Chapter 100: Becoming the Supporting Male Lead’s Soulmate?

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 100: Becoming the Supporting Male Lead’s Soulmate?

How could Bai Xiangxiu know that the supporting male lead would actually now view her as his soulmate? She only thought that she was spewing nonsense. In all fairness, she really was just running her mouth off.

However, the supporting male lead didn’t see it that way. He’d always regarded her as a talented woman who was not only attractive, but full of substance as well. He couldn’t help but infuse his voice with admiration and underlying infatuation, “I wonder… Would it be possible for you to leave a piece of calligraphy behind?”

It was going to be a while before the food was to be served. There really was nothing that they could do during this awkward period of time. However, Bai Xiangxiu was now in a tight spot. She really wasn’t skilled at drawing things. She did know how to draw, but she had learned using charcoal. A charcoal-type thing existed in this world, but it often seemed to be in the form of a pigment brush that women used to draw in their eyebrows. This sort of thing shouldn’t be here, right? Most people wouldn’t use it.

Bai Xiangxiu was sadly mistaken, for there it was —— a pigment brush! She accidentally saw it lying there on the writing desk out of the corner of her eye. This boss really did thoroughly think things through. No one would normally use this pigment brush for drawing, rather only for the occasional outlining of the edges of a painting. She never would have thought that there really would be a pigment brush arranged right there before her eyes. She thought that it be fascinating, and so turned to ask, “Why don’t I draw you?”

“Draw… Are you saying that you want to draw me?” He wouldn’t have thought that she would propose such an idea. A smile unconsciously formed on his lips as he nodded. If she wanted to draw a portrait of him, then he would take this drawing of hers as part of his personal collection as soon as she was done with it.

He sat there silently at the edge of the window sill, letting her use her own style of drawing. From what he could see, it looked like she wasn’t used to using a pigment brush. He was also curious as to why she wasn’t using a calligraphy brush. However, he was most curious as to how she was drawing him. The glances that she took at him seemed to flutter into his heart., a truly heartwarming feeling. If he could pass time like this for all eternity, it would certainly be a blessed existence.

He had originally thought that she would taker at least an hour to complete the painting if she used a calligraphy brush. If one were to be particularly meticulous, even two or three days wouldn’t be enough to complete the painting.

Contrary to his expectations, she finished the drawing before all the dishes had even been brought to the table. She inspected the finished product whilst pinching her chin and said, “I’m done. I don’t know whether you want to take a look or not. I don’t think I did that good of a job.”

Of course it wouldn’t be good. She didn’t have an eraser to correct the areas where she’d made mistakes. The only thing she could do was make a rough sketch using stiff lines, but thankfully there weren’t that many places to make mistakes in, in such a quick sketch like this.

“Could I take a look?” Song Jiaoyue found the current situation to be rather strange. He never would’ve thought that the two of them would be able to get along with each other so harmoniously, just like they were doing so now.

He’dd originally thought that he would do something weird stemming from his excitement, but the other party’s open and forthright manner of getting along with him had easily quelled those particular thoughts of his, leaving him in a long lasting silence. He’d never thought that men and women could actually associate with one another in private in this manner. When this thought crossed his mind, he yearned for the days where he could be together for even longer. He could pass the days with her just like this, so natural and peaceful like a loving married couple of many years.

Yet, when he held that drawing up, a wave of surprise washed over him. At first glance, the drawing looked relatively simple, but it seemed to finely capture the elements of his soul. If this drawing was to be framed on a wall, everyone who knew him would definitely be able to identify that the individual in the drawing was none other than him.

He stared at the painting in surprise for quite a while. This drawing technique was rather strange; he had certainly never seen anything like.

“I never knew that your family possessed so much learning. This drawing technique really is superior. It actually looks like a real person! I never would have thought that the pigment brush could be used like this.” Song Jiaoyue was so excited that he wouldn’t let go of the drawing.

“I’m glad that you like it.” Bai Xiangxiu felt a bit embarrassed being praised like this. She tugged at her hair and asked, “Can we eat now?”

“Yes, of course. Can you give this painting to me as a gift?” Even though he had asked her for a drawing at the start, it was only polite of him to ask again.

“Sure, you can have it!” She couldn’t take a picture of another man back to the prince’s estate either. If someone found out, they might use it to stir some trouble!

“Then, many thanks! Let’s eat!” Song Jiaoyue quickly said his thanks and put the drawing away so carefully it could’ve been mistaken as a precious treasure. He would mount it on his wall later.

The food and drinks were placed on the table. Bai Xiangxiu only ate, not touching the alcohol. Song Jiaoyue on the other hand, only drank alcohol with his head bowed, not saying a thing. The mood between the two became strange for a time, but thankfully this meal ended quickly.

Bai Xiangxiu also took this opportunity to go over the details of the plan  for a while with Song Jiaoyue. When she felt that it was about time, she stood and took her leave. Song Jiaoyue naturally wanted to escort her back, but Bai Xiangxiu didn’t agree to his request.

“If I could come out myself, then I can return myself too. I really don’t need anyone to send me back.”

She’s afraid that I’ll do something to that man who helped her get out of the manor, isn’t she? She’s being quite cautious. In that case, Song Jiaoyue was too embarrassed to say anything more. Nevertheless, he followed quietly behind her; he would be reassured only when she safely made it back inside.

He would have never guessed that the young lady would take a circuitous path back. She walked in circles for a very long time. In the end, it could possibly be that she too was tired from taking the roundabout route that she only walked in front of a carriage parked by the side of the road. Song Jiaoyue smiled helplessly. Why did she have to behave this way? He would definitely keep his promise with her.

The next scene before his eyes dispelled all his thoughts of being able to keep his promise with her. That was because that man had actually placed a proper young lady like her amongst his vegetables and had even piled more vegetables on her. So that was why she had vegetables stuck to her hair just now! It really wasn’t easy for her to come out of the estate even once.

He hoped that she could safely return to the prince’s manor. With a slightly worrisome heart, he returned and started to arrange the remaining matters.

Bai Xiangxiu was already familiar with the prince’s manor and so wasn’t as excessively nervous as she previously was. She safely returned to her room with no unexpected surprises. After having Xiao Shi dress and fix her hair, she said, “Bring that couple to me.”

Xiao Shi naturally understood and had someone bring them over. Bai Xiangxiu saw that they seemed be aware of what lay ahead and asked, “Do you know what you’ve done wrong?”

Third Madame, Jiang Su’er bowed her head and said, “I do. Many thanks to Madame Xiu for helping us yesterday. We are already willing to wholeheartedly accept our punishment.” After all, it was only due to Bai Xiangxiu’s tolerance that they’d been able to spend the previous night privately with each other.

Bai Xiangxiu responded, “Since that is the case, will you accept your fate if I sell the both of you out of the lord’s mansion tomorrow?”


“Su’er.” “Ah Quan.”

Isn’t this such a wonderful lovey-dovey scene that slaps all the singles out there? Bai Xiangxiu was thoroughly slapped silly for a good moment. She exhaled and said, “Ah Quan will be handed over to the authorities for the crime of deceiving his masters while being a slave. Do you agree to that?”

“Yes.” The both of them were now treasuring the last moments of their lives together as they held each other's hand.

Bai Xiangxiu didn’t want to be blinded too much by their loving tenderness. The reason she was trying to resolve the matter quickly was to shut Ye-mama’s mouth.

When someone delivered the news to Ye-mama later that day, she truly did say, “The punishment was too light, and she gave them a way to survive. Madame Xiu, you really are too kind.”

She was a young lady alright, but it was enough for her to be able to carry out a punishment to such an extent. Somewhat satisfied, Ye-mama didn’t indicate that she wanted to prod into that matter anymore. However, Bai Xiangxiu didn’t feel at ease. She leaned in front of the cactus and spoke to it in a soft voice.

“Huo’er, what do you say? What is their fate from now on? Will they be together in the end?” Their story hadn’t been written in the original novel. Or perhaps, if she hadn’t transmigrated, no one would have found out that Third Madame was having an affair with that Ah Quan at all.

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