Book 5, Chapter 131: Method Power (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 131: Method Power (2)

Su Chen’s thoughts seemed to travel back in time and returned to the earlier battlefield.

Su Chen had been fighting with the Scarlet Heart when the Vitality Totem had merged with his body.

However, Su Chen had a sense that the Vitality Totem had begun to transform much earlier.

That was only the final outcome, and didn’t include its maturation and growth stages.

The real change had taken place during his battle with the Ravagers.

He had watched the Vitality Totem unleash a powerful energy through Anubi’s hands. The glow was impossible to describe with mere words. At first, he had assumed that the light had come from vitality Origin Energy.

But now, he realized that he was wrong.

That light originated from method power.

The Vitality Totem’s method power allowed it to protect any lifeform that utilized it.

Su Chen didn’t know where this method power had come from, but he did know that the lives that had been sacrificed during that battle were countless in number.

It was probably then that the Vitality Totem had received its required sacrifices in full.

However, it didn’t immediately transform then.

It definitely wasn’t for a lack of sacrifices. However, there was definitely another important step that had been missing.

And it was because this step was missing that the Vitality Totem had remained dormant for so many years.

That was, until Su Chen had appeared.

What was so different about him compared to other people? Why were other people unable to unlock the power that he had done so unintentionally?

Su Chen fell into deep thought once again.

There was definitely something unique about him when that had happened.

His microscopic eyes?

Those eyes had nothing to do with vitality, so it couldn’t have been those.

His extraordinary consciousness power was also not a possibility.

Consciousness crystal? Impossible as well.

Was it his powerful physique? No, that wasn’t it either.

Wait a minute!

Su Chen suddenly thought of something.

His physical condition had reached a completely different level after being baptized at the Origin Energy Temple. This made him unequivocally unique compared to everyone else.

But was that enough?

Not nearly so.

But when he recalled his battle with the Scarlet Heart, he remembered that the power of the Vitality Totem had further boosted his physical condition. The Scarlet Heart had exclaimed that Su Chen had reached the Greater Perfection Realm.

He was referring to the Greater Perfection Realm that the Ravager Totemic Warriors could achieve.

Su Chen hadn’t paid much attention to that comment at the time.

Because he wasn’t a Totemic Warrior, he had no idea what reaching the Greater Perfection Realm implied. To him, that had simply been a miscalculation that the Scarlet Heart had made due to the influence of the Vitality Totem.

That was the key question!

Did the Vitality Totem push him to the Greater Perfection Realm?

Su Chen suddenly seemed to understand.

He had been misled! That wasn’t the case at all!

The reality was that he had probably reached the level of a Greater Perfection Realm Totemic Warrior even before absorbing the power of the Vitality Totem.

It was just that Su Chen didn’t even realize that this had taken place. The main reason for this was because he had never had any totemic inscriptions engraved onto his body. Naturally, he didn’t consider himself to be a Totemic Warrior either.

However, he had forgotten about the Vitality Totem.

It was the Vitality Totem that had conferred totemic power onto him.

And that had resulted in yet another misconception — that he had only obtained the Vitality Totem’s power after it had shattered. However, that was not the truth either.

The truth was probably something along these lines:

Before the Vitality Totem shattered, it had been able to increase the power of a Totemic Warrior. That was evident based on the battle in Ravager territory. It had given everyone tremendous power before it was shattered.

As such, Su Chen had actually been strengthened by the Vitality Totem twice.

The first time was when the Vitality Totem had further strengthened his already powerful body; it had branded the Vitality Totem in his body and raised him to the level of a top-tier Totemic Warrior at the same time.

However, the process was far too short. Su Chen didn’t even have time to fully appreciate the changes that had taken place in his body before he was completely stunned by the second round of changes bestowed on him by the totems.

The totem had then shattered because Su Chen had satisfied its second requirement — being inspired with regards to vitality method power.

The Vitality Totem’s method power had then entered his body. At the same time, the totem shattered after losing its method power.

Because these events had all happened in rapid succession, Su Chen had erroneously believed that they were one and the same.

But they were not!

He had first become a top-tier Totemic Warrior before completely absorbing the Vitality Totem.

Su Chen could confirm that this was the case because Kelesda had said that a person needed to reach the peak before they could be inspired.

He didn’t know why this was the case, but it was undoubtedly true. As such, he had definitely reached the Greater Perfection Realm first before being inspired and finally completely absorbing the Vitality Totem.

Only this could explain how he had finally absorbed the Vitality Totem.

In the first place, there were far too few individuals that had reached the Greater Perfection Realm. Even if they did reach such a high realm, they might not be able to directly touch the Vitality Totem. And even if they could directly touch the Vitality Totem, they might only absorb the power contained in the Vitality Totem without being enlightened about the method power. Even now, Su Chen had no idea what the conditions were for being inspired were, but Kelesda’s comments had made it clear that, while reaching the peak was an absolute necessity to be inspired, you wouldn’t necessarily be inspired just because you were at the peak.

Su Chen had been inspired as soon as he had reached the peak, so he had been completely unaware that he had reached the peak in the first place.

Because vitality was different from anything other energy and could only grow under immense pressure, Su Chen very rarely pushed his lifeforce to the limits because of the way he typically prepared for most situations.

Simply put, he had obtained an incredibly powerful body, but he never put himself in situations where that power would be put to the test. With those conditions, how could he possibly have known about his powerful vitality, then?

This was why, even after so many years, Su Chen had not been able to uncover the secrets of the totems despite the fact that he had already developed a way to reach the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline.

This was because the totems could not be researched in the conventional sense. It involved spontaneous inspiration and was totally unreasonable in that sense.

Su Chen had received his answer, but he wasn’t entirely sure on how to proceed.

But that was totally fine. After all, Kelesda was here to help him, right?

Su Chen basically began to probe Kelesda for more information about this method power.

As the questioning progressed, Su Chen discovered that even Kelesda didn’t really understand much about it. It was as if this power could only be comprehended, but not understood or studied. It was incredibly difficult to even describe it in concrete terms.

For this reason, it was quite understandable that Kelesda wasn’t able to provide a clearer answer.

Su Chen was actually quite happy to hear that.

Since it was impossible to provide a clear answer, then Su Chen didn’t need to fear the possibility of him saying something wrong. As long as he wasn’t completely off the mark, there was nothing to fear.

And in the first place, he also possessed method power, so after making some guesses about how he had to come to possess this power, his comprehension had deepened slightly. Based on that and the information that he had swindled out of Kelesda, he found that he was actually able to converse fluently with Kelesda about this matter.

And as their conversation continued, Su Chen’s understanding of method power also grew deeper.

Now, he finally understood that, within his body, there were many different types of method powers.

His vitality method power, along with the wind and thunder method power he had come into possession recently, all belonged to this system. However, because they weren’t his own personal comprehensions, they were merely residing in his body at the moment. It would take time for him to slowly comprehend them for himself.

However, he had one other kind of method power that did belong to him.

Spatial method power.

Yes. The inspiration he had received at Origin Light Castle was actually method power.

More specifically, it was an outward manifestation of method power, and not the foundational concept of method power itself.

The reason for this was because Su Chen’s personal mastery of spatial power hadn’t yet reached the peak.

Despite that, he had brought Whitetower Teleportation to its peak. The individual who had initially created this Arcana Technique had quite a deep mastery of spatial techniques. Because of this, Su Chen was able to slightly peer into the secrets of spatial power. In that sense, this qualified as a “special circumstance,” but it also meant that he hadn’t fully mastered spatial method power. He had merely perceived a trace of the profundities contained therein, which raised his proficiency in all spatial techniques, especially Whitetower Teleportation.

Because Whitetower Teleportation had been the foundation for his comprehension of spatial method power, it was also the technique that was affected the most.

If Su Chen wanted to truly control spatial method power, he would first need to elevate his mastery of spatial techniques and reach the real peak.

That didn’t seem impossible.

He had the Lifesource Candles and Jade Clearmist’s stash of books, as well as the entire library of Fate’s Hands and the Spiritual Light Institute. He also had the legendary Arcana Master Kelesda to bounce ideas off of…...

So did he now have four different directions to pursue in the future?

There was nothing he could do. It would be an incredible waste for Su Chen to just let these method powers lie dormant in his body. As such, he would need to reach the respective peak for each of these skills.

But that seemed like it wouldn’t be enough either.

Because he still needed to complete the bloodline-less cultivation system, and the next step was to develop a way to reach the Spirit Burning Realm without a bloodline. Well, that step was almost complete, so the next major project was actually developing a way to reach the Thought Manifestation Realm without a bloodline.

And what about his consciousness power?

His consciousness was already incredibly powerful, and his mastery of soul techniques was at the Seventh-Ring level as well. If he didn’t develop that further, wouldn’t it be an incredible waste?

He had also managed to make significant progress in studying lifeform alteration. He couldn’t just shelve that and put it aside, could he?

In other words…… Su Chen suddenly found himself quite busy.

He was at a loss for words.

If that was the case, then what was he doing just waiting around?

He’d better get to work!

In the coming days, Su Chen seemed to have returned to his former manner of life. Every day, he delved into his research, exploring all of the new possibilities available to him.

He was originally a free-spirited individual. Even though he was in quite a dire situation, he was not discouraged. Since he was boxed in from all directions, he had decided that it made more sense to return to his old habits. And with Kelesda, a legendary Arcana Master, keeping him company, his research ended up being much more straightforward.

Kelesda discovered that his captive seemed to have no intention of leaving and had set up camp within this restricted area. Every day, Su Chen would discuss his research findings with him.

Shockingly, this captive of his appeared to have an incredible mind. Talking with him really helped Kelesda’s comprehensions quite a bit.

As time went on, Kelesda found that some areas that he had struggled to previously understand had suddenly become clear under Su Chen’s guidance. Problems that had stifled him, that had been an impassable roadblock, had also become much simpler.

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