Book 6, Chapter 12: Sea Spirits (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 12: Sea Spirits (2)

The voice wasn’t particularly loud, but it sounded like it was right next to their ear.

The Sea Spirit leader was taken aback. “Who is it?”

“I’m right here. Can’t you see me?”

A cold voice floated towards the Sea Spirits from behind them.

When they turned around, they found a young, sword-wielding man standing on the waves. Beside him stood two other people, one of them a youth with a bit of a temper, and the other a delicate, pretty young woman.

Well, the woman was not really young anymore. She had just cultivated to a point where she was able to maintain her youthful appearance.

Those with some wisdom would know this was the case.

The young woman spoke. “Hey, you water people, you all should just go and die.”


Water people?

The Sea Spirits glanced at the young woman in surprise, and even the young man who had spoken earlier appeared to be quite embarrassed. “Let’s not waste any more time talking with them. We’ll capture them first and then ask them how to find our way there.”

How to find their way there?

Were these three people lost?

Getting lost at sea, and stumbling into the Devilish Quadrant...... A trace of despair appeared in Old Spear’s eyes.

These three people appeared unreliable no matter what!

Perhaps the youths also felt a bit embarrassed. They glanced at each other, then glared at the young woman beside them, as if they were blaming their predicament on her.

It would have been fine if she just had a poor sense of direction, but she had also insisted on leading the way.

She was really testing their patience.

The young woman seemed totally oblivious, and her face wasn’t red in the slightest.

To her, getting lost was completely expected.

The Sea Spirit leader laughed fiercely. “Ask for directions? Where are you planning on going? I can tell you right now.”

“Wonderful!” The young woman giggled, her laughter like the tinkling of a bell. “We’re going to Pearl Sea first, then to the Thousand Illusions Island, and finally to the Violent Sea Quadrant......”

Words poured out of her mouth as the youths beside her facepalmed.

Ye Fenghan could endure it no longer and said, “You didn’t need to tell them all of that.”

“Oh, right.” Night Demon stuck out her tongue and said with some embarrassment, “I said too much again.”

Ye Fenghan and Chang He replied simultaneously, “We’re used to it.”

The Sea Spirit was taken aback. “Pearl Sea? Thousand Illusions Island? Are you guys looking for Black Flame?”

Ye Fenghan and Chang He simultaneously said, “It has nothing to do with you!”

The Sea Spirit smiled fiercely. “If you won’t talk, we’ll just have to capture you first.”

Ye Fenghan chuckled coldly. “What a coincidence! That was exactly what I was thinking as well.”

He didn’t want to waste any more time and pulled out the Grade Four Frostedge Sword. A wave of icy wind bore down on the Sea Spirits.

The Sea Spirit leader’s expression immediately shifted. “Light Shaking Realm! Everyone, be careful!”

However, instead of retreating, it began to hiss in a low tone.

Even though the Sea Spirits were obviously not at the Light Shaking Realm, they still had no fear.

Because they were in the Devilish Quadrant.

This was the domain of the Sea Spirits.

Once they began to howl, they would soon be reinforced by large numbers of Sea Spirits. And they were completely confident that they would be able to hold out until then.

Unexpectedly, Chang He pulled out a jade disk, which stopped in the air and began to glow. Formless fluctuations began to spread in all directions, and the hisses of those Sea Spirits appeared to have run into a wall. In addition, they actually began to reverberate, resonating to form a shrill screech. Everyone nearby couldn’t resist wanting to plug their ears with their hands.

This had one benefit, which was that the divers underwater also heard and quickly surfaced, knowing that the situation was not good.

Chang He chuckled. “When you are out journeying, the thing you need to watch out the most for are shameless bandits who will call for reinforcements if they can’t beat you. There would be no point in us traveling if we didn’t know how to deal with that tactic.”

Ye Fenghan glanced at him. “Yeah, I wonder who was chased around by a whole bunch of people last time.”

Chang He was infuriated. “I was just a bit too lax one time. You keep bringing it up!”

“So I can’t bring it up even though I saved you?”

“You don’t have to do it so often. After all, we’re from the same sect......”

The two of them actually began to argue with each other.

When the Sea Spirits saw that their calls for reinforcements were negated, they immediately began to panic.

Since their assailants were having an argument, they attempted to try to slowly sink under the water.

It was obvious that they were planning on trying to run.

Their opponents were at the Light Shaking Realm. The Sea Spirits weren’t strong enough to fight back.

At that moment, however, Ye Fenghan suddenly smacked the surface of the water. “Trying to run? You’d better stay here with me instead.”

The surface of the sea, which was cold already, suddenly began to plummet in temperature yet again. The violent waves came to a crackling halt as they began to freeze.

The Sea Spirits only managed to sink halfway underwater before they were completely frozen in place.

The Sea Spirit Leader was enraged. “Courting death!”

It began to hiss once again, but this time offensively.

The water underneath the layer of ice began to roil and bubble violently, surging towards the surface.

The other five Sea Spirits also attacked at the same time. The ice began to crack as the water underneath the surface roiled, forming a massive mouth that chomped down at Chang He and the others.

The Sea Spirits had impeccable control over water - that was undeniable.

Ye Fenghan wasn’t proficient in controlling water, but he was quite good at dealing with it.

He coldly harrumphed, and a female figure exuding a bone-piercing frosty aura appeared behind him. Her face was blurry and impossible to see clearly. She blew into the air, causing the waves that had surged nearby to crackle as they froze in motion. In the blink of an eye, the waves turned into ice sculptures, frozen on the surface of the sea.

Since the Sea Spirits were extremely proficient in their control of water, Ye Fenghan’s actions cut off their connection with the ocean.

When it saw this, the halfway submerged Sea Spirit chuckled coldly, “Did you think that was enough? Come out, Lord Grewt!”

As he cried out, the surface of the sea began to roil yet again.

Ye Fenghan’s icy aura was no longer able to suppress these giant waves, and the surface of the sea grew turbulent yet again.

A wave suddenly formed and rose, stretching towards the three of them.

Ye Fenghan’s expression shifted slightly. “Up!”

They flew up into the sky together.

But at the same time that they flew upwards, they saw a few people fly out from the water as well - the divers from earlier. However, they had been directly ejected by the torrential waves.

“Save them!” Even though Night Demon was not normally reliable, she was able to keep her footing in serious situations. Her figure flickered as she grabbed one of the divers. Chang He also sprang into motion. They were both proficient in speed, so they darted in between the towering waves, grabbing the divers and hurling them to safety.

Chang He howled, “Get out of here! You think this is a play?!”

Old Spear cried, “One more, there’s one more that hasn’t surfaced yet!”

Chang He was just about to speak when he heard a low rumble. The crest of the wave began to expand as a massive creature emerged from the depths of the sea.

It was a Blood Frenzy Shark.

Blood Frenzy Sharks were one of the fierce creatures that inhabited the Devilish Quadrant. The one before their eyes was roughly a thousand feet in length, and it was as powerful as a high-tier Demonic Beast.

No wonder these Sea Spirits believed that they would be able to deal with three Light Shaking Realm cultivators.

The Sea Spirits served the Sea Beasts, including providing them with food. In turn, the Sea Beasts would protect the Sea Spirits at the critical moments.

However, not every Sea Spirit directly served a master. Only the leader of this group of six was protected by a master. Otherwise, there would not have been a need for the Sea Spirits to request reinforcements in the first place.

When the Blood Frenzy Shark appeared, Old Spear began to frantically point at the shark’s back as he yelled, “Old Seven! It’s Old Seven, hanging onto his back.”

There was indeed a person hanging onto the Blood Frenzy Shark’s back.

Somehow, he was still alive, and was clinging onto the shark’s back as he wept with fear.

“I’ll go save him!” Chang He’s figure turned into a gust of wind as he shot towards the Blood Frenzy Shark.

“Be careful!” Ye Fenghan yelled.

Chang He hadn’t reached the Blood Frenzy Shark, however, when he suddenly felt the blood in his body slip out of his control and begin to pour out of his body.

The Blood Frenzy Shark had been given this name not only due to its bloodthirstiness but also because of its innate ability to control the blood of other living organisms. It could cause the blood in someone else’s body to go berserk and fly out of their body.

Yes, this creature had a powerful body and sharp teeth, but its most frightening ability was its control over another creature’s blood.

The way to resist this influence was very simple - it was by strength.

The stronger a person was, the easier it would be for them to resist the Blood Frenzy Shark’s influence.

Chang He was roughly at the same cultivation level as the Blood Frenzy Shark, but his actual combat strength was different.

Chang He was quite lazy and didn’t like to bitterly cultivate, so he chose a more supplementary route. He was extremely fast, and he possessed all kinds of strange tricks, but he just refused to use much effort. Even though he knew how to use Raging Torrent Palms and Sumeru Void, had a speed-type Aspect, and had a better Origin Tool than Ye Fenghan, he could not defeat Ye Fenghan.

And this Blood Frenzy Beast was only a high-tier Demonic Beast, but it was quite strong for that tier, and its innate Origin Skill was definitely harder to deal with.

In their clash, Chang He discovered that he was actually unable to nullify the shark’s Origin Skill, only to reduce its effects. Despite his efforts to forcefully control the blood and Qi in his body, his blood began to seep through his skin, giving him a fearsome appearance.

Ye Fenghan was badly startled, and he aimed his sword at the Blood Frenzy Shark.

However, at the same time that he attacked, six waves crested in front of him. Two of them were aimed at him, while the other four were aimed at Old Spear and the others.

Ye Fenghan could only split his sword into six images to stop those waves in their tracks.

He could split his sword into even more images to try and attack the Blood Frenzy Shark at the same time, but given how strong the Blood Frenzy Shark was, it was very likely that his sword images wouldn’t have much effect on the Blood Frenzy Shark anyways.

As such, he could only yell, “Night Demon, go and save them!”

“Got it!” At this critical moment, the young woman didn’t disappoint. She flew right towards the Blood Frenzy Shark and struck it before her figure flickered to the other end of the shark, leaving behind a long scar on its back.

The Blood Frenzy Shark howled in pain, and the pressure on Chang He decreased significantly.

“How about it? My Invisible Slaughter is pretty impressive, right?” Night Demon said giddily.

“Forget about that for now. Go and save the others,” Chang He said gruffly.

“Understood.” Night Demon began to descend.

In terms of speed, she was even faster than Chang He. In a flash, she

“You’re with me.” Night Demon grabbed him.

Just as she was about to take him away with her, the boathand suddenly reached out to grab Night Demon’s hand.

Night Demon was startled, but the boathand was already reaching for her throat!

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