5, Chapter 119: Stimulation Medicine

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 119: Stimulation Medicine

The first thing Su Chen saw when entering the palace was an incredibly wide and spacious main hall.

At the very front of the main hall was a female statue. Beneath the statue was an offering table with three items placed on it.

At the center was a crystal, sealing a golden feather inside. That was precisely the Divine Feather.

Divine Feathers were bestowed by deities, making them filled with divine power. But because the human world had no divine power, the feather's divine power couldn't be regenerated once it was used up. Jot only so, but it normally needed to be sealed. Otherwise, the feather's power would begin to leach out slowly.

Night God Sun had been unwilling to bring out the full power of the Divine Feather earlier was because merely relying on the Origin Energy bestowed by the Divine Feather was much less costly than bringing it fully out. As soon as it appeared, the divine power it contained would begin to leak out irreversibly.

For this reason, Night God Sun refused to use the Divine Feather unless it was absolutely necessary.

But it was also because he had used this Divine Feather that the palace's Divine Feather was able to resonate with his, revealing the truth of the secret realm.

The Divine Feather before him was sealed in a special kind of crystal that also relied on the Origin Energy originating from this divine power to sustain itself.

There were two more items next to the Divine Feather.

One of then was something Su Chen was quite familiar with. It was a totem with wind-like inscriptions carved on it.

The Wind Spirit Totem.

The Ravagers had lost many of their totems after tens of thousands of years of history. Some of them had been destroyed by the passage of time, while others had been taken as spoils of war. This Wind Spirit Totem was one such example, but Su Chen didn't really know how it had ended up in Jade Clearmist's hands.

Su Chen was delighted when he saw the Wind Spirit Totem.

This totem was quite a good item. The Vitality Totem had greatly increased Su Chen's lifeforce, making him even stronger than an average Ravager. Unfortunately, the way to use the totems was quite mysterious. Even now, he still had yet to figure out how to use the Thunder Spirit Totem.

The final item was a red sphere that exuded a strong aura of bloodthirstiness. Su Chen didn't know what it was, but he knew without a doubt that these items were very valuable.

Anyone else probably would've immediately taken those treasures.

Su Chen, however, chose not to do so. He stood there motionless, as if he was thinking about something.

After a moment's thought, he pulled out two vials of medicine, spilling one on the ground and one on himself.

The medicine he had poured on the ground was known as Stimulation Medicine, while he used the antidote on himself. This medicine would enhance a person's emotion no matter what that emotion was. Greedy people would become greedier, angry people would become angrier, jealous people would become more jealous, and people full of hatred would hate even more.

This Stimulation Medicine would only amplify a person's pre-existing emotion. Even though this effect didn't sound too impressive, it was quite a useful tool when used in the right place.

Intelligent people were intelligent because they knew how to restrict their emotions. The greater a person's status was, the better they knew how to do this.

Night God Sun was smart enough to implicate Su Chen in the battle beforehand to avoid giving Su Chen the opportunity to use him.

It was obvious that it was very difficult for Su Chen to benefit like a fisherman.

But at that moment, with these real treasures in front of them, maintaining their calmness was impossible. With Su Chen's medicine adding fuel to the fire, the outcome was easily imaginable.

He had only just poured the medicine on the ground when he suddenly heard the sound of rushing wind behind him.

Inigo and Night God Sun had shown up.

Their eyes lit up simultaneously as they reached out to grab the three treasures, completely ignoring Su Chen's presence.

At that moment, however, Night God Sun unleashed an invisible arrow at Inigo, and Inigo also unleashed an Arcana Technique at him. They didn't forget to attack Su Chen either.

Su Chen only defended himself and didn't try to counterattack.

At that point in time, anyone who retaliated would draw attention to themselves. Indeed, Inigo and Night God Sun began to duel with each other.

Even though the Stimulation Medicine was only a rare-tier medicine, its effect was incredibly potent because it acted on pre-existing emotions. Even Inigo, a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master

, was unable to avoid its effects. Him and Night God Sun stared at each other angrily.

With the treasures right next to them and a mortal enemy in front of them, killing their enemy and taking the treasure was totally logical and righteous.

At this point, rationality and logic had been left behind. The only thing they thought about was gaining an advantage and killing the other party.

Su Chen retreated further.

Not everyone could remain calm in the face of such precious treasures.

But Su Chen could.

All he saw were the opponents in front of him.

The treasures were merely serving as bait. Only with enough bait would they truly be willing to attack each other without holding back.

This was why Su Chen retreated to the furthest corner and activated Darkness Concealment, causing him to completely disappear into the shadows.

At the same time, Li Daohong and Holly Keen also charged in.

Their eyes began to glow with greed when they saw the treasures on the table.

Soon after, more people entered the palace. The sight of those treasures caused them to lose their sense of rationality. What replaced their rationality was the desire to unleash a furious beating on their enemies.

Even though Su Chen didn't attack, the Gluttonous Parasite and demonic creatures he had brought were freely slaughtering their way through the crowd, participating in this brutal battle.

Su Chen sat in the corner, calmly watching the intense battle before him unfold. His heart was extremely calm and even.

This calmness wasn't due to the medicine alone, but also because of his transcendent attitude towards these material treasures.

Su Chen's attitude towards these important treasures was one of relative indifference because he placed knowledge at the very front.

Inigo was also an Arcana Master who valued knowledge, but when faced with these treasures, he had no way of remaining calm. In other words, he had thought that he was indifferent, but he actually was not. Otherwise, the Stimulation Medicine wouldn't have been as effective on him.

Su Chen calmly watched as the slaughter grew more and more intense.

Every second, people were dying in droves.

Li Daohong’s sacrificial warriors, Holly Keen’s subordinates, Fate’s Hands members, and Mother Goddess Sect disciples all shared the same fate. They only differed in terms of relative strength.

The three treasures in the main hall were incredibly enticing bait, more than enough to cause everyone present to begin slaughtering each other without any opportunity to stop.

The battle grew more and more intense. Inigo finally began to demonstrate his full strength.

He began to mutter a curse in a low voice. The sound of this strangely cadenced curse spread, filling the air with an eerie and mysterious aura.

Night God Sun immediately felt that something was off and activated the Divine Feather.

The longer the Divine Feather was exposed for, the more rapidly its energy would be expended.

Anyone else probably would have eagerly inserted themselves into the battle, but all Su Chen did was continue to stare coldly.

The light from the Divine Feather was blocking Inigo’s Demonic Noise. This time, however, Inigo was attacking all of the nearby targets. Night God Sun might be able to resist the effects of the curse, but the others might not be able to. Night God Sun and Li Daohong’s subordinates howled in pain as the cursed chant passed by their ears, causing them to die tragically.

When he saw this, Night God Sun’s expression was furious. “Do you think you’re the only one with a skill like that? Divine Feather, activate!”

The golden divine light surged from behind him. Even Su Chen was affected, but he forcefully endured and refused to retaliate to avoid drawing any unnecessary attention.

The members of Fate’s Hands, however, suffered greatly as a result.

Even Holly Keen’s subordinates were caught up in the turmoil.

Holly Keen was infuriated. “Do you think you’re the only ones with these kinds of skills? I have some too…… Explode for me!”

The puppets that he commanded suddenly began to explode, and violent waves of energy began to spread in all directions.

Li Daohong was also enraged. Holly Keen and Inigo’s attacks didn’t spare him in the slightest, and he lost a number of sacrificial warriors. If his subordinates were going to be slaughtered even if they weren’t participating in the battle, then it was better for them to go down fighting. Li Daohong yelled, “Sacrificial warriors, offer up your wills to me!”

Li Daohong’s sacrificial warriors raised their hands at the same time before jabbing their fingers at their own eyes.

In the blink of an eye, their fingers went through their eye sockets.

As blood spurted into the sky, these sacrificial warriors simultaneously began to morph into the ethereal shape of the Dream Beauty. These illusory images then charged into Li Daohong’s body, bringing the Dream Beauty’s figure into reality. The Dream Beauty howled maniacally as a powerful, consciousness-piercing wave of sound rumbled over everyone. All of the existences present, including Su Chen and Inigo, felt their consciousnesses suddenly tremble.

A shockingly powerful wave of consciousness power began to spread wildly in all directions.

Even Su Chen, who was using Heart Walls, was unable to completely escape from its influence. Inigo’s and Night God Sun’s expressions darkened slightly, and the other human and Harpy subordinates cried out tragically in pain. Even the Gluttonous Parasite and the demonic creatures, who didn’t fear Origin Energy attacks, cried out in pain.

These subordinates all couldn’t be considered weak, but the simultaneous use of so many trump cards formed a multilayered attack. Even the powerful experts found themselves unable to withstand the collision and died in droves.

As a wave of extremely compressed Origin Energy surged, covering the entire battlefield and sending people flying everywhere, even the palace itself couldn’t help but groan under the intense pressure.

When the dust settled, there were only a few people still standing from each group.

Li Daohong still had a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator and two Spirit Burning Realm cultivators by his side. While the Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator was in an alright condition, the two Spirit Burning Realm cultivators were in bad shape.

Holly Keen was in an even sorrier state. He only had one Eighth-Ring Arcana Master by his side. After all, Harpies had weaker physical bodies than humans, so it was impossible for them to outlast humans.

Night God Sun’s Harpy disciples weren’t much better off. Only one of the archbishops and three of the guards had survived. On Fate’s Hands’ side of things, only the vice institute head and three instructors made it out alive.

Su Chen was probably the only person who had suffered the least losses.

The Gluttonous Parasite and the demonic creatures all had extremely powerful lifeforces, so even though they were badly wounded by this barrage of energy, they were still alive.

As for Su Chen, he was probably the only person who had managed to escape from the situation unscathed.

He was probably the only one unaffected.

He had kept his distance from the turbulent battle and had focused all of his energy on protecting himself. If he had been badly wounded by this occurrence, that would have been simply too embarrassing.

Even so, he might have been able to ensure that he wasn’t wounded, but that didn’t mean that he could keep up his disguise.

This attack destroyed his disguise and even shattered his mask and ripped him out of concealment.

Su Chen’s sudden reappearance drew everyone’s attention.

That wasn’t strange. After all, many of the participants in this battle had been slaughtered by the violent torrents of energy. This had also wiped away the last traces of medicine left behind by Su Chen.

The four main powers present immediately thought of Su Chen as soon as they escaped from the influence of the Stimulation Medicine.

Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that they had never forgotten. Now that they had regained control of their emotions, however, they were able to regain their soberness.

When they saw Su Chen, who had lost his mask, holly Keen and Li Daohong both cried out, “It’s you? The human?”

Night God Sun and Inigo also said in surprise, "River Sun?"

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