Book 5, Chapter 120: Backup

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 120: Backup

“Uh oh, it seems I’ve been found out,” Su Chen chuckled with some embarrassment as he rubbed the back of his head.

Night God Sun and the others were stunned.

“Human? You said he’s a human?” Night God Sun asked Li Daohong.

“Yes, he’s definitely a human. He came with the Zhu Clan’s diplomatic envoy,” Li Daohong said.

“Are you sure you didn’t misidentify him?” Night God Sun said. “He’s clearly the Harpy who managed to infiltrate the Chaos Tower.

Even though Su Chen had pretended to be some Harpy named River Sun when infiltrating the Chaos Tower, his true appearance had still been revealed under the influence of the True Light. As such, his face had been distributed far and wide to all the high-status Harpies. Even Fate’s Hands had found out about this matter.

“It’s definitely him. If you don’t believe me, ask that guy.” Li Daohong jutted his chin out at Holly Keen.

Holly Keen said fiercely, “It’s definitely that human. No wonder this Azure Mark guy knew about my feud with Li Daohong and notified me about this. It’s because he was the one who started our conflict in the first place.”

Inigo said darkly, “So this guy is a human spy?”

All of the Harpies stared furiously at Su Chen.

Even Li Daohong was staring at Su Chen with an unfriendly expression.

No matter what Su Chen’s true identity was, Li Daohong wouldn’t have a good impression of him.

Night God Sun stared intently at the human. “So you’re a human. Tell me, who exactly are you?”

The medicine had dissipated, all of the subordinates had been killed off, and everyone had regained their soberness. Su Chen was now the target of everyone else’s attention, and they began to interrogate him instead.

Su Chen didn’t seem to mind. He sighed, “Fine, fine. Since I’ve been recognized, it would be a bit shameful for me to continue the act. If you want to know who I am……”

He didn’t directly give an answer. Instead, he turned to Li Daohong and smiled with great meaning. “Li Daohong, who do you think I am?”

“How would I possibly know who you are? All I know is that you harmed so many of my subordinates. I…… I……” Li Daohong suddenly began to stammer.

He stared at Su Chen wide-eyed. “The Zhu Clan…… The Zhu Clan…… You…… You can’t be……!”

“Who is he?” Night God Sun and Inigo asked simultaneously.

Li Daohong stared at him in shock. A sudden premonition surfaced in his heart as understanding dawned. “Su Chen! Dammit, you’re Su Chen!”

He finally realized what was happening. Only Su Chen would speak to him in such a way, and only Su Chen could create this kind of a commotion.

Li Daohong had always kept his origins a secret.

He knew of Su Chen and knew that Su Chen had also encountered a beggar who had “blessed him”. As such, he had always wanted to meet Su Chen.

He had never expected to meet Su Chen under these kinds of circumstances.

“Su Chen?” Night God Sun, Holly Keen, and Inigo also cried out.

Su Chen’s current fame was not small. He was the great sage of the human race, who had made it possible for humans without bloodlines to cultivate to the Light Shaking Realm. This was an improvement of three whole cultivation realms.

How could they not be aware of a person like that?

There were even some Harpies who had received a secret commission to try and assassinate Su Chen no matter the cost.

Killing Su Chen would terminate the path to prominence for the human race.

Similar thoughts were being expressed amongst the nobility in Liaoye Country.

Just as Shi Kaihuang had said all those years ago, the Bloodline Nobility Clans also greatly disliked Su Chen’s actions.

However, their actions were much more hidden. After all, certain actions could not see the light of day.

Li Daohong never would have expected that the person who was scheming against him was actually Su Chen.

Su Chen had actually come into Harpy territory.

Night God Sun was taken aback.

He found no trace of denial in Su Chen’s expression and knew that Li Daohong was telling the truth. In the next moment, a sudden idea surfaced in his mind. “So you’re Su Chen. The leaders of my country have given me orders to kill you at any cost. Inigo, as long as you are willing to help me to finish off this guy, I am willing to give up on any of the treasures in this realm. I am even willing to overlook everything that took place here!”

Inigo chuckled. “That sounds pretty good to me.”

Night God Sun was quite decisive. He knew that if he didn’t ally everyone present, dealing with this shady, deceptive guy would be difficult. As such, he immediately made a move to try and ally all of the Harpies present.

After pulling Inigo in, Night God Sun turned to face Holly Keen. “Holly Keen, you should know how big of a threat Su Chen is to us Harpies. Killing him is the most important. As long as you are willing to help, I am willing to hand over one of the treasures in this temple.”

Holly Keen nodded. “Fine!”

After all, Holly Keen was a Harpy by nature no matter how you looked at the situation.

As a Harpy, he felt a sense of loyalty to the Harpies. Otherwise, Night God Sun would only need to go back and inform the other Harpies of what had transpired to make it so that they were unwilling to spare him.

Finally, Night God Sun turned to face Li Daohong.

Li Daohong chuckled. “I understand. There are three treasures in this hall. Since Brother Night God Sun is willing to relinquish the treasure belonging to him, I won’t insist on bein courteous. We will split the treasures and each take one for ourselves


Inigo chuckled. “Su Chen, you are very slippery. But you made one mistake, which was that you were unable to keep your identity a secret. Otherwise, you might have been able to make it out of here alive.”

Su Chen sighed. “You’re right, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that. Otherwise, some of you might have been able to leave alive. Now, however, I must ask all of you to die.”

Given how many enemies were present, everyone was amazed at Su Chen’s audacity and froze momentarily.

Everyone might have attacked immediately if Su Chen hadn’t said that, but now that he had said that, they started to hesitate.

Who knew what kinds of trump cards Su Chen had prepared for them?

What if they took the lead to charge forwards but ended up becoming someone else’s shield?

Even though everyone present wanted to deal with Su Chen, they weren’t all part of the same group, and they still cared about their own benefits. It was no surprise that they were choosing to be so cautious.

Li Daohong said darkly, “Su Chen, I don’t believe that you have any tricks up your sleeve this time.”

Even though he said he didn’t believe it outwardly, what he really meant was to try and get Su Chen to show these skills earlier.

Su Chen, however, didn’t care.

He tilted his head up at the sky and said calmly, “You might not believe me, but I have anticipated and been prepared for this moment for a long time.”

Night God Sun and the others harrumphed. It was obvious that they didn’t believe him.

Holly Keen said, “I don’t think he has any backup at all. He’s probably just trying to scare us with false bravado.”

“If that’s the case, then why don’t you go first?” Inigo chuckled.

This old guy was incredibly slippery. Even though he was a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master, he didn’t put on any of the normal airs. Since Holly Keen didn’t seem to believe Su Chen, then why not have him test out Su Chen first?

Unfortunately, even though this Holly Keen was quite impulsive, he wasn’t an idiot. He chuckled, “I’m the weakest person here. Nothing interesting will happen even if I try it out. But if you participate, this will become a sage-on-sage battle. Wouldn’t that be much more interesting and informative?”

Night God Sun voiced his support. “That’s right. Sage-on-sage is more interesting.”

Li Daohong added, “I think that sounds pretty good.”

Now, the three of them were ganging up on Inigo.

The Fate’s Hands organization was also generally hated. They were the most likely to be attacked once Su Chen was dealt with.

Inigo didn’t mind. He chuckled, “Are you planning on forcing me to Prince Su’s side?”

Night God Sun smiled. “We are just asking you to make a move on our behalf. You’re more than free to interpret that as you please. Or is it that you’re a one-trick pony, and your skills are less effective against foreigners?”

Inigo replied, “It seems you have placed a knife against my back while I was focused on the battle in front of me.”

These guys had very powerful mouths. Neither of them were willing to let the other get an advantage.

Li Daohong frowned and was about to speak when he heard Su Chen say, “Are you guys done arguing or not? I’m still waiting for you to attack me.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Li Daohong originally wanted to remind everyone to not fall into Su Chen’s trap, but Su Chen was the one who autonomously drew attention to himself. He was taken aback for a moment.

Did Su Chen really have some kind of backup plan?

He couldn’t figure it out.

Suspicion began to surface in his heart.

The more hurried Su Chen appeared to be, the less unwilling he was to attack.

But he was not scared by Su Chen’s words alone. Otherwise, he would have become a great laughingstock.

Everyone glanced at each other before quickly coming to a decision.

Night God Sun’s Archbishop, Inigo’s vice institute head, Holly Keen’s Eighth-Ring Arcana Master, and Li Daohong’s Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator simultaneously sprang into action.

When he saw this, Su Chen sighed in disappointment.

Everyone’s alertness imediately increased when they saw Su Chen’s sigh and expression.

Night God Sun was the first to cry out in warning. “Be careful!”

He attacked at the same time.

At that moment, however, a massive wave of energy appeared behind Inigo’s back and washed over him, its momentum extremely shocking. Inigo was stunned. When had this new opponent appeared behind him? He was barely able to activate a defensive barrier at the last moment, one of his innate Arcana Techniques. Almost immediately afterwards, a sharp streak of light slammed into his back and exploded, causing boundless light to shine in all direction. A hand actually seemed to reach through Inigo’s barrier and solidly collided with his chest.

At the same moment, Inigo’s figure suddenly vanished on the spot and reappeared off in the distance.

Even though he had managed to forcibly avoid this life-threatening attack, his expression was still quite pale. The attack he had just dodged hadn’t bee completely ineffective and managed to wound him.

A person appeared where Inigo’s figure had disappeared from. His hair was completely white, but his expression was quite full of vitality. He stood there, smiling faintly at Inigo.

Since his first attack hadn’t managed to land, he no longer continued to attack. It seemed that he hadn’t been expecting to be able to do much with this single attack.

“Who are you?” Inigo yelled angrily.

“The human, Zhu Chenhuan. How are you doing?”

Zhu Chenhuan bowed to Inigo. “It was not my intention to ambush you. Even though I only used seventy percent of my strength, I still feel quite embarrassed. I hope you can forgive me.”

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