Chapter 128: Captured and Escaping

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 128: Captured and Escaping

In fact, Bai Xiangxiu was already feeling faint. She had hemophobia, ah!

Truthfully speaking, her head felt very dizzy, and her entire body was no better, but she forcefully resisted fainting and kept herself upright. Thus, in Duan Yunying’s view, she wasn’t as weak as he had initially expected. In fact, she seemed quite headstrong. She was obviously scared, but was biting her lower lips and not uttering a word.

“You don’t even want to talk to me? Well then, do you want to know what Long Heng thinks of you?” His face close enough to almost touch her nose, he lightly dipped his finger in the blood running down her face and raised them to his lips. A tongue lapped out, cleaning his fingers.

Bai Xiangxiu trembled all over and almost yelled out, “Save me, mom!! There’s a pervert here…”

“Do you really not want to know?” As his face closed in once again, Bai Xiangxiu pushed through her nausea and said, “I… don’t want to know. Back off a bit and don’t come so close.”

“Oh?” Why doesn’t she want to know? He felt like he was understanding less and less of this woman. This face of his wasn’t gross, yet she acted like she was trying her best to avoid it. She was even furrowing her brows and shifting around in discomfort. She wasn’t scared though, that was certain; she definitely wasn’t scared. Therefore, Duan Yunying grabbed her chin and jerked her face back towards him. Let’s see how she hides from this.

How could he know that Bai Xiangxiu was already feeling dizzy and nauseous? This sudden movement caused her to feel even worse and, unable to stop her stomach from churning, she cried out and threw up. Although she hadn’t eaten anything and all she threw up was water, who was used to being vomited on? Even the swift reacting Duan Yunying was stunned for a long moment before responding.

Coming out of his daze, his immediate reflex was to slap Bai Xiangxiu’s face into a near faint. However, her face was already scratched to begin with, so this slap accidentally also splashed some blood onto his own face, making him feel particularly hideous. However, he really didn’t have any methods to deal with an unconscious person.

Furious, he finally ended up turning around and rushing away. He urgently needed to clean himself right now and take a bath, or else the smell would drive him crazy.

But as soon as he left, Bai Xiangxiu, who had originally been weakly lying on the bed, struggled to a sitting position. She gritted her teeth, and roughly wiped the blood from her face. Even though her head was throbbing painfully, she endured it. According to the plot, this should be an inn at some desolate area. The entire rear courtyard should’ve been booked by them.

The female lead had been disfigured by the supporting female character here, and had finally escaped after all sorts of complicated situations with the supporting male lead. Exactly how had she escaped though… Bai Xiangxiu had started reading the novel such a long time ago and was keeping pace with the newest chapters; she’d pretty much forgotten the events that had happened early on.

Right, after exiting this room, there should be a dog hole going towards the left side…

The plot should have gone like this: after crawling through the dog hole, she would righteously save a young man. With the help of the young man, she would end up safely escaping back to the Lin family.  

Indeed, because she had misunderstood back then that the male lead hadn’t come to save her, she’d abandoned him and returned home. Of course, she didn’t have the ability to return home alone and was escorted back by a supporting male character. And this supporting male was none other than the huge pervert Duan Yunying in his innocent rabbit form. The female lead had begged him to keep things a secret from the male lead and take her to the Lin family.

Duan Yunying had seemed to helplessly go along with her request, when in fact, he was taking the opportunity to show her his ‘gentle and passionate side’, which had sent the female lead’s heart racing with his flirting.

To summarize, the process had been very cliché.

Unable to take the female lead during the journey, Duan Yunying had started to feel anxious. Seeing that the male lead was about to catch up and the other supporting male, Luo Yunzheng causing trouble on the side, Duan Yunying had decided to first do the deed, and then take care of the consequences later. Thus, another clichéd plot appeared. He’d drugged her and prepared a trap.

The scheme had been rather straightforward. First, he would obtain the female lead’s body, leading the male lead to think it was Luo Yunzheng. Then, when the two battled each other, he would take the opportunity to assassinate the male lead. However, the male lead’s plot armor was too strong, and he had survived. Eventually, after a series of serendipitous encounters, he still obtained the female lead in the end.  

Bai Xiangxiu was trying to ignore the scent of blood pervading the air by focusing on recalling the plot. After thinking through what she remembered of the plot and judging her current situation, she realized escaping would be a bit difficult.

Duan Yunying must have someone guarding outside. The only reason the female lead had escaped was because she’d used her female lead’s aura to steal a drug from Duan Yunying, which had coincidentally turned out to be an incapacitating agent.

Since Bai Xiangxiu didn’t have the drug, she could only think of other methods. As the sun set, the room also darkened since no candles had been set up. Soon, someone entered the room - it seemed that he was delivering food. As Bai Xiangxiu looked over, she remembered how he was described in the novel. The young guy had been written in as a mute, and didn’t even know any martial arts. Since you don’t know any martial arts, I can only say sorry.

Bai Xiangxiu acted as if she wanted to get out of bed, and then fell down by the side of the bed with a cry. Though this fellow was only a passing character, the novel had written that he was a kind-hearted person. Thus, he quickly ran to help support her up.

“Um, sorry ah, little brother.” Bai Xiangxiu clenched her teeth. She really didn’t want to stay here to be abused by the pervert for many days. Being stripped, being washed, being molested… Having the male lead feel her entire body was bad enough, adding another supporting male would make her feel like she’d completely thrown away her principles.

The jade item in her hand suddenly struck the back of the mute’s head. She thought that he would faint away just like the books described, but who knew that he would just give a muffled grunt and then clutch his head. He turned towards her with tears in his eyes, as if wondering why she would strike him.

Bai Xiangxiu rolled her eyes at the heavens. At this moment, she really wanted to sing: As expected, fiction is nothing but lies… With no other option, she took advantage of the mute being surprised to topple him into the bed sheets.

“Don’t make a sound, or I’ll kill you.” Her voice was cold despite not being used to threatening people. Her hands didn’t fail her either, nimbly stripping him down and ripping up the bedsheets in a surge of strength. Somehow, she managed to tie him up and gag him. Though he was mute, she was still afraid he might make some sounds.

She finally successfully brought down the little guy after tying his legs together. After laying him down, she put on the boy’s clothes and arranged her hair. Of course, she also used some of the water in the room to clean her face. Since some time had passed, her face had stopped bleeding.

She was already sweating heavily after all this exertion. This body of hers was really just too weak. She honestly couldn’t understand why the previous Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t let things go. She had such a weak body, yet still wanted to fight the female lead for the male lead!

Seeing that the sky was darkening, she took the food box and walked out. She kept her head down along the way, not speaking or making eye contact with anyone. Because those she met knew she was mute, they didn’t bother talking to her.

However, two figures approached from afar at this moment. One was a peach blossom masked Duan Yinying, who had changed clothes after bathing, and the other was a veiled Yaya.

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