Book 6, Chapter 13: Sea Spirits (3)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 13: Sea Spirits (3)

“Watch out!”

Ye Fenghan and Chang He cried out in despair when they saw this.

The boatman’s attack was both vicious and savage, and his fingertips glowed with a strange light, as if anything that got in its way would be obliterated.

Given Night Demon’s sluggish reactions, it was going to be impossible for her to dodge.

Even so, just as his hand was about to pierce Night Demon’s neck, the pendant she wore around her neck suddenly began to glow.

Time suddenly appeared to slow to a crawl, and the boatman’s hand eventually stopped in its tracks.

His hand hovered right in front of Night Demon’s hand, but Night Demon grabbed him and tossed him onto the boat.

She didn’t kill him; instead, she quickly brought him out of range of the Blood Frenzy Shark, attempting to calm him down by pulling him away from the battlefield.

“Alright!” Night Demon tossed the boatman onto the boat. “The last one of you guys is here now. Get out of here!”

None of the other boatmen dared to catch him as he fell through the sky.

Night Demon chuckled. “Don’t worry about it. He’ll be fine. He was just temporarily under the control of the Blood Frenzy Shark. Actually, its control skill is pretty mediocre, but it works against you commoners. Once he’s a certain distance away, it’ll lose its effectiveness.”

Old Spear let out a sigh of relief. After inspecting Old Seven to make sure he was alright, Old Spear yelled, “Let’s get out of here!”

The trawler shot off into the distance.

At the same time, the Blood Frenzy Shark was continuing its battle with Chang He, and the Sea Spirits were still keeping Ye Fenghan tied down.

Chang He yelled, “Miss, if you don’t help us, we’re really going to die here!”

“Oh.” Night Demon appeared to have been jolted from her reverie and flew over, throwing the beaded bracelet on her wrist at the Blood Frenzy Shark. The beads began to glow a brilliant golden color Blood Frenzy Shark like bullets, leaving behind thousands of open wounds on the surface of its skin.

Despite how thick-skinned the Blood Frenzy Shark was, it couldn’t help but howl fiercely in pain.

“Jade Pendant of Protection and Golden Ball Barrage? Miss, are you really willing to part with those?” Chang He couldn’t help but moan.

The Jade Pendant of Protection and the Golden Ball Barrage were all items purchasable from the Boundless Sect for contribution points. They were quite powerful and expensive, but they could only be used once. The disciples of the Boundless Sect would never spend their hard-earned contribution points on these kinds of consumable items.

But to Night Demon, there was no need for her to consider these things.

Because Su Chen had given them to her in the first place.

These items were one-time-use only, so on the surface they appeared to be inferior to Origin Tools. However, they weren’t without their own benefits - for instance, they would activate automatically and didn’t need to be wielded by a user.

If Night Demon had needed to activate the Jade Pendant of protection herself, she probably would have gotten herself stabbed before she even had time to react.

Su Chen had given her a few of these things to ensure her safety. In any case, they weren’t very well-received by the sect anyways.

When Night Demon saw that the Blood Frenzy Shark hadn’t died yet, she immediately pulled out yet another Golden Ball Barrage and tossed it out.

The sky was filled with golden light yet again.

It was as if stars had suddenly appeared in broad daylight.

Chang He was rendered completely speechless.

Night Demon really didn’t treat money like it was any object.

These two Golden Ball Barrages slammed into the Blood Frenzy Shark. No matter how strong this giant’s vitality was, it was still beaten to within an inch of its life. A series of well-aimed palm strikes permanently severed its lifeline.

When she turned around, she found that Ye Fenghan had cleanly dealt with those other Sea Spirits.

“So you did have it in you! Well done,” Night Demon giggled as she gave them a thumbs up.

Ye Fenghan and Chang He, however, had no intentions of celebrating. “We’re still in the territory of the Sea Spirits. It’d be best if we left now. Otherwise, if the other Sea Spirits show up, we’ll be in big trouble.”

Night Demon pouted. “Why are you in such a hurry? These Rainbow Shells look pretty. I want to take some for myself.”

As she spoke, she waved her hand and scooped towards the ground.

There was no need for her to actually dive underwater. A single Air Tentacle was more than sufficient to get the job done. But this also made it impossible for her to see what was underwater, and she could only scrape the sea floor blindly.

Ye Fenghan and Chang He were having a hard time watching and said, “Let’s hurry and get out of here. The Sea Spirits could show up at any point.”

Night Demon continued to say, “What are you in such a hurry for? I already said we could leave after I get a shell. Also, even if the Sea Spirits are coming, we can still see them. It won’t be a problem for us to get away given how fast we are.”

That did make some sense, so Chang He and Ye Fenghan could only agree.

A moment later, Night Demon seemed to have grabbed something. She cried out, “I’ve got one!”

She lifted the Air Tentacle out of the water. The tentacle was indeed holding something, but it wasn’t a Rainbow Shell; it was a person.

An old man, to be more precise.

The old man’s hair was fluffy, and he looked like he was in the middle of a nap.

Even though he had been “fished” from the bottom of the sea, his clothes were entirely dry, and he opened his eyes drowsily to glance at the three of them. He calmly asked, “Who was the one who fished me up?”

The three of them were badly startled when they heard his question and glanced at each other.

Night Demon pointed at Chang He. “Him!”



How come you didn’t act like an idiot in this situation?

Chang He stared angrily at Night Demon, who smiled shamelessly back at him.

The old man didn’t appear to grow angry. Instead, he stared at Chang He happily, then at Night Demon and said, “You three kids are quite interesting. But it’s a bit foolish of you to come here. See, the Sea Spirit still ended up discovering you, and they’re coming to make trouble for you right now.”


The three of them turned around.

However, there was nothing behind them, and definitely no sight of any Sea Spirits.

They knew that they were not in a good situation and were just about to do something when three bangs sounded out. The three of them felt their eyes roll into the back of their heads as they passed out.

The old man chuckled, “Three rookies.”

He turned around and slipped back into the sea.

When he reawakened, Ye Fenghan found that he was lying on a bed in a dark cave. No trace of light could be seen.

He tried to move and found that there were no fetters on him, so he sat up and tried to revolve the Origin Energy in his body. He discovered that his Origin Energy wasn’t being restricted either.

However, his Grade Four Frostedge was gone.

Ye Fenghan wasn’t too worried. As long as he was still alive, that was enough.

After a moment’s thought, he activated a light Arcana Technique.

The Boundless Sect had multiple systems of cultivation. The disciples could learn Origin Skills or Arcana Techniques if they wanted to, and Su Chen had done his best to break down the barriers between the two cultivation systems so that new cultivation techniques could be developed.

Even though Ye Fenghan’s light skill was an Arcana Technique, part of its design included the use of Origin Energy Talismans. Actually, even these Origin Energy Talismans had experienced some substitutions. The cultivation system Su Chen had designed emphasized personal increases in strength over all else, so their use of Origin Energy had improved as well.

Now that there was some light, Ye Fenghan was able to observe his surroundings.

He discovered that he was in a massive cave. Not far from him was a long, twisted tunnel.

The amount of light was limited, so Ye Fenghan could only follow the tunnel.

He could hear the sound of water dripping near him, and the air was somewhat damp. Ye Fenghan realized that he was most likely under the sea somewhere.

But how could such a place exist under the sea?

Who was that old man?

Why would he capture him but not restrict him at all?

Ye Fenghan had no clue what was happening.

Just as he was advancing, Ye Fenghan suddenly sensed a person in front of him. He hurriedly extinguished the light and slowed down as he carefully crept forwards. As the target drew closer, Ye Fenghan suddenly attacked, jabbing his finger out like a sword.

The opponent reacted quite quickly and retreated, simultaneously unleashing a palm strike. Even though this palm strike seemed quite simple, it exuded a vast amount of pressure, as if it was going to obliterate everything in its path. It was headed for a collision course with Ye Fenghan’s forehead.

When faced with this palm strike, Ye Fenghan made no attempts to dodge.

He said, “It’s me.”

The palm wind stopped in front of Ye Fenghan’s forehead.

“You scared me half to death.”

Chang He’s voice floated back at him.

Ye Fenghan gestured, and the light returned. Chang He had clearly come from the other end of the tunnel.

“Are you alright?” Ye Fenghan asked.

“I’m fine, but my treasures were taken.”

Ye Fenghan said, “Treasures are just external. As long as you are healthy, that is good enough. Right, have you seen Miss Night Demon anywhere?”

Chang He shrugged. “No. It seems we were imprisoned separately.”

Ye Fenghan wanted to say that this didn’t really count as imprisonment, but after a moment’s thought, he bided his tongue and said instead, “Let’s find Miss Night Demon first and then we can talk.”

The two of them continued to walk along the tunnel.

Soon, a faint trace of light could be seen coming from the other end of the tunnel.

The two of them heightened their caution and silenced their footsteps.

As they got closer, they could faintly hear the voice of a young girl crying.

“No! Please, no.”

“Please don’t do this!”

“I know I was wrong......”

It was Night Demon’s voice.

Ye Fenghan and Chang He glanced at each other, then charged out.

Chang He yelled loudly, “Night Demon, don’t worry! We’re here! Die, you rascal!”

However, they stopped in their tracks as soon as they entered, stunned by the sight that greeted their eyes.

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