Book 5, Chapter 130: Method Power (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 130: Method Power (1)

When Su Chen realized this, he knew what to do.

After the fathomless power appeared, Su Chen no longer tried to control it. Instead, he allowed it to grow as it pleased, and he kept his own emotional state calm and steady.

Indeed, the fathomless power didn’t disappear this time.

Even so, Su Chen wasn’t able to figure much out about its composition despite the fact that it was now glowing.

The fathomless power was not physical in nature and couldn’t be analyzed in terms of composition or dissected into microscopic components. As such, it was hard for Su Chen to figure out its governing principles and how to use it.

Even so, Su Chen discovered that, while he was unable to see through the principles contained in the fragment, he was at least able to observe the changes that took place.

Yes, changes!

At the very least, it was changing.

And the foundation for its change depended on Su Chen’s mood.

Yes, his mood!

Su Chen finally discovered that it was his mood that was influencing the mysterious power.

This was because Su Chen’s body already contained this fathomless power.

In simple terms, the fathomless power in Su Chen’s body was affected by his mood, and the fragment in his hand was resonating with the fathomless power in his body.

This was why Su Chen’s mood was also able to influence the fragment.

“It’s not made of Origin Energy, and no Origin Energy system allows me to control it. It can only be controlled by a person’s heart. So…… Maybe I can think of it this way? My thoughts are the key to controlling this kind of power?” Su Chen muttered to himself.

Obviously, however, this was still insufficient.

If that was the case, Soul Arcana Masters should have had the most ways of controlling this fathomless power.

But in reality, very few Soul Arcana Masters were able to control this fathomless power. It was those who followed the path of Origin Energy all the way to its ultimate end. Many of them had managed to obtain this kind of power for themselves.

This included Kelesda.

He was definitely not a Soul Arcana Master.

So what explained this, then?

Su Chen couldn’t help but wonder.

His mood had become one of suspicion, and the mysterious power in his body responded in kind. Even the glow of the word fragment in his hand took on a different quality.

Su Chen’s heart trembled. “Could it be that just because you can control it doesn’t mean that you can use it? And this power is not obtained by soul power?”

This was really too interesting.

The unfathomable power was incredibly complex, and comprehending it was no easy feat. He had just gotten lucky, but he didn’t truly understand it yet. He was still a long ways off from truly mastering this power.


Wait a second. Wasn’t there the perfect instructor present?

Su Chen suddenly thought of Kelesda.

Wasn’t this guy still just sitting out there?

Why didn’t he ask Kelesda for some advice?

As a legendary Arcana Master, he definitely had a deep understanding and mastery of this unfathomable power.

But there was probably no way Kelesda would answer his questions if he were to just ask.

He needed to come up with a good excuse.

Just as he was trying to come up with a plan, he heard Kelesda say, “Young Harpy, I have one question I haven’t been able to figure out, and I want to ask you about it.”

“Hm?” Su Chen was taken aback. “Fire away.”

“How did you come to control method power?”

Method power? What was that?

Su Chen was just about to ask what method power was when he suddenly realized that Kelesda was probably referring to the unfathomable power.

Method power?

Was that what Kelesda called it? Was Kelesda wondering how he had come to control method power?

Right, Kelesda didn’t know that he had the elemental totems, so Kelesda probably thought that he had cultivated it. Was that why Kelesda was so curious as to how he had managed to come to possess this kind of power? Though Kelesda had managed to suppress his curiosity for some time, he was eventually unable to resist asking.

Unable to resist?

That was perfect!

Su Chen chuckled darkly.

Since the other party knew that he had this method power, and he wanted to know how to use this method power, the situation became much simpler.

Time to make something up.

When he thought to this point, Su Chen said, “By cultivating. What else can you do?”

This reply was very vague. He never specified how to cultivate it, allowing Kelesda to come up with his own interpretation.

This should have allowed him to avoid making any mistakes in his response, but unexpectedly Kelesda appeared to be taken aback. “Cultivated? Isn’t method power something that you can only possess via comprehension? How are you to cultivate it?”

It could only be comprehended? Not cultivated?

Su Chen was taken aback.

Was that how it was?

Yes, it was only influenced by a person’s soul…… If he didn’t comprehend it, what else could he do?

Su Chen calmed himself down and replied, “Comprehension is a form of cultivation. You are cultivating your soul instead. Do you not understand this principle?”

His words appeared incredibly deep and profound. Even Kelesda couldn’t help but blink in a daze momentarily.

Even so, it seemed that this explanation was quite effective.

Kelesda felt that Su Chen made a good point and nodded repeatedly. “That makes sense. It appears I was too formal in my approach.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Su Chen was also quite generous. Actually, he really wanted to ask how Kelesda had comprehended this power, but he didn’t dare ask for fear of exposing himself. As such, he settled on waiting for his opponent to ask.

Even though answering Kelesda’s questions would put him on the back foot, there was one benefit, which was that he could reply vaguely to certain questions and not respond to other ones.

After all, surely no one was willing to share all their cultivation secrets so easily.

It would totally be justified for Su Chen not to say anything. In fact, it would have been strange if Su Chen did say anything.

Actually, having the opponent ask the questions was a way to ensure that he made less mistakes. After all, Su Chen didn’t even know where to start asking from.

Indeed, when Kelesda saw that Su Chen was willing to answer his questions, he asked with more interest, “But you are obviously not at the legendary tier yet. How can you control method power?”


Did a person need to reach the legendary realm before they could comprehend method power?

What kind of notion was that?

Su Chen didn’t understand. Even as he tried to analyze that new piece of information, he said, “My circumstances are different from most people, which allowed me to comprehend method power earlier than most.”

This was the truth. Su Chen truly did have some special circumstances. But as for where the comprehension had come from, Su Chen intentionally kept it ambiguous.

However, this was completely believable to Kelesda. Without special circumstances, how would Su Chen have comprehended this method power?

It was definitely special circumstances. The fact that Su Chen had said as much meant that he was probably not lying.

Kelesda said with excitement, “Can you tell me what those special circumstances were?”

Su Chen was silent.

Kelesda knew that this question of his was a bit too much. How could Su Chen possibly divulge such an important secret?

He sighed, “I know this is definitely an extremely secretive matter for you, so it’s only normal that you won’t say anything. However……”

He was about to say that Su Chen was currently under siege, but if Su Chen didn’t even care about his life, then threatening him was completely useless, so he could only fall silent again.

Su Chen chuckled. “I’m not afraid of telling you the truth, but threatening me won’t yield you anything. If I dared to steal from Fate’s Hands, then I am definitely prepared to die. If you want to get something out of me, you’ll need to prove your sincerity first.”

Su Chen allowed their conversation to come to a stop. The rest was up to Kelesda.

Kelesda was also a smart person and knew what Su Chen was getting at.


Yes, he needed to show some sincerity first before his opponent would accept his offering.

He asked, “What do you want?”

Su Chen replied, “It would be illogical for me to ask you to spare me, and even if you agreed, I wouldn’t believe you. How about this? Since you are aware of how I have comprehended my method power, then why not tell me about yours?”

Su Chen did his best to talk as little about his method power as possible to avoid making mistakes. After all, he had already almost dropped the ball with his cultivation comment, so he was very clear that talking less was the best course of action.

Kelesda, on the other hand, actually sighed with relief when he heard this. “That’s not a problem. I actually started to comprehend method power about twenty years ago. That night had been a stormy one, and I had been researching how to use lightning Origin Energy to its greatest effect. Unexpectedly, I was suddenly inspired by method power and comprehended the method of combining sounds to make thunder and bending light to form streaks.”

Oh? Was it that easy?

Could you be any lazier in your explanation? What do you mean, you inadvertently perceived this method power? Did the method power suddenly make itself perceivable to you?

In other words, did the method power autonomously choose to…… connect with you?

Su Chen suddenly realized that, even though Kelesda’s explanation was very simple, its implications were not.

Inspiration, comprehension…… Inspiration, comprehension…...

Su Chen fell into thought.

Upon seeing that he wasn’t talking, Kelesda asked with some curiosity, “Why did you stop talking?”

Su Chen replied, “I’m thinking.”

Another truth.

Kelesda praised, “Little friend, you truly have incredible comprehension. Even a mere experience of mine was enough to bring you enlightenment.”

Enlightenment my ass.

And when did I become your little friend?

Su Chen knew that Kelesda was definitely trying to gain more of Su Chen’s trust in the hopes that Su Chen would open up more, giving Kelesda more opportunities to find enlightenment. However, Su Chen was still caught off guard by Kelesda referring to him as a “little friend”. If were such good friends, why not let me go?

No, if he were to ask this, Kelesda would definitely reply, “I will let you go. You can just come out.”

Of course, Su Chen didn’t want to do that.


Kelesda didn’t know that Su Chen’s mind was racing at the moment, and he continued to talk. “Ever since that day, I have never been inspired again. I was able to reach a point where I can give sound physical substance by relying on that inspiration, but I have not advanced since then.”

So that was how it was.

Su Chen glanced at the word fragment in his hands.

So this solidified sound had been produced from this method power, which had actually come from Kelesda’s study of thunder and lightning?

Su Chen comprehended lightning as well. He was the Ninth Ring, and he had the support of the Thunder Spirit Totem, so why couldn’t he turn sound into something physical? Didn’t he already possess the right method power?

Was it because it wasn’t his own personal inspiration that he was unable to use it?

But he could at least use them to absorb other totems.

Su Chen mocked himself.

He could confirm now that the Wind and Thunder Spirit Totems had been absorbed due to the increase in lifeforce in his body. In other words, the prerequisite to absorbing the totems was having enough elemental essence and the right method power.

But wait a moment.

He had no method power to speak of when he absorbed the Vitality Totem?

How was that possible?

Had he already obtained the inspiration of method power without even realizing it?

Damn you, vitality method power! You didn’t even give me a heads up when you inspired me!

Wait a moment. Vitality methods?

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