Book 5, Chapter 129: Deep Strength

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 129: Deep Strength

After running through the forest for some time, Su Chen found a cave and walked in.

He didn’t dare walk too far because the poison in different areas had different effects. If he went into the wrong area, he would be doomed. After all, even legendary Arcana Masters hesitated to wander around in this place.

When he saw that he had managed to make it out unscathed, Su Chen sighed in relief.

He had only done so because he had wrapped the sheepskin around himself beforehand.

Indeed, this sheepskin was astoundingly effective. It was able to devour any kind of poison that Su chen threw at it.

There wasn’t any poison around Su Chen at this point.

However, Su Chen also discovered that it was impossible to use this sheepskin to absorb all of the poison away.

This Thousand Poisons Mountain was quite strange. The poison seemed to be able to pour endlessly out of an unknown source.

To the sheepskin, this was a mountain full of treasures.

Unfortunately, even so, Su Chen was still stuck here.

Even though the legendary Arcana Master didn’t dare enter the forbidden area, he wouldn’t allow Su Chen to get away so easily. More likely than not, he was standing guard somewhere nearby, so Su Chen was beginning to develop a headache just trying to think about how to leave.

It seemed like he could only delay for time while he waited.

But since he was in an isolated area, his food and water stores would only last him for so long. With his opponent lying in wait outside and a group of subordinates waiting on his beck and call, it was obvious that Su Chen wouldn’t be able to last as long as the legendary Arcana Master.

Well, the situation was already settled anyways. If he had the time to think about these things, it was better to try and come up with a solution.

As he thought to himself, he suddenly heard a voice say, “I’m impressed by your skill. You’re able to survive despite going so deep into a forbidden area.”

Su Chen smiled. “Aren’t you the same? Relying on the Thousand Poisons Mountain to eke out a living. I’m just emulating Fate’s Hands. Well, perhaps this is the arrangement of fate anyways.”

“Hmph!” The other party was obviously angered, but they resisted the flames of anger and said, “Who exactly are you?”

Su Chen chuckled and ignored him.

When the legendary Arcana Master found that his questions were falling on deaf ears, he asked instead, “Even though you can ignore the poison in this forbidden area for now, you are also stuck there. I hope you’re not planning on spending the rest of your life in there.”

Su Chen chuckled. “I’ll live with it. If I have to sit around in this place, you’ll at least have to keep me company.”

The leader said, “You stole so many items belonging to me. So what if I have to keep you company? You have nothing in that realm of yours. At the very least, I can still enjoy life out here.”

Su Chen chuckled. “I stole all of those items from you and have now earned a legendary Arcana Master companion’s company. So what if I’m stuck here as a result? It’s not like I don’t have anything on me either. I have quite a few treasures in this Origin Ring of mine. At worst, I will die here, and Fate’s Hands treasures will go with me to the grave.”

The leader said, “Is there a point in acting this way? How about this - as long as you are willing to hand over what belongs to Fate’s Hands……”

“You’ll let me go, is that right?” Su Chen chuckled. “I knew you were going to say that. Saying something cliche and insincere like that is a waste of my time.”

The leader laughed, “That’s true. I do need to show some sincerity first. How about this? I, Kelesda, am willing to vow a vow not to harm you.”

Su Chen said lazily, “A vow from the leader of Fate’s Hands…... Haha, can I say that it’s worth nothing?”

His heart, however, was in turmoil.

Kelesda? So this guy was actually Kelesda.

Damn! No wonder this guy was able to track him.

Kelesda had been one of the most powerful individuals during his prime. He was given a whole host of nicknames like “Death Star”, “Darkness Tomb”, “Thunder Lord”, etc.

Apparently, this guy’s research of Arcana Techniques had reached a level equivalent to that of the ancient Arcanists, and was even superior to them in some aspects. His strength was so deep that it was at a level that couldn’t be fathomed.

Su Chen had personally experienced this firsthand.

Using his own words to lock him in place was truly a legendary idea. that manifested his strength.

Kelesda had once traveled all throughout the continent, living amongst the different Intelligent Races. He had managed to make quite a name for himself no matter where he was living. As such, he was not only a powerful Arcana Master, but he had also studied the human and Ravager cultivation systems to varying degrees before.

While he was amongst the human race, he had fought people like Li Wuyi, Feng Zhuying, Cheng Qikong, Jiang Jusheng, Lin Raoxian, Gu Huaixi, and a bunch of other shocking characters. He had achieved quite a few incredible results.

He was also one of the few Arcanist Remnants that was universally respected as an opponent.

After all, this guy's fighting style was too strange. He really was a genius.

Kelesda had joined the Immortal Temple before, but he detested the organizational hierarchy of the Immortal Temple. He believed that it had fallen far and would have a hard time rising again, so he decided to split off, instead heading for the Wanlai Caves before disappearing shortly thereafter.

Ever since then, it was very rare for people to mention Kelesda’s name.

Unexpectedly, his opponent was now saying that he was Kelesda.

This really is…… an incredible coincidence! Su Chen thought to himself.

Kelesda was also stunned by how quickly Su Chen deemed his status as the leader of Fate’s Hands to be worthless.

He had particularly mentioned his name in an attempt to try and garner some trustworthiness in himself. After all, when had Kelesda ever been known to renege on a promise? Anyone who had witnessed this had been silenced after the fact, so it was only natural that his reputation was sound. Why didn’t Su Chen trust him? That was totally illogical!

Kelesda was enraged, but there was nothing he could do. He suppressed his impatience and said, “So what do you want as a promise, then?”

Su Chen indifferently said, “Any promise that is not binding is useless, so forget about it. I’m a bit tired right now and don’t want to talk to you any more. Let me rest a bit first.”

No matter how Kelesda tried to call him out, he refused to respond.

He truly was a bit tired. After all, he had burned a significant amount of energy just to escape in a short period of time. If his reactions had been a bit slow or if he had made even the slightest mistake, he probably would have died.

Now that he was able to relax, he actually managed to fall asleep.

By the time he awoke, the sky was already dark.

Su Chen glanced up at the black sky above him and chuckled. "I must be quite relaxed, to be able to sleep in this kind of environment."

But since he was already awake, what was he to do next?

He was in a completely barren area with nothing to do. How should he occupy himself?

At that moment, he glanced at his hand and couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback.

In his hand was the fragment of the word “concern” that he had managed to grab. It was formed from Kelesda’s mysterious power. Surprisingly, it hadn’t disintegrated yet.

Su Chen’s heart suddenly began to beat as he closely inspected the fragment.

His eyes began to glow with light as he almost instinctively activated his microscopic eyes.

To his surprise, his microscopic eyes were actually unable to see through the composition of the fragment.

His microscopic eyes could see clearly down to the smallest particles, but this fragment before him didn’t seem to be composed of any kind of microscopic substance. As such, Su Chen was unable to analyze it. It was almost as if Su Chen wasn’t holding anything in his hand at all.

However, that didn’t necessarily mean that his eyes couldn’t see anything.

Even amongst this void, Su Chen could sense a few existences there.

Thes existences appeared to be uniquely situated between reality and the ether.

“So this kind of power does not actually have physical substance?” Su Chen muttered to himself.

This profound, mysterious power came from a deeper, metaphysical level. Only people who comprehended its mysteries and could sense it would be able to use it.

Su Chen could finally sense what he had thought was merely a myth from before.

The myth turned out to be true.

This kind of power was impossible to physically control. You wouldn’t be able to pull it along no matter how hard you tried, but it was able to produce physical effects.

It was light, it was waves, it was space, it was an entity impossible to describe with words alone. Even so, humans could still contact it.

How would Su Chen influence it or even control it?

It wasn’t by Origin Energy!

He definitely couldn’t try to control it like he controlled Origin Energy.

This mysterious power was on a higher level.

Su Chen calmed himself down.

If it was in the past, Su Chen might have been powerless to do anything.

But now, he knew what to do.

This was because he already knew how to control this deeper level of power.

He would do it via the elemental totems.

Yes, in that moment he could finally confirm that the elemental totems were closely linked to this mysterious power.

After obtaining the powers of three different elemental totems, he had already developed a certain level of mastery of this mysterious power. However, he didn’t know why he had that mysterious power, and certainly not how to use it.

Just because he possessed it didn’t necessarily mean it was his. The power still belonged to the totems.

This time, however, the situation was different.

The word fragment had given him a window of this ethereal power taking on physical form. This was probably an opportunity that would only come once every thousand years, and Su Chen’s elemental totems and his microscopic eyes gave him the ability to study them it even further. As he carefully inspected the fragment, the fathomless power from Su Chen’s elemental totems seemed to resonate automatically, echoing with the fragment in his hand. The word fragment began to glow, gradually blinding Su Chen’s physical eyes.

Su Chen was incredibly excited, and he constantly worked to expand the fathomless power within his being.

Unexpectedly, the glow of the word fragment began to disappear, and it returned to its former dull appearance.

What had happened?

Su Chen was stunned. He inspected the fragment carefully again but couldn’t see anything particularly noteworthy.

Even after analyzing it closely for a long time, Su Chen was still unable to discover anything. Just as he was about to give up, he suddenly sensed the totems in his body activate yet again, and the fragment in his hand began to glow.

Su Chen was delighted


The light suddenly died like an extinguished flame, returning to its originally dull state.

Every time Su Chen thought there was no hope, the fragment would begin to resonate with the totems in his body, and every time he tried to control that power, it would vanish.

After some time, Su Chen finally understood.

It seemed that this fathomless power could sense his emotion.

It was like a donkey. The more he tried to coax it, the more it rebelled against his command, but the more he let it do as it pleased, the more willing it was to come out.

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