Book 5, Chapter 121: Strong Reinforcements

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 121: Strong Reinforcements

Night God Sun hadn’t just been sitting around, watching on blankly while Inigo was being attacked.

Actually, he had detected someone else’s presence even sooner than Inigo — the powerful perceptive abilities that the Divine Feather bestowed upon him made it very hard for others to ambush him.

Even so, just because he could perceive someone’s presence didn’t necessarily mean that he could block their attack.

Night God Sun quickly realized that he was indeed going to have a hard time defending himself against his opponents’ attack.

This was because he was being attacked by two people at the same time, and these two people were both extremely quick. He was only able to avoid one person, so he would have to forcefully take the other person’s attacks.

But which attack should he allow to hit?

Night God Sun didn’t know.

He had never met the ambushers before, so he didn’t know their identities, strength, or the skills that they possessed.

He didn’t know which person he should deal with, and he didn’t have time to think about it either. As such, after only a moment’s deliberation, he dodged to the left.

But by avoiding one of the ambusher’s attacks, he put himself directly in the path of the other individual’s attack.


There was a clear sound of something entering Night God Sun’s body, after which his cry of pain could be heard throughout the room.

He didn’t have Inigo’s teleportation abilities, and thus could only rely on the powerful defensive capabilities of the Divine Feather.

Even the Divine Feather’s divine power, however, was unable to withstand this attack.

Even though this attack seemed relatively superficial, Night God Sun could sense a feeling of numbness seep through the wound as well.


Night God Sun swung his arms through the air angrily, driving back his opponent as he cursed, “Shameless! What kind of man are you, to ambush someone with poison?”

A woman’s voice replied, “I’m not a man in the first place. What need is there for me to act honorably?”

A valiant and formidable-looking woman appeared in front of Night God Sun. She wielded a long silver spear that carried an incredible aura about it. It was Chu Yingwan.

At this point, she had already reached the Spirit Burning Realm.

Next to her stood Shi Kaihuang.

Li Daohong and Holly Keen weren’t idle either.

A barrage of attacks slammed into them, sending them flying. Li Daohong spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as he stared angrily at his assailants. “Li Chongshan of the Heavenly Might Battalion?”

Li Chongshan replied with a slight smile, “That’s all in the past now. I am currently the commander of the Boundless Sect’s Flowing Fire Division.”

The three people by his side calmly stated, “Cheng Tianhai of the Boundless Sect.”

“Jun Moxie of the Boundless Sect.”

“Lin Shaoxuan of the Boundless Sect.”

Six of the seven former Heavenly Might Battalion’s commanders had appeared. Only Guo Wenchang wasn’t present as he was responsible for guarding the rest of the Boundless Sect.

Apart from them, Tang Jie’s seventy-three Sword Servants had also come, along with a few of the Heavenly Might Battalion’s former lower-level officers. There were roughly twenty of them or so, which meant that the entire group had around a hundred soldiers present. These people hadn’t dared to reveal themselves at the beginning because they were weaker, but they were emboldened to charge in once Zhu Chenhuan, Li Chongshan, and the others showed up.

Night God Sun was completely stunned when he saw this many people pour into the secret realm.

Su Chen hadn’t been lying!

He had been prepared for this a long time ago!

Yes, Su Chen had been prepared.

Ever since he had found out about Li Daohong and the others’ arrival, Su Chen had been able to use the Origin Bone Scepter to basically determine exactly what would happen. How could he possibly place all of his hopes on provoking the different parties into fighting one another?

The only reason he did that was to make it easier to clean up the battlefield afterwards.

His true trump card had always been the Boundless Sect.

While in Cloudy City, he had delayed the opening of the secret realm for ten days or so partly to wait for the Zhu Clan and the Boundless Sect to show up.

The Boundless Sect had spent quite a bit of money to make this happen.

They had directly bought the fastest Cloud-Piercing Shuttles available and flew towards Liaoye as quickly as possible. They were then able to enter Sky Country by relying on the Zhu Clan’s negotiating power and had hurried over as quickly as possible in order to make it on time. Finally, they had concealed themselves in the darkness to avoid being spotted.

Until now.

Without the previous battle, Inigo and Night God Sun wouldn’t have had any reason to fear Su Chen.

But since that the battle had wiped out a majority of their forces, they only had a few subordinates remaining.

The four forces only had around fifteen people combined, while there were nearly a hundred people from the Boundless Sect present.

Even so, Inigo chuckled. “Is this your trump card, Su Chen? You want to rely on a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator and two Spirit Burning Realm cultivators to deal with us?”

Inigo was a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master, and he had an Eighth-Ring vice institute head by his side. Night God Sun also had an Eighth-Ring archbishop with him. Li Daohong had a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator and two Spirit Burning Realm cultivators with him. Holly Keen had an Eighth-Ring Arcana Master with him as well. Evidently, their high-end strength wasn’t lacking in the slightest.

The Boundless sect was still too young. They didn’t even have a single Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator amongst their ranks.

This was why Inigo and Night God Sun were still filled with confidence.

Su Chen, however, smiled slightly. “We are weaker when it comes to the Spirit Burning Realm and above. But if the gap in power isn’t too great, we can still make up for that difference.”

Li Daohong harrumphed angrily. “If the gap in power isn’t too big? These guys are at most at the Yang Opening Realm. How can you even mention them and us in the same sentence? We……”

He hadn’t even finished his thought when he suddenly saw Lotus Platforms appear in front of the hundred Boundless Sect members’ foreheads.

“Light…… Light Shaking?” Li Daohong, Night God Sun, and the others were stunned.

Obviously, these hundred members had trained together and were part of the same group. These people appeared to be common soldiers, but they were all at the Light Shaking Realm!

A hundred Light Shaking Realm cultivators!

How was this possible?

When had it become possible to produce Light Shaking Realm cultivators in en masse like this?

Everyone was badly startled.

Su Chen smiled slightly. “So do we have the right to fight you now?”

In terms of high-tier strength, the Boundless Sect was indeed quite lacking, but their mid-tier strength was commendable given that they possessed the bloodline-less Light Shaking Realm cultivation technique.

This technique had been distributed far and wide amongst the members of the Boundless Sect. The current group of soldiers were not representative of the Boundless Sect’s full strength either ⁠— they were just the most outstanding group of soldiers of that cultivation tier.

Li Chongshan chuckled. “Why even bother wasting your breath on them? Slaughter anyone who is not on our side!!!”

As he yelled this, the members of the Boundless Sect sprang into action.

The hundred or so Light Shaking Realm cultivators surged forwards as one, their morale at an all-time high. Even Inigo, a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master, wasn’t able to withstand this tide of attackers.

Even though he was able to get a Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique off, a hundred streaks of blade light slashed down at him in the next instant. That was not something that even a Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique could withstand. The blades collided with the technique, completely breaking it apart.

Su Chen didn’t hold back either. He laughed as he charged at Li Daohong, shouting, “Li Daohong, you’re mine!”

Li Daohong’s expression hardened when he saw Su Chen flying at him, but he didn’t immediately try to defend himself. Instead, he yelled, “I’m also a human, Su Chen. Why are you persistently trying to make things hard for me?”

Su Chen chuckled coldly as he replied, “You’re the one persistently trying to make things hard for me, right? I never invited you here.”

As he spoke, he slashed out with the Flowing Gold Blade.

Li Daohong responded by unleashing a strange wave of energy as he yelled, “If you spare me, I am willing to become your ally!”

“I’m better off not having you as an ally!” The surface of the Flowing Gold Blade burst into black flames.

“Su Chen, I’m a member of the Liaoye imperial family. Do you really dare kill me?” Li Daohong yelled despondently.

He was already fearful of death even before being defeated, and his tone was one of surrender.

Indeed, a person who was too smart for their own good would lose the will to fight too quickly.

Su Chen coldly answered, “So what if you’re a member of the imperial family? Who will know if I kill everyone here? Also, you’re an embarrassment to the royal family. If I kill you, I might actually be thanked by Li Wuyi for removing a headache of his.”

As he spoke, the four-faced Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared behind him.

The Aspect formed behind his back, and the might of the Flowing Gold Blade began to surge, causing Su Chen to enter his most powerful state. Blade strike after blade strike descended mercilessly upon Li Daohong.

Even though Li Daohong possessed a Desolate Beast Bloodline, the Dream Beauty Bloodline was the weakest of the seven imperial bloodlines when it came to a head-on battle. Since Su Chen had even managed to defeat a member of the Chu Clan, dealing with Li Daohong wasn’t a problem at all. In the blink of an eye, Li Daohong had been completely suppressed by Su Chen.

Li Daohong yelled loudly in fright, “Su Chen, I know you. You and I both encountered the same person. We are both people who have been chosen by the heavens and shouldn’t be wasting our time killing each other.”

Su Chen chuckled coldly. “That’s just how you see it. I don’t think the same way.”

“The old beggar! The old beggar! We are both people chosen by him. You cannot kill me!” Li Daohong howled loudly in desperation.

But no one paid him any extra attention even though he had mentioned the old beggar.

His mind was extremely brilliant, but his courage was lacking. When faced with this crisis, he had no bravery to speak of, and his defenses weakened even further as a result. The weaker his desire to fight, the quicker his situation declined. One of Su Chen’s Flowing Gold Blade strikes slammed into Li Daohong, who completely lost his footing and was sent flying, blood spraying from the wounds that had been opened up on his body.

When he saw that Su Chen had no intention of sparing him, Li Daohong fell into despair and began to yell loudly, “Fine! If you won’t give me a way out, then we’ll all die here together!”

As he spoke, he pulled out an item from his Origin Ring.

He had pulled out a pennant, which immediately began to exude an incredibly sinister aura so thick that it was almost tangible. Faint, distant shrieks and howls could be also heard emanating from within the pennant.

“This is……” Even Su Chen had never seen this pennant before.

Li Daohong’s expression contorted fiercely. “You forced my hand, Su Chen!”

As he spoke, he waved the pennant in the air. A thick black fog suddenly poured out of the pennant, and the shrieks and howls suddenly increased in volume. Faint, illusory images began to appear in the air as well.

“Su Chen, be careful! Those are real fiends!” Li Chongshan warned with a yell.

Ghosts hadn’t always existed on the Primordial Continent. After a living being died, their soul would disintegrate.

But there were always a few people who didn’t want to die and futilely attempted to pursue immortality. Some would eventually go down a frowned-upon path.

The Arcanists had developed various ways to summon departed spirits, and humans eventually developed their own techniques that did the same. The Astrals had no physical body in the first place, so they could be classified under this banner as well.

However, there was one kind of technique which was even more evil and sinister — the fiend-creating technique.

The immortal souls created by this kind of technique were true fiends. They were incredibly vicious and overbearing, and their combat strength was very high as well.

But to foster these evil tendencies and to ensure that these fiends possessed an undying hatred for anything living, they needed to be refined from still-living beings. Obviously, this was an incredibly evil technique, so it was universally forbidden. Unexpectedly, Li Daohong had been secretly refining precisely these fiends for his personal use.

Given how many fiends were contained within that pennant, numbering in the hundreds to even thousands, it was obvious that he had tormented countless individuals throughout his life.

No wonder Li Daohong had been so unwilling to reveal this card until now. If he had, he would have immediately become public enemy number one regardless of his identity as a member of the imperial family.

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