Chapter 127: Suffering On Behalf of the Female Lead

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 127: Suffering On Behalf of the Female Lead

Honestly, you’re a supporting female character who’s found a second chance thanks to your rebirth, why can’t you think through things, eh? What’s forcefully taken will never be sweet. No matter how passionate you are, it’s useless if the male lead doesn’t return your favor. Besides, what are you doing capturing a female supporting character for? Is this some kind of fun for you?

A hand suddenly appeared on her chest as she thought. Wuwuwu!! No way, is this the prelude to harassing me?? What’s wrong with this female supporting character, grabbing me to harass me?

“Harassment!!” This was the only thing the speechless Bai Xiangxiu could say after being stunned for a long moment.

Yaya didn’t know that Bai Xiangxiu had already guessed her identity by now. She only knew to fling a slap across Bai Xiangxiu’s face when the latter cried out. Who'd have known that Bai Xiangxiu was more sharp tongued than Yaya had imagined, and that she would even dare take action as well! Yaya hadn’t anticipated that a slap would suddenly greet her in return, but the burning sensation on her cheek indicated that it had happened. She was momentarily stunned. What had happened to the noble lady, that gentle and tender being? Was Long Heng and all the others, as well as her own master, blind??

She’d liked him so much in her past life, but he’d ended up with that woman without a single thought for her. Now that that life was over, she didn’t dare have any other designs on him in this life. She only hated him from the depths of her heart.

But who would’ve thought that although that Miss Lin wasn’t protected like Long Heng in the past, she hadn’t elicited the master’s interest either. The reason being, she wasn’t the one who’d caught Long Heng’s eye, but instead that simple concubine who he’d killed so easily before.

Who would’ve thought that this concubine would be like so now? She wasn’t creating trouble for everyone, or using her beauty to seduce men to try to kill Miss Lin. Nor was she inviting Long Heng’s hate. Long Heng now loved her for her fragile beauty, and the servants kept lauding how good she was, and how kind she was. But now it seemed that this wasn’t the case.

Yaya laughed coldly. Since this concubine was two faced, who needed to be kind to her? Why not make her appearance match her inside? Yaya flicked her finger.

Bai Xiangxiu felt a sudden draft on her face and reached up to touch her cheek. Even in the dim light, she could see the blood dripping down her hand.

Ruined. Her face must be ruined. This woman dared ruin her face! Bai Xiangxiu finally recalled this scene. It was the one where the female lead had been raped!

The female lead and male lead had been doing just fine in Red Maple Mountain Villa. Although Luo Yunzheng had come to disturb them, their relationship had still made some progress. It was at this time that the third supporting male character, Duan Yunying, had shown up with the little white rabbit heart and the big grey wolf tail. He had aroused pity from the female lead and attracted the male lead’s jealousy. Duan Yunying had then used Yaya to cause the female lead to hate the male lead, and then tempted her to run away from the Red Maple Mountain Villa.

The female lead was the kind of creature who would run into all sorts of danger when she was away from the male lead. She was captured by Duan Yunying and Yaya as soon as she left the grounds, and used as a token to threaten the male lead with.

The male lead had gone to enormous efforts to save her, going through sword formations, assassins, poison sands, and more. So was she now suffering on behalf of the female lead? The female lead was sitting nice and pretty in the Villa, but she would be the one being tormented.

That little white rabbit supporting male had done his fair share of torturing the female lead, both covertly and overtly. He’d almost induced Stockholm syndrome in her. Yet, he was also the third person who’d seen her naked. The first was the male lead, the second Luo Yunzheng, and the third was him.

No way! She didn’t want that pervert to see her naked! But she seemed to have been harassed by Yaya just now.

“Your chest isn’t that big either. There’s nothing good about you apart from your face, so you’re nothing if you don’t have it!” Yaya wanted to continue, but pain suddenly wracked her body, and she fell to the ground with an agonized cry, spasming uncontrollably. “M-master… forgive me! Master, forgive me!”

The door opened to admit a faint figure. He seemed to be an immortal from a mist-wreathed realm, floating in like a wisp. He wore a mask of peach blossoms on his face, and there was even a poem inscribed on it. It looked quite elegant.

Duan Yunying. She guessed who he was even without seeing his face. Or it could be said that she already knew who he was, and didn’t need to guess. It would appear from Yaya’s pained posture on the ground that she had been poisoned.

“Get out.” A cold voice emitted from behind the sophisticated mask, making Bai Xiangxiu tremble all over.

“Master, please give me the antidote to the Heartpiercing Poison.”

Plop. A small flask landed on the ground as Duan Yunying spoke, “Take it after an hour. That is your punishment.”

“Yes.” Yaya crawled out gritting her teeth as she did so. Indeed, she crawled out.

Although Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t fully aware of what was going on, she could roughly guess at what had happened. No wonder Yaya had placed her sights on Long Heng after being reborn. Her decision was understandable. A steadfast, loyal male lead and a frightening, perverted little white rabbit. She would’ve picked the male lead without hesitation as well, just like how she’d selected the male supporting character instead of the male lead when she’d first arrived. This was because the supporting character was much more harmless; the male lead was simply too dangerous in comparison. But now, she seemed to be missing the male lead a bit, because he seemed to be the only one who could save her now.

Or I can save myself…

Bai Xiangxiu didn’t move an inch even as she watched Duan Yunying approach. The female lead had dodged too and fro in the novel, but had still been pressed down in the end. Although it’d been done to cure her wounds, the supporting character had taken quite the advantage of the situation as well.

Duan Yunying was very surprised. This woman was simply too calm, so calm that he was having trouble seeing through to what her true personality was. He knew Yaya’s personality. She never would’ve harmed this woman in front of him had she not been enraged. He’d wanted to use Bai Xiangxiu for some of his goals, but now it seemed that it wouldn’t be as easy as he’d thought.

“You want to go back to him?”


He’d naturally meant Long Heng, but this was a bit of an odd situation for her. Why wasn’t the supporting character taking advantage of the situation to bully her, and then do to her what he’d done to the female lead? Why had the plot changed again? Bai Xiangxiu was a bit mystified and couldn’t help but frown. She had no idea what this pervert was thinking of.

The pervert cut a mesmerizing figure as he approached slowly, pulling lightly on her hair as he smiled, “Why don’t you ask who I am, appearing in front of you with a mask like this? Don’t you think all this to be rather weird?”

Although her gaze was calm, it seemed even more fathomless than the ocean, leaving one incapable of peering into her thoughts. This woman is not as simple as she appears. There weren’t many who wouldn’t be afraid when faced with a situation like this, but there she was, just standing there. She was looking at him without a hint of fear, despite the blood flowing down her face.

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