Chapter 101: First Appearance of Superpowers

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 101: First Appearance of Superpowers

But was Bai Xiangxiu to be blamed for this? She just felt helpless, and the thrilling events of the day had tired her out. As a result, she dozed off right there on the table, facing Huo’er.

Unexpectedly, he seemed to have entered a dream right as she fell asleep. In the dream, they had delivered Jiang Su’er to the slaver according to Song Jiaoyue’s plan. However, driven to despair, she used her hairpin to stab her throat in the carriage. Dying, her last words were, “Ah Quan, let us meet again in the next life!”

As for Ah Quan, in the dream he was handed over to the authorities and sentenced to be exiled. In prison, he suddenly snatched a spear from a nearby soldier and ran himself through the chest, leaving behind the words, “ Su’er, I know what has happened to you. We… shall be husband and wife in our next lives.”

Bai Xiangxiu jolted awake in shock. What was that? Was it a nightmare? However, wasn’t the nightmare a little too realistic? Especially since she even knew their thoughts and felt woozy when she saw their crimson red blood splash out.

How can this be? Wasn’t it just a dream? Was it actually possible to be hemophobic in a dream? Bai Xiangxiu gazed thoughtfully as the cactus as she pondered her dream. Somehow, a feeling of dread had grown in her heart. Although it was only a dream, the more she thought about their situation, the more she believed that they might actually do such a thing. They had been driven into the depths of despair and so would begin to wish for their next life.

People from the olden days had always been more superstitious than modern people. In addition, one of them believed that she was about to be sold off to prostitute herself, while the other believed that he was about to get his head chopped off. Since they could never be together, the next logical step for them may well be to enter their next life.

This won’t do. This definitely won’t do. Bai Xiangxiu began to panic in her room. What if something from her dream really came true? Wouldn’t the plans that had been carefully put together be in vain then?

She definitely had to notify that couple blind in love. There was clearly no use for all that planning if she ended up saving corpses?

She paced from one end of her room to the other, but was suddenly struck by an epiphany when she caught sight of the pastries on her table. She snatched a silk ribbon from nearby and quickly wrote out a message. Then, she carefully stuffed the ribbon into a piece of pastry and told Xiao Shi to serve it to them along with some supper and wine.

Xiao Shi listened carefully, and dutifully delivered some supper and wine to Jiang Su’er and Ah Quan’s room. She placed the supper down and said, “This is a gift from the fourth madame, and can also be considered your last meal. She’ll have the guards withdraw in a moment so you guys can have your meal at ease.” Then, with a tone that may or may not have a hidden meaning, she continued, “This pastry was personally prepared by the madame. Both of you should be grateful and eat more of it.”

Finishing her words, Xiao Shi winked at Jiang Su’er when the guards weren’t paying attention and said, “You should thank the fourth madame for your current freedom and comfort, understood?” Finishing her sentence, she snorted daintily and left.

After she left, Jiang Su’er stared at Ah Quan as he gripped her hand tightly. Is there still a chance for we can be saved?

The people outside really did withdraw shortly, and Jiang Su’er began to eat the pastries. Unexpectedly, she got the piece with the silk ribbon inside on her first bite. There were only a few words written on the ribbon. “Your rescue is already arranged, be at ease. However, you will need to put on an appropriate performance.”

“Madame Xiu… We will forever remember your magnanimity in our hearts.” Jiang Su’er and Ah Quan were naturally delighted to hear that they would be rescued. They turned to face outside and kneeled down to kowtow, then burst into tears as they hugged each other. Word spread in the outside world that they should be grateful to Madame Xiu to be able to spend their last night together before their final separation.

Bai Xiangxiu could finally sleep peacefully after settling everything. She slept soundly all the way to high noon the next day before getting up. Ye-mama had already prepared everything on her side and asked if Bai Xiangxiu was going to run the two of them out.

Naturally, Bai Xiangxiu agreed unreservedly, and said to Xiao Shi, “Xiao Shi, go outside to find a slaver and have him take Third Madame away!”

Ye-mama frowned and spoke up, “Xiao Shi isn’t too familiar with those kinds of things. Why don’t you let this old servant…”

“Xiao Shi is no longer young anymore. There’s yet much for her to learn in the future. Mama, you shouldn’t be indulging her like this.” Bai Xiangxiu was very obvious with her meaning here that she wanted to groom Xiao Shi into her trusted subordinate, so there was a few things that Xiao Shi needed to learn.

Ye-mama didn’t stop her anymore after realizing that she had such a motive. Who wouldn’t want to have a competent subordinate that they could entrust sensitive matters with?

And so, Xiao Shi went out to search for that person with a head full of confusion. Somehow, she actually managed to run into a carriage that was filled with girls. After inquiring, she realized that the carriage owner was actually a renowned slaver who had come to the estate to sell some of his wares!

Naturally, Xiao Shi brought the slaver back into the estate. Ye-mama wasn’t the slightest bit suspicious even after coming out to personally welcome him. Jiang Su’er was sold to the slaver for fifty taels, and left readily with him.

Ah Quan was handed over to the court officials at the same moment. After his trial in the afternoon, he was sentenced to be conscripted into the border guard in the Shu province. Normally, people faced quite a bit of hardship in exile. It was also unknown whether a noble’s daughter like Jiang Su’er would be able to adapt to her new life either. Moreover, Bai Xiangxiu had to face another difficult matter of informing the Jiang family of what had happened to their daughter.

Don’t think for a second that everything was concluded after one sold off another family’s daughter. Evidence needed to be produced. Thankfully, she still Jiang Su’er and Ah Quan’s affidavit in hand and had someone invite Jiang Su’er’s mother to the estate.

Jiang Su’er’s birth was quite good, since her father a fifth rank official. However, because she was the child of a concubine, the mother that came to the estate wasn’t her birth mother. Even though it was their daughter that was in the wrong, the other party was still the wife of a fifth rank official. So, for a concubine like her to receive them, she would still have to give them some face. Moreover, Bai Xiangxiu had never been one to put on airs, so when she received Madame Jiang into the estate, she first exchanged a round of pleasantries with Madame Jiang.

However, Madame Jiang was someone who clearly knew her place. She realized that a serious issue must’ve come up for her to be invited to the estate so suddenly. Moreover, they even sent the person in charge to talk to her. Although Bai Xiangxiu was only a concubine, at the moment, she represented the Prince Li Manor. Therefore, Madame Jiang was very polite when she asked, “I wonder, the reason you invited me here is...” It must have something to do with that base wench Su’er.

Sure enough, Bai Xiangxiu got the servants to hand over the two affidavits to her. After drinking some tea, she smiled and said, “Our estate has already handled the matters regarding that person. However, if you wish to rescue her…”

She let her sentence trail off. Normally when a lady did something that scandalous in her husband’s residence, her own family would treat her as an enormous shame and an insult to their good name. Very few would try to rescue them.

Madame Jiang was extremely furious. That bitch with a lowly life really did have no sense of shame. She’d actually gone and done something that tarnished the Jiang family name! Luckily, Prince Li wasn’t around. Or else, she couldn’t even fathom the extent of their punishment at his hands. “Let’s just handle the matter according to the madame’s wishes.”

She couldn’t and wouldn’t say anything in excess. Even if the prince’s manor had sentenced Jiang Su’er to death, the Jiang family could only keep their mouths shut. Particularly when it came to this Ah Quan. It wasn’t as if the family didn’t know about this past relationship. It’s just that they hadn’t expected that he would chase after her all the way into the prince’s estate and humiliate the family.

“Then we shall put this matter to rest, and everything will be handled by our estate. For both of our family’s reputation, naturally, no third party shall know about anything about this. To appease your side of the family, you can just say that the third madame has passed away in a sudden bout of illness. How does that sound?” Bai Xiangxiu was actually inwardly speechless. No matter how good Jiang Xu’er’s birth was, she was still only a concubine in the end. She had been nothing but a tool for her family to curry some favor with those in a higher position in life. She’d been immediately discarded mercilessly after making a mistake, without a single ounce of pity.

Suddenly, Bai Xiangxiu’s family came to her mind. Would they act the same way as the Jiang family if she were to stand in Jiang Su’er’s shoes? That would really be rather depressing.

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